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Essentials of Public Speaking : Essentials of Public Speaking

Essentials of Public Speaking : Essentials of Public Speaking - 3rd edition

Essentials of Public Speaking : Essentials of Public Speaking - 3rd edition

ISBN13: 9780534647803

ISBN10: 0534647804

Essentials of Public Speaking : Essentials of Public Speaking by Cheryl Hamilton - ISBN 9780534647803
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 3RD 06
Copyright: 2006
Publisher: Wadsworth, Inc
Published: 2006
International: No
Essentials of Public Speaking : Essentials of Public Speaking by Cheryl Hamilton - ISBN 9780534647803

ISBN13: 9780534647803

ISBN10: 0534647804

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 3RD 06

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Essentials Of Public Speaking is a value-priced textbook for your public speaking course that teaches students the essential skills and theories required to become an effective public speaker. In addition to being a value, this text offers abundant practical advice on the speechmaking process, grounded in classical and contemporary theory and in a familiar format to instructors. Included in this coverage is a strong emphasis on visual aids and using the Internet for speech preparation and delivery.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1 Foundations

Chapter 1 Public Speaking, Ethics, and You

Public Speaking: What Roles Can It Play in Your Life?
The Right Speech for the Occasion
The Communication Process and the Public Speaker
Ethics: The Public Speaker's Obligation

Chapter 2 Getting Started: Your First Speech

Becoming a Good Public Speaker
Steps to Success: Planning and Preparing a Speech

Chapter 3 Building Speaker Confidence

Understanding Anxiety
Managing Situational Anxiety
Managing Trait Anxiety: Positive Imagery
Other Methods for Managing Trait Anxiety

Chapter 4 Listening: What Speakers Should Know

Stages of Listening
Why Stimulation and Motivation Are So Necessary
100 Percent Communication: A Listening Myth
How Listeners Avoid Being Persuaded
Reading Listeners' Nonverbal Cues
Making Listening Easier

2 Preparing Your Speech

Chapter 5 Analyzing Your Audience

Analyzing Your Audience: Situational Information
Analyzing Your Audience: Demographic Information
Analyzing Your Audience: Psychological Information
Analyzing Audience Receptivity
Collecting Audience Information
Using Audience Analysis

Chapter 6 Selecting and Researching Your Topic

Selecting Your Topic, Purpose, and Main Points
Researching Your Topic

Chapter 7 Supporting Your Ideas

Supports That Are Overused--Use Them with Care!
Supports That Are Underused--Use Them More Often
Supporting Materials: Clarification or Proof

Chapter 8 Organizing Your Speech: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion

Organizing the Body of Your Speech
Organizing the Introduction of Your Speech
Organizing the Conclusion of Your Speech

Chapter 9 Outlines, Storyboards, and Speaking Notes

Speaking Notes

3 Presenting Your Speech

Chapter 10 Preparing Effective Visual Aids

Benefits of Using Visual Aids
Types of Visual Aids
Selecting Your Visual Aids
Designing Your Visual Aids

Chapter 11 Delivering Your Message

Visual Delivery
Vocal Delivery
Verbal Delivery
Immediacy Behaviors
Methods of Delivery
Rehearsing Your Speech

Chapter 12 Perfecting Language Style

Why Language Choices Are So Important
Effective Language Style
Stylistic Devices
Language and Bias

4 Types of Speeches

Chapter 13 Informative Speaking

Types of Informative Speeches
Steps in Preparing an Informative Speech
Before You Speak: Last-Minute Checks

Chapter 14 Persuasive Speaking

Persuasion Defined
Persuasive Versus Informative Speeches
Types of Persuasive Speeches
Steps in Preparing a Persuasive Speech
Using the Motivated Sequence

Chapter 15 Methods of Persuasion

Using Evidence and Logic Skillfully
Establishing Credibility
Appealing to Listeners' Psychological Needs


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