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Enlightenment - 99 edition

Enlightenment - 99 edition

ISBN13: 9780521564908

ISBN10: 0521564905

Enlightenment by David Williams - ISBN 9780521564908
Edition: 99
Copyright: 1999
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Published: 1999
International: No
Enlightenment by David Williams - ISBN 9780521564908

ISBN13: 9780521564908

ISBN10: 0521564905

Edition: 99


The Enlightenment is an authoritative anthology of the key political writings from the best and most hopeful episode in the history of mankind. The texts are supported by a lucid introduction exploring their moral, philosophical, political and economic background. Biographical notes and carefully selected bibliographies offer further help. David Williams, a distinguished Enlightenment scholar, offers the reader a view of the evolution of Enlightenment political thinking in a variety of contexts. Students of political science, history, European studies, international relations, law and philosophy will find this an invaluable resource.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Part I. Natural Law

1. Burlamaqui: Principles of natural right [and natural law]

Part II. The Civil Order

2. Rousseau: Discourse on the origin and the foundations of inequality among men and The social contract
3. Priestley: Essay on the first principles of government, and on the nature of political, civil and religious liberty

Part III. The Nation State

4. Voltaire: Homeland and Man
5. Herder: Ideas for a philosophy of the history of mankind and Letters for the advancement of humanity

Part IV. Government

6. Hume: That politics may be reduced to a science, On the first principles of government, Of the origin of government, and Idea of a perfect commonwealth
7. Montesquieu: The spirit of the laws
8. Moser: The master and the servant

Part V. Civil Rights

9. Diderot: Political authority, City, Citizen and Natural law
10. Condorcet: Reflections on black slavery
11. Gouges: The rights of women
12. Wollstonecraft: A vindication of the rights of woman: with strictures on political and moral subjects

Part VI. International Relations

13. Saint-Pierre: A project to establish permanent peace in Europe
14. Barbeyrac: Notes on Grotius' On the law of war and peace
15. Kant: Perpetual peace: a philosophical sketch

Part VII. Trade and Economics

16. Mandeville: The moral [of the Fable of the bees]
17. Quesnay: The economic tableau
18. Smith: An inquiry into the nature and causes of the wealth of nations

Part VIII. Crime and Punishment

19. Beccaria: On crimes and punishment

Part IX. Revolution

20. Paine: Common sense
21. Sieyes: What is the third estate?
22. Burke: Reflections on the revolution in France