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Economics - 5th edition

Economics - 5th edition

ISBN13: 9780256263268

ISBN10: 0256263264

Economics by Stephen L. Slavin - ISBN 9780256263268
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 5TH 99
Copyright: 1999
Publisher: Richard D. Irwin, Inc.
Published: 1999
International: No
Economics by Stephen L. Slavin - ISBN 9780256263268

ISBN13: 9780256263268

ISBN10: 0256263264

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 5TH 99

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This comprehensive, lively text is popular with community colleges, technical schools, and many four year schools. Its low price and built-in Study Guide are very attractive to adopters. Instructors and students like the author's humorous, direct, and historical approach.

There is a wealth of extra problems and exercises (built-in SG and end-of-chapter questions). Harder problems and issues are put into "Advanced Work" boxes.

New and revised end-of-chapter material in each chapter

3 new real GDP problems

Discussion of why low unemployment rate in 1997 did not lead to inflation. Added comments on Boskin Commission report

Analysis of government deficit reduction packages

Sections on the Equation of Exchange and the Quantity Theory of Money moved to beginning of Ch. 14

10 new Extra Help boxes

Discussion of FTC dealing with false advertising and corporate mergers

Discussion of implications of UPS strike

New section on federal minimum wage law

Focus on Welfare Reform Act

New Section: A Look at the Record: Our Balance of Trade Since WWII

Expanded Test Bank with over 7000 questions

Over 35 new problem sets added to the Instructor's Manual.

This text's biggest selling point is the low price and built-in study guide. The author's down-to-earth, humorous writing style and historical approach to economics is a hit with students who otherwise might find the subject too intimidating or dry. Mini-case boxes allow students to take topics one step further. Extra Help boxes assist students with difficult concepts while Advanced Work boxes provide more challenging work.

Author Bio

Slavin, Stephen L. : Union College

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. A Brief Economic History of the United States

2. Resource Utilization

3. Supply & Demand

4. The Mixed Economy

5. The Consumption Sector

6. The Business-Investment Sector

7. The Government Sector

8. Gross Domestic Product

9. Economic Fluctuations, Unemployment, and Inflation

10. Classical and Keynesian Economics

11. Fiscal Policy and the National Debt

12. Money and Banking

13. The Federal Reserve and Monetary Policy

14. Twentieth-Century Economic Theory

15. A Guide to Macropolicy

16. Economic Growth and Productivity

17. Applications in Supply and Demand

18. Demand

19. Utility and Consumer Surplus

20. Supply

21. Cost and Profit

22. Supply in the Short Run and the Long Run

23. Perfect Competition

24. Monopoly

25. Monopolistic Competition

26. Oligopoly

27. The Four Types of Competition: A Review

28. Corporate Mergers and Antitrust

29. Demand in the Factor Market

30. Labor Unions

31. Labor Markets and Wage Rates

32. Rent, Interest, and Profit

33. Income Distribution and Poverty

34. International Trade

35. International Finance

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