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Discovering Medieval Past

Discovering Medieval Past - 03 edition

Discovering Medieval Past - 03 edition

ISBN13: 9780618246687

ISBN10: 0618246681

Discovering Medieval Past by Merry Wiesner, William Bruce Wheeler and Kenneth R. Curtis - ISBN 9780618246687
Edition: 03
Copyright: 2003
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Published: 2003
International: No
Discovering Medieval Past by Merry Wiesner, William Bruce Wheeler and Kenneth R. Curtis - ISBN 9780618246687

ISBN13: 9780618246687

ISBN10: 0618246681


This primary source reader contains a multi-part pedagogical framework to guide the student through the process of historical inquiry and explanation. Its unique structure promotes critical thinking, sharpens analytical skills, and builds student interest in the subject matter.

Each chapter is organized within the same pedagogical framework: The Problem, Background, The Method, The Evidence, Questions to Consider, and Epilogue. The text features the latest scholarship in the field of Medieval history emphasizing historical study as interpretation rather than memorization of data.

  • Sources touch on such issues as family, gender, and the Christian/Muslim Holy Wars.
  • Actual documents and artifacts are used as the sources from which students develop answers to historical questions.

Author Bio

Wiesner, Merry E. : University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Wheeler, William Bruce : University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Curtis, Kenneth R. : California State University, Long Beach

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Note: Each chapter includes "The Problem," "Sources and Method," "The Evidence," "Questions to Consider," and "Epilogue"

1. Slave Law in Roman and Germanic Society

The Evidence: Theodosian Code
Digest of Justinians Code
The Burgundian Code
Salic Law
Lombard Laws
Laws of the Alamans
Laws of Anglo-Saxon kings

2. The Domesday Book and Medieval Statistics

The Evidence: Three versions of an extract from the Domesday Book
Statistical data on population, area, and potential agricultural productivity in five medieval English counties

3. The Development of the Medieval State

The Evidence: Ordericus Vitaliss Ecclesiastical History of England and Normandy
Photographs and a ground plan of medieval castles
Map of locations of castles built during the reign of William the Conqueror
The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle
Assize of Clarendon
Constitutions of Clarendon
Descriptions of the coronations of Frederick Barbarossa and Richard the Lionhearted
Portrait of Emperor Otto III
Bayeux tapestry showing Harolds coronation
Photograph of a tomb sculpture of Duke Henry of Brunswick and his wife, Matilda

4. Life at a Medieval University

The Evidence: Royal privileges granted to the University of Paris by the king of France, 1200
Statutes for the University of Paris issued by Robert Courçon in 1215 and by Pope Gregory XI in 1231
Robert de Sorbons regulations for his college
Introduction to Peter Abelards Sic et Non
St. Amselms Monologium
Odofreduss announcement of his law lectures at Bologna, ca 1255
Emperor Justinians Digest
Extracts from the letters of St
Bernard of Clairvaux
Anonymous account of a student riot at Oxford in the 13th century
Jacques de Vitrys description of student life at Paris ca 1225
An Oxford students plea to his father for money and a fathers letter to his son at Orleans
Three anonymous student poems, 12th century

5. Two Faces of "Holy War": Christians and Muslims

The Evidence: Muslims on Christians: Usamah ibn-Mungidh on the Franks; Ibn al-Athir on the capture of Jerusalem; Imad ad-Dins History of the Fall of Jerusalem
Europeans on Muslims: Peter Tudebodes Historia de Hierosolymitano Itinere (History of the Jerusalem Journey); William of Tyres A History of Deeds Done Beyond the Sea

6. The "Commerical Revolution"

The Evidence: Six Italian notarial contracts
Letters from an Italian merchant
Merchants account books
Letter from a merchant to a church official
Letter from a 13th-century Norwegian merchant
Advice to fellow businessmen from three 14th-century merchants

7. Medicine and Reproduction in the Middle Ages

The Evidence: Avicennas The Canon of Medicine
Constantine the Africans treatise on impotence
Pseudo-Trotula of Salernos The Diseases of Women
Moses Maimonides Ethical Conduct and The Regimen of Health
Pseudo-Albertus Magnuss On the Secrets of Women
Eucharius Rösslins Rosegarden for Midwives and Pregnant Women
Manuscript showing scenes of uroscopy, childbirth, caesarian section

8. Facing the Black Death

The Evidence: Excerpts from Ibn Khaldun, The Muqaddimah: An Introduction to History; Giovanni Boccaccio, The Decameron; Ibn Battuta: Travels in Asia and Africa, 1325-1354; Ioannes Cautacuzenos, Historarum; The chronicle of Jean de Venette
Lieferinxes St. Sebastian Interceding for the Plague-Stricken
A prayer to St. Sebastian
Citations from the Hadith
An Arab doctors perspective on the Black Death
Ibn al-Wardi, "An Essay on the Report of the Pestilence
" A 15th-century treatise on the pestilence
A report of the Paris medical faculty, October 1348
"A Wholesome Medicine Against All Infirmities
" Excerpt from Petrarch, Letters on Familiar Matters"

9. The Family in Medieval English Villages

The Evidence: Court roll of village Gnossal, 1492
Court roll from Ramsey, 1460
Court rolls from South Elmham, Wymondham, and Winterborne
Court roll from Bromsgrove and Kings Norton, 1496
Bylaws from Wistow, 1410
Bylaws from Hitchin, 1471
Three wills from Cranbrook, 1476-1483
The number of offspring over the age of twelve in families, reconstituted from Halesowen court rolls, 1350-1400, by economic status
The socioeconomic status of lessors, lessees, vendors, and buyers of land in Halesowen, 1350-1400

10. Craft Guilds: Economic Change and Social Conflict

The Evidence: Ordinances of the spurriers and white-tawyers guilds of London
Ordinance of the silk spinsters in Paris, 1254-1271
Tailors ordinance from Memmingen, Germany, 1543
Ordinances of ringmakers and needlemakers guilds of Nuremberg, 16th century
Ordinance for all guilds in Nuremberg, 1543
Goldsmiths guild ordinance, Nuremberg, 1535
Petition from the silk women of London to Parliament, 1455
Two widows supplications to the Frankfurt city council, late 16th century
Judgment against a draper in Flanders, mid-14th century
Dispute between master fullers and their apprentices in Flanders, 1345
Two decisions by the Nuremberg city council, 1577 and 1581

11. Lay Piety and Heresy in the Late Middle Ages

The Evidence: Sermon stories about the Virgin Mary and relics, 13th century
The Golden Legend, the life of St
Two visions of Bridget of Sweden, 1370s
The autobiography of Margery Kempe
Six testimonies from the Bishop of Pamierss inquisition
From a Norwich heresy trial, 1428-1431
Photographs of German religious carvings from the 14th and 15th centuries