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Deviant Behavior

Deviant Behavior - 7th edition

ISBN13: 978-0205388837

Cover of Deviant Behavior 7TH 04 (ISBN 978-0205388837)
ISBN13: 978-0205388837
ISBN10: 0205388833
Edition: 7TH 04
Copyright: 2004
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
Published: 2004
International: No

Deviant Behavior - 7TH 04 edition

ISBN13: 978-0205388837

Alex Thio

ISBN13: 978-0205388837
ISBN10: 0205388833
Edition: 7TH 04
Copyright: 2004
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
Published: 2004
International: No

This best-selling text offers comprehensive coverage of all aspects of deviance and is noted for its blend of readability and scholarship.

Deviant Behavior covers a wide spectrum of theories of deviance, and analyzes specific deviant behaviors. The author utilizes an abundance of research data, including much that debunks our common assumptions about deviant behavior. Thus students are not only exposed to the full range of theories and data about deviance, but are challenged to think about and evaluate their own biases and preconceptions.


  • Comprehensive, up-to-date coverage of all aspects of deviance.
  • Asks students to analyze their own assumptions about deviant behavior.
  • A lively writing style, real-life vignettes, critical analyses of theories and data, and student-oriented examples help lead to greater understanding of the material presented.

New To This Edition

  • This edition is packed with brand-new, updated, and revised materials as well as whole new sections devoted to important and interesting topics. For example, Chapter 2, "Positivist Theories," includes recent developments in anomie-strain theory; Chapter 4, "Physical Violence," includes new sections on stalking, hate-motivated violence, genocide, the September 11, 2001 attacks, and the war on terrorism; Chapter 5, "Rape and Child Molestation," includes extensively revised material on male rape inside and outside the prison and new section on pedophile priests; Chapter 11, "Legal and Illegal Drug Use," features a new section on the illegal drug Ecstasy and a new section on the abuse of prescription drugs, particularly OxyContin.
  • A new "Social Profile" box in each behavior chapter (Chs. 4-14) spotlights a certain group of deviants such as suicide bombers in Chapter 7, "Suicide;"corporate crooks in Chapter 13, "Privileged Deviance," and cyberporn surfers in Chapter 9, "Heterosexual Deviance."
  • A new organization! Traditionally, deviance texts are divided into only two parts, with a few theory chapters in the first part and then multiple chapters on diverse forms of deviant behavior lumped together into the second part. In this latest edition, Part II is divided into five distinct parts as follows: (1) Interpersonal Violence, (2) Self-Targeted Deviance, (3) Diverse Lifestyles, (4) Drug Use, and (5) Inequality in Deviance.
  • Three critical thinking questions at the end of each chapter enable students to ponder what they have just learned about the subject and to develop new ways of seeing and understanding it. Such questions include, among others, "The culture of rape is all around us. What can you do to resist it?" and "If in fighting the war on drugs you had to choose between law enforcement and prevention/treatment, which would you opt for and why?"

Author Bio

Thio, Alex : Ohio University

Table of Contents


About the Author.


1. What Is Deviant Behavior?

Conflicting Definitions.
The Positivist Perspective.
The Constructionist Perspective.

2. Positivist Theories.

Anomie-Strain Theory.
Social Learning Theory.
Control Theory.
Constructionist Theories.
Labeling Theory.
Phenomenological Theory.
Conflict Theory.


4. Physical Violence.

Assault and Aggravated Assault.
Who Is More Likely to Kill?
Patterns of Killing.
Characteristics of Homicide.
Mass and Serial Murder.
Social Profile: Serial Killers.
School Violence.
Hate-Motivated Violence.
Why Do People Kill?

5. Rape and Child Molestation.

Patterns of Rape.
Consequences of Rape.
The Culture of Rape.
Why Men Rape Women.
Males as Victims.
Child Molestation.

6. Family Violence.

Myths about Family Violence.
The Extent of Family Violence.
Marital Rape.
Wife Beating.
Child Abuse.
Elder Abuse.
Female Genital Mutilation.
Social Profile: Family Abusers.
Theories of Family Violence.
Social Responses to Family Violence.


7. Suicide.

Varieties of Suicidal Experience.
Groups with Higher Suicide Rates.
Social Profile: Suicide Bombers.
Situational Factors in Suicide.
Social Responses to Suicide.
Sociological Theories of Suicide.

8. Mental Disorder.

Popular Myths.
Types of Mental Disorder.
Social Factors in Mental Disorder.
Social Profile: Depressed Teens.
Societal Responses to Mental Disorder.
Perspectives on Mental Disorder.


9. Heterosexual Deviance.

Teen Sex.
Extramarital Sex.
Sexual Deviance in Cyberspace.
Social Profile: Cyberporn Surfers.
Phone Sex.
Nude Dancing.
Sexual Harassment.
The World of Prostitution.
Theories of Prostitution.

10. Gays and Other Victims of Stigma.

Myths About Homosexuality.
Gays and Lesbians.
Same-Sex Practices Among Nonhomosexuals.
Social Profile: Homophobes.
Other Victims of Social Stigma.


11. Legal and Illegal Drug Use.

Drug Use in Perspective.
Illegal Drugs: Their Effects and Users.
Social Dimensions of Drug Use.
Becoming a Drug User.
Social Profile: Illegal Drug Users.
What Causes Illegal Drug Use?
The War on Drugs.
Abusing Prescription Drugs, Particularly OxyContin.
Smoking Cigarettes.

12. Drinking and Alcoholism.

The Extent of Drinking and Alcoholism.
Myths About Alcohol Use.
What Alcohol Does to Its Users.
Social Factors in Drinking.
What Is Alcoholism?
Becoming an Alcoholic.
College Students and Alcohol.
Social Profile: College Binge Drinkers.
Women and Alcohol.
What Causes Alcoholism?
Controlling Alcohol Use and Abuse.


13. Privileged Deviance.

What Is White-Collar Deviance?
Corporate Deviance.
Social Profile: Corporate Crooks.
Occupational Deviance.
What Makes White-Collar Deviance Unique?
Causes of White-Collar Deviance.
Governmental Deviance.
Official Ways of Neutralizing Deviance.
Causes of Governmental Deviance.

14. Underprivileged Deviance.

Auto Theft and Carjacking.
Organized Crime.

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