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Discourse Analysis

Discourse Analysis - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 978-1405144278

Cover of Discourse Analysis 2ND 08 (ISBN 978-1405144278)
ISBN13: 978-1405144278
ISBN10: 1405144270
Edition: 2ND 08
Copyright: 2008
Publisher: Blackwell Publishers
Published: 2008
International: No
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Discourse Analysis - 2ND 08 edition

ISBN13: 978-1405144278

Barbara Johnstone

ISBN13: 978-1405144278
ISBN10: 1405144270
Edition: 2ND 08
Copyright: 2008
Publisher: Blackwell Publishers
Published: 2008
International: No

Fully revised and updated throughout, the new edition of Discourse Analysis is a user-friendly textbook for students taking their first course in linguistic approaches to discourse.

  • Second edition of a popular introductory textbook, combining breadth of coverage, practical examples, and student-friendly features
  • Includes new sections on metaphor, framing, stance and style, multimodal discourse, and Gricean pragmatics
  • Considers a variety of approaches to the subject, including critical discourse analysis, conversation analysis, interactional and variationist sociolinguistics, ethnography, corpus linguistics, and other qualitative and quantitative methods
  • Features detailed descriptions of the results of discourse analysts' work
  • Retains and expands the useful student features, including discussion questions, exercises, and ideas for small research projects

Table of Contents

List of Figures
Preface to Second Edition
Preface to First Edition

1. Introduction

What is Discourse Analysis?
Some Uses of Discourse Analysis
Facets of Discourse Analysis
Data for Discourse Analysis
Transcription: Representing Speech in Writing
"Descriptive" and "Critical" Goals

2. Discourse and World

Linguistic Categories, Minds, and Worldviews
Discourse, Culture, and Ideology
Language Ideology

3. Discourse Structure: Parts and Sequences

Words and Lines
Paragraphs and Episodes
Discourse Schemata and the Structure of Narrative
The Emergent Organization of Conversation
Old and New Information and the Organization of Sentences
Structures and Rules

4. Participants in Discourse: Relationships, Roles, Identities

Power and Community
Stance and Style
Social Roles and Participant Structure
Audience, Politeness, and Accommodation
Social Identity and Identification
Personal Identity: Discourse and the Self
The Linguistic Individual in Discourse

5. Prior Texts, Prior Discourses

Intertextuality and Interdiscursivity
Repetition in Conversation
Register: Repeated Styles for Repeated Situations
Genre: Recurrent Forms, Recurrent Actions
Frames, Plots, and Coherence

6. Discourse and Medium

Early Work on "Orality and Literacy"
Literacy and Literacies
Communication and Technology
Planning and Discourse Structure
Fixity, Fluidity, and Coherence
Medium and Interpersonal Relations
Analyzing Multimodal Discourse

7. Intention and Interpretation

Speech Acts and Conversational Implicature
Contextualization Cues and Discourse Marking
Rhetorical Aims, Strategies, and Styles
Verbal Art and Performance

8. Some General Themes

A Heuristic Approach to Discourse Analysis
Locations of Meaning
Discourse as Strategy, Discourse as Adaptation
Language and Languaging
Particularity, Theory, and Method
From Text Outward


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