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Criminal Law / With CD

Criminal Law / With CD - 8th edition

Criminal Law / With CD - 8th edition

ISBN13: 9780534629915

ISBN10: 0534629911

Criminal Law / With CD by Joel Samaha - ISBN 9780534629915
Edition: 8TH 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: Wadsworth, Inc
Published: 2005
International: No
Criminal Law / With CD by Joel Samaha - ISBN 9780534629915

ISBN13: 9780534629915

ISBN10: 0534629911

Edition: 8TH 05


Used by over 300,000 students, the best-selling CRIMINAL LAW is a truly distinctive text. The proven hallmarks of Joel Samaha's well-written and clear-but-sophisticated presentation of the law with carefully selected and edited, interesting case excerpts, make this text ideal for a wide array of teaching and learning styles. While the text is comprehensive enough to stand on its own, professors who prefer casebooks--but want to provide their students with the scaffolding to better understand and interpret the law--will have the flexibility of integrating the case excerpts into their lectures easily and effectively. Students will benefit from using this comprehensive criminal law textbook that includes carefully selected, integrated case excerpts.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1. First Things First: The Nature and Limits of Criminal Law.

2. Constitutional Limits on Criminal Law.

3. The General Principles of Criminal Liability: Actus Reus.

4. The General Principles of Criminal Liability: Mens Rea, Concurrence, and Causation.

5. Parties to Crime and Vicarious Liability.

6. Inchoate Crimes: Attempt, Conspiracy, and Solicitation.

7. Defenses to Criminal Liability: Justifications.

8. Defenses to Criminal Liability: Excuses.

9. Crimes Against Persons I: Criminal Homicide.

10. Crimes Against Persons II: Criminal Sexual Conduct, Bodily Injury, and Personal Restraint.

11. Crimes Against Property.

12. Crimes Against Public Order and Morals.

13. Crimes Against the State.

Appendix. 1st, 8th, and 14th Amendments of the Constitution of the United States.


Table of Cases.


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