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Ethical Decision Making in Social Work

Ethical Decision Making in Social Work - 00 edition

Ethical Decision Making in Social Work - 00 edition

ISBN13: 9780205307791

ISBN10: 0205307795

Ethical Decision Making in Social Work by Wade L. Robison and Linda Cherrey Reeser - ISBN 9780205307791
Edition: 00
Copyright: 2000
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
Published: 2000
International: No
Ethical Decision Making in Social Work by Wade L. Robison and Linda Cherrey Reeser - ISBN 9780205307791

ISBN13: 9780205307791

ISBN10: 0205307795


This social work ethics book illustrates a particular method of ethical decision-making, the method of tracking harms. Through analysis of the ethical aspects of social work cases, the authors show readers how resolution of ethical dilemmas can be reached in an ethical and reasonable manner. The book covers an entire range of possible ethical issues, from issues related to clients, peers, and employers, to the issue of social work's commitment to encouraging a just society. Learning to analyze and resolve ethical dilemmas is an important skill for social work practice, and the case method will help readers to understand and practice this skill. For those interested in the wide-ranging ethical issues of social work.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Ethics in Social Work: Tracking Harms.

Difficult Ethical Cases.
The Method of Tracking Harms: Working through a Case.
The Death of a Baby.
Dancing a Legal Dance.
Doing What the Judge Orders.
Adoptive Children.

2. Reasons for Acting.

Doing What Is Ethical.

3. Clients.

Intervention and Self-Determination.
Conflicts with Self-Determination.
Relations with Clients.
Who Is the Client?
Refusing Help.
Depressed and Ready to Die.
Low-Functioning Parents.
Lying to Save a Marriage.
Friends and Professional Relations.
Can You Help Me Now?
Having Sex.
Gift for Services.
A Social Visit.
Hurting Oneself.
Automatic Assignments.
Caring for the Family.

4. Relations between Social Workers.

Difficulties between Colleagues.
Less Than the Ideal.
Relations with Other Professionals.
Family Therapy.
Bending Over Backwards.
Value Judgments.
Lying about Salaries.
Attention Deficit Disorder.
First Grader.

5. Agencies.

Maintaining Autonomy.
Integrity and Agency Policies.
Agency Goals.
Conflicts between Agencies.
Buying Friendship.
A Pacifist.
Money or Care?
Limited Number of Visits.
Taking on More Than It Can Chew.
Agency Misrepresentation.
An Adoption Agency.

6. Justice.

Particular Justice.
Social Justice.
Still Waiting after All This Time.
The Waiting List.
Differing Social Circumstances.

Appendix I. Text of the Cases.
Appendix II. Additional Cases.

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