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Documents from the African Past

Documents from the African Past - 01 edition

ISBN13: 978-1558762893

Cover of Documents from the African Past 01 (ISBN 978-1558762893)
ISBN13: 978-1558762893
ISBN10: 1558762892
Edition: 01
Copyright: 2001
Publisher: Markus Wiener Publishers
Published: 2001
International: No

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Documents from the African Past - 01 edition

ISBN13: 978-1558762893

Robert O. Collins

ISBN13: 978-1558762893
ISBN10: 1558762892
Edition: 01
Copyright: 2001
Publisher: Markus Wiener Publishers
Published: 2001
International: No

This fascinating collection spans two millennia, beginning with a first-century merchant's guide to the Red Sea and Indian Ocean ports. Primary sources describe ancient and medieval trade routes, China's discovery of Africa, the slave trade, kingdoms and court life in inner East and West Africa, and the experiences of Asian and European settlers, merchants, and colonialists. There are writings by important local authorities and scholars as well as travelers and administrators from other continents. The ideas of leaders who shaped modern Africa are represented in the documents of Jomo Kenyatta, Haile Selassie, Steven Biko, and Nelson Mandela.

Author Bio

Collins, Robert O. : University of California

Robert O. Collins, University of California, Santa Barbara, is the author of numerous scholarly books, including The Waters of the Nile: Hydropolitics and the Jonglei Canal, 1900-1988. His 1984 book, Shadow in the Grass: Britain in the Southern Sudan, 1918-1956, won the John Ben Snow Prize for the best book in British Studies.

Table of Contents

1. Anonymous Periplus of the erythraean sea. First century c.e.

2. Cosmas Indicopleustes

Trade in ethiopia. 547.

3. Tuan ch'êng-shih

China's discovery of africa. 863.

4. Ibn Battuta

The east african coast in 1331.

5. Ibn Battuta

Mali. 1352.

6. Antonius Malfante

Tawat and the western sudan trade. 1447.

7. Gomes Eannes de azurra

The discovery of guinea. 1435.

8. Rui de aguiar

King affonso i. 1516.

9. Francisco Alvarez

The land of prester john. 1525.

10. Leo Africanus

The western sudan in the sixteenth century. 1526.

11. Duarte Barbosa

The east coast of africa at the beginning of the Sixteenth century. 1540.

12. Andrew Battell

The jaga. 1568.

13. Filippo Pigafetta and Duarte López

Paulo diaz de novais in angola. 1571.

14. João dos Santos

The wazimba. 1590.

15. Abd-al-rahman Al-sadi

Songhay and the moroccan invasion. 1591.

16. Imam Ahmad Ibn Fartuwa

Idris alawma and the kanem wars. 1602.

17. Alvare ii and Alvare iii, kings of congo

Relations between the kingdom of congo and
The papacy. 1613.

18. Gaspar Bocarro

from tete to kilwa. 1616.

19. Father Lobo

Portuguese missionaries in ethiopia. 1620.

20. Jan Van riebeeck and Z. Wagenaar

Of the native tribes of south africa. 1652.

21. Giovanni Cavazzi

Queen anna nzinga. 1654.

22. Manuel de faria e souza

The kingdom of the monomotapa. 1666.

23. Antonio Suarez

The conversion of the monomatapa. 1652.

24. John Barbot

Benin. 1680.

25. William Bosman

Justice and warfare at axim 1700.

26. William Snelgrave

The slaves mutiny 1730.

27. Mercator Honestus

A defense of the african slave trade 1740.

28. James Bruce

Shiek adlan and the black horse cavalry of sennar 1772.

29. Andrew Sparrman

The boers 1776.

30. Archibald Dalzel

Dahomey and its neighbors 1793.

31. Mungo Park

The niger at segu 1796.

32. Father Pinto

The kingdom of the kazemb 1799.

33. Captain Huge Crow

Bonny 1800.

34. Abd Allah Ibn Muhammad

The hijra and holy war of sheik uthman dan fodio 1804.

35. P. J. Baptista

The kazembe 1806.

36. Al-kanami

The case against the jihad 1813.

37. John Lewis Burckhardt

Shendi 1814.

38. Thomas Pringle

Boer meets bantu 1820.

39. Major Dixon Denhm

Bornu and shaykh al-kanami 1823.

40. René Caillé

The trans-saharan caravan 1828.

41. Henry Francis Fynn

Shaka 1830.

42. A. C. P. Gamitto

The maravi 1831.

43. Anna Eelizabeth Steenkamp

The great trek 1835.

44. Robert Moffat

Mzilikazi 1840.

45. Thomas Fowell Buxton

The principles of abolition 1840.

46. Theodore Canot

Slaving in liberia 1850.

47. Henrich Barth

Al-hajj bashir, kukawa, and timbuktu 1852.

48. Paul du chaillu

Trade in gabon 1859.

49. Charles Livingstone

The prazeros 1859.

50. John Hanning Speke

Unyamwezi and buganda 1862.

51. Georg Schweinfurth

King munza 1871.

52. John Mackenzie

Bushman 1873.

53. Ernest Linant de bellefonds

Kabaka mutesa 1875.

54. Edgar Canisus

Rubber collecting in the congo 1885.

55. The kings of kano

Kings of kano 1892.

56. Ndansi Kumalo

The ndebele rebellion 1896.

57. Mary Kingsley

The crown colony system in west africa 1897.

58. Lord Lugard

Indirect rule in tropical africa 1900.

59. Lord Delemare

White man's country 1903.

60. Mohammed Abdille Hasan

The sayyid's reply 1904.

61. Records of maji maji

The maji maji rebellion 1905-1907.

62. Sir Apolo Kagwa

Court life in buganda 1910.

63. The Devonshire white paper

The indians in kenya 1923.

64. Haile Sellassie

At the league of nations june 30, 1936.

65. Félix Eboué

Native policy and political institutions in french Equatorial africa 1941.

66. Jomo Kenyatta

Meeting at nyeri july 26, 1952.

67. M. D. C. De wet nel

The principles of apartheid 1959.

68. Nelson Rolihlahle Mandela

Verwoerd's tribalism 1959.

69. Steve Biko

Black consciousness and the quest for the true Humanity 1977.

70. John Garang de mabior

The genesis of the sudan people's liberation Movement (splm) 1983.

71. Nelson Mandela

Address to the anc 1985.

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