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English for Careers : Business, Professional and Technical

English for Careers : Business, Professional and Technical - 7th edition

ISBN13: 978-0130802316

Cover of English for Careers : Business, Professional and Technical 7TH 99 (ISBN 978-0130802316)
ISBN13: 978-0130802316
ISBN10: 013080231X
Edition: 7TH 99
Copyright: 1999
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc.
Published: 1999
International: No

English for Careers : Business, Professional and Technical - 7TH 99 edition

ISBN13: 978-0130802316

Leila R. Smith

ISBN13: 978-0130802316
ISBN10: 013080231X
Edition: 7TH 99
Copyright: 1999
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc.
Published: 1999
International: No

Designed to keep pace with current workplace needs and the emerging 21st century culture, this book offers a lively, accessible, and user-friendly alternative for those who dread the thought of barebones traditional grammar and communication instruction and its overkill of rules. Personalized by warmth, light humor, and inspiration, it focuses on the "real-world" English skills needed to get a good job, hold the job, and advance in a career -- i.e., how to write and speak Standard English for careers and to avoid noticeable errors. Features a reading level that assures accessibility for nearly anyone.

Covers a full range of grammar topics and Interweaves (into sample sentences, practice exercises, memos and letters, proofreading exercises, and tests) information on business practices, workplace cultural diversity, workplace ethics, human relations, workplace etiquette, the international marketplace, technology, or self-improvement.

Table of Contents

(NOTE: Each chapter begins with objectives and an introduction followed by instruction in Read, Recap, and Replay format. The chapters conclude with Checkpoint, Special Assignment, Proofreading for Careers, Practice Quiz.)

Dear Student.

1. Tools of the Trade (Parts of Speech).

Who or What. Doing, Being, and Helping. The Modifiers. The Connectors. Versatile Tools. BONUS Latest Letter Layout.

2. Secret Life of a Sentence Revealed.

Identity, Action, and Independence. Fragments, Anyone? Capital Punishment. Three Important Connections. The Missing Key. BONUS Making Connections.

3. Ain't Is in the Dictionary.

All Shapes and Sizes. Misspellers Anonymous. Cracking the Code. BONUS The Owner's Manual.

4. Apples, Tigers, and Swahili (Plural, Compound, Proper, and Biased Nouns).

Safety in Numbers. Eccentric Nouns. Compounds and Propers. Banishing Bias from Business English. Vocabulary Improvement. BONUS Plurals Out of Uniform.

5. Be Kind to the Substitute Week (Pronouns).

Just Between You and Me. Me, Myself, and I. A Tale of a Lizard's Tail. A Whodunit. Everybody Needs Milk. BONUS A Gaggle of Geese.

6. Looking for the Action? Then Find the Verbs!

Timely Tips. Delinquent Verbs. Dictionary Data. To Be or Not To Be. Identifying the Subject and Verb. Making the Subject and Verb Agree. If I Were a Millionaire. BONUS A Swarm of Bees.

7. Words That Describe (Adjectives and Adverbs).

Pointers for Pointers. Three Little Words. I Don't Want No Broccoli. Good, Gooder, Goodest? To Ly or Not To Ly; That Is the Question. BONUS More Shakespeare/More Comparisons.

8. The Taming of the Apostrophe.

The Ubiquitous S. Before or After. BONUS More Apostrophes.

9. The Pause that Refreshes (Commas).

Wine, Women, and Song. For Adjectives Only. Independents Day. Curtain Raisers. Four Easy Commas. A Comma Medley. To Comma or Not to Comma. BONUS Uncommon Commas.

10. Punctuation Potpourri.

In Conclusion .!? The Halfway Mark; An Easy Mark: Plagiarism's Enemy" Half a Dash - Wild Apostrophes' BONUS Good Marksmanship --()

11. A Business Dictionary.

Account Executive Through Byte. Certificate of Deposit Through Exchange Rate. Exemption Through Local Area Network. Markup Through Power of Attorney. Promissory Note Through WYSIWIG. BONUS Spelling and Pronunciation.

12. Weather or Knot (Homonyms, Prepositions, Pronunciation).

Confusing Pears. An Apple Has a Peel. Lettuce Devise a Device. More Look-Alikes. Do's and Don'ts for Prepositions. BONUS Let's Talk Business.

13. Sentence Power (Conciseness, Smoothness, Parallel Construction, Misplaced Modifiers, Vague Pronouns, Active/Passive Voice, Dangling Verbals).

Secret Review. Dick and Jane. Ladies with Concrete Heads and Parallel Parts. The-Beeline. BONUS Don't Let Your Verbals Dangle in Public.

14. Sincerely Yours (Business Letters).

Looking Good. Choosing The Right Parts for the Right Places. Arranging the Parts Attractively and Correctly. BONUS Sounding Good.

Appendix A. Pop Quizzes.
Appendix B. Spelling and Vocabulary for Careers.
Appendix C. Final Rehearsal.
Appendix D. Mini Reference Manual -- Read and Replay.
Appendix E. Grammar for the Expert.
Appendix F. Recap and Replay Answers.

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