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Earth Through Time

Earth Through Time - 6th edition

ISBN13: 978-0470001264

Cover of Earth Through Time 6TH 99 (ISBN 978-0470001264)
ISBN13: 978-0470001264
ISBN10: 0470001267
Edition: 6TH 99
Copyright: 1999
Publisher: Saunders College Division
Published: 1999
International: No

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Earth Through Time - 6TH 99 edition

ISBN13: 978-0470001264

Harold L. Levin

ISBN13: 978-0470001264
ISBN10: 0470001267
Edition: 6TH 99
Copyright: 1999
Publisher: Saunders College Division
Published: 1999
International: No

This text offers the most comprehensive history of the earth on the market today. It maintains its strong approach to stratigraphy and paleontology that others have lost, while updating new finds in areas of radiometric dating, stratigraphic nomenclature, and renewed ideas in paleontology, e.g., new discoveries of dinosaurs, mass extinctions, and current information found in the literature. The paleogeographic maps are excellent in detail and are a vital component in understanding the earth's history.

Key Features

  • Paleogeographic maps help the student understand the major episodes within each time period and offer a progressive outline of changes in the environment worldwide.
  • Proper balance of geology and paleontology. Completely updated discussions of fossil evidence in the proper context of the geologic discipline.
  • Geology of National Parks Boxes provide further illustration of concepts examined in the text, and they encourage the reader to visit these parks to appreciate their geological significance. New boxes include one on Jasper National Park in Canada. A National Park Web site is listed at the end of each chapter.
  • Enrichment Boxes appear throughout the text to further enhance text material. Examples include "The 18-Hour Proterozoic Day" and "Is There a Bolide Impact in Our Future"?

New Features

  • New Geologic Time Scale is presented so often, it will become second nature to the student:in Chapter Opener figures and selected figures to reinforce this primary learning tool. in the endsheets as a beautiful illustration showing the history of life through geologic time. in the new bookmark that comes free with every purchase.
  • New Web sites pertinent to each chapter are listed as a new feature in order to encourage further exploration and discussion.
  • In response to the market we have streamlined the coverage of moons and meteors.
  • New artwork, from world class illustrators like John Sibbick, showing evolving life in various geologic eras, phylogenetic tree figures, and cross-sections that illustrate various geologic processes.
  • Thought-provoking questions added to many figure legends actively engage the student. Explanations appear in back of the text.
  • Shorter length, about 40 pages shorter than the previous edition, makes more efficient use of the material.

Author Bio

Levin, Harold : Washington University

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Earth History.
2. Earth Materials: A Physical Geology Refresher.
3. The Sedimentary Archives.
4. The Fossil Record.
5. Barth Structure and Plate Tecronics.
6. Archean: The First Two Billion Years.
7. The Proterozoic Eon.
8. Early Paleozoic Events.
9. Late Paleozoic Events.
10. Life of the Paleozoic.
11. The Mesozonic Era.
12. Life of the Mesozoic.
13. The Cenozoic Era.
14. Life of the Cettozoic.
15. Human Origins.

Responses to Questions.

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