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Criminal Justice in Canada : a Reader

Criminal Justice in Canada : a Reader - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 978-0176224806

Cover of Criminal Justice in Canada : a Reader 2ND 04 (ISBN 978-0176224806)
ISBN13: 978-0176224806
ISBN10: 0176224807
Edition: 2ND 04
Copyright: 2004
Publisher: Nelson Thomson Learning
Published: 2004
International: No

Criminal Justice in Canada : a Reader - 2ND 04 edition

ISBN13: 978-0176224806

Julian V. Roberts and Michelle Grossman

ISBN13: 978-0176224806
ISBN10: 0176224807
Edition: 2ND 04
Copyright: 2004
Publisher: Nelson Thomson Learning
Published: 2004
International: No

Ranging from mainstream to critical, this reader contains a wide diversity of largely original readings on the criminal justice system. It focuses on the most topical issues and pressing problems in today's society, such as plea-bargaining, prisoner's rights and wrongful convictions in Canada.


  • Many original readings written for this text.
  • Book has received major overhaul - most of the chapters have been replaced and the remaining have been updated to reflect the most important issues in the criminal justice system.
  • Extensive coverage of restorative justice and victim's rights.
  • An entire section comprised of the writings of people working in, or who have passed through, the criminal justice process including a prisoner, prosecutor, probation officer and defense attorney.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Introductory Readings

Chapter 1: Introduction to Criminal Justice in Canada, Julian V. Roberts
Chapter 2: The Criminal Justice System: Essential Facts, Cynthia J. Benjamin

Part 2: Police, Courts and Corrections

Chapter 3: Community Policing in Canada: Something Old is Suddenly New again, Barry N. Leighton
Chapter 4: Plea Bargaining, Curt Griffiths and Simon Verdun-Jones
Chapter 5: Serving Time in the Community: the Conditional Sentence of Imprisonment, Julian V. Roberts
Chapter 6: Sentencing Disparity, Ted Palys and Stan Divorski
Chapter 7: Inhuman Rights, Julius Melnitzer
Chapter 8: Responding to Youth Crime: Do "Get Tough" Policies Work, Dan Gardner
Chapter 9: Regulating the use of Youth Court and Youth Custody: the Youth Criminal Justice Act, Jane Sprott and Anthony N. Dobb

Part 3: Victims and the Justice System

Chapter 10: Victims of Crime and the Justice System, Michelle G. Grossman and Catherine Kane
Chapter 11: Victim Impact Statements: The View from the Bench, Judge Gilles Renaud
Chapter 12: Immigrant Women's Perceptions of the "policing solution" to Woman Abuse by Sandra Wachholz and Baukje Miedema

Part 4: Voice of Actors in the Criminal Process

Chapter 13: Prosecution and the Exercise of Discretion in Everyday Practice, Brian Manarin
Chapter 14: The Importance of being an Earnest Criminal Defense Lawyer, Paul Burstein
Chapter 15: A Day in the Life of a Provincial Court Judge, Judge David P. Cole
Chapter 16: The Probation Officer's Report, Karen Middlecoat
Chapter 17: Gayle's Story, Gayle

Part 5: Current Issues in Criminal Justice

Chapter 18: Discrimination in Criminal Justice, Scot Wortley
Chapter 19: Wrongful Convictions in Canada, Myriam Denov and Kathryn Campbell
Chapter 20: Sex Offender Registries: Sign Here Please and Don't Forget to stay in touch, Mary E. Campbell
Chapter 21: Responding to Intimate Partner Violence, Gillian Blackwell and Holly Johnson
Chapter 22: The Over-Representation of Aboriginal Offenders in Prison, Carol La Prairie
Chapter 23: Community Corrections, Richard Zubrycki
Chapter 24: From Scales to Circles: Restorative Justice as Peacemaking and Social Justice, Liz Eliot
Chapter 25: Mediation and Criminal Justice, Shereen H. Benzy Miller

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