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Ethnicity & Family Therapy

Ethnicity & Family Therapy - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 978-0898629590

Cover of Ethnicity & Family Therapy 2ND 96 (ISBN 978-0898629590)
ISBN13: 978-0898629590
ISBN10: 0898629594
Edition: 2ND 96
Copyright: 1996
Publisher: Guilford Press
Published: 1996
International: No

Ethnicity & Family Therapy - 2ND 96 edition

ISBN13: 978-0898629590

Monica McGoldrick

ISBN13: 978-0898629590
ISBN10: 0898629594
Edition: 2ND 96
Copyright: 1996
Publisher: Guilford Press
Published: 1996
International: No

Challenging therapists to consider a family's cultural system, the classic first edition of this book contributed to a significant shift in the way family therapy was practiced. In the 14 years since its initial publication, our awareness of cultural diversity and its significance has grown enormously. To bring the field completely up to date, Ethnicity and Family Therapy has been revised and
significantly expanded to encompass the broad range of cultural influences encountered in clinical practice today. More than doubling the number of ethnic cultures covered, this book provides clinicians with the "road map" they need for better understanding families in the context of their ethnic heritage.

Table of Contents

1. Therapy with Families in Our Multi-Ethnic Society, McGoldrick and Giordano
I. Native American Families
2. Native American Families, An Overview, Sutton and Broken Nose
3. Back to the Future: An Examination of the Native American Holocaust Experience, Tafoya and Del Vecchio
II. Families of African origin
4. Families of African Origin: An Overview, Black
5. African American Families, Moore Hines and Boyd-Franklin
6. Jamaican Families, Brice-Baker
7. Haitian Families, Bibb and Casimir
8. African American Muslim Families, Mahmoud
9. Nigerian Families, Nwadiora
III. Latino Families
10. Latino Families: An Overview, Garcia-Preto
11. Cuban Families, Bernal and Shapiro
12. Mexican Families, Falicov
13. Puerto Rican Families, Garcia-Preto
14. Brazilian Families, Korin
15. Central American Families, Hernandez
IV. Asian Families
16. Asian Families: An Overview, Lee
17. Chinese Families, Lee
18. Japanese Families, Matsui
19. Korean Families, Kim
20. Vietnamese Families, Leung and Boehnlein
21. Cambodian Families, McKenzie-Pollock
22. Indonesian Families, Piercy, Soekandar, and Limansubroto
23. Filipino Families, Santa Rita
V. Middle Eastern Families
24. Middle Eastern Families: An Overview, Abudabbeh
25. Iranian Families, Jalali
26. Lebanese Families, Simons
27. Armenian Families, Dagirmanjian
VI. Asian Indian Families
28. Hindu, Christian and Muslim, Almeida
VII. Families of European Origin
29. European Families: An Overview, Giordano and McGoldrick
30. Amish Families, Emery
31. Anglo Families, McGill and Pearce
32. Dutch Families, De Master and Giordano
33. French Canadian Families, Langelier
34. German Families, Winawer Steiner and Wetzel
35. Greek Families, Tsemberis and Orfanos
36. Hungarian Families, Smith
37. Irish Families, McGoldrick
38. Italian Families, Giordano and McGoldrick
39. Portuguese Families, Araujo
40. Scandinavian Families, Erickson and Sinkjaer Simon
VIII. Jewish Families
41. Jewish Families: An Overview, Rosen and Weltman
42. Soviet Jewish Families, Fein
43. Israeli Families, Fogelman
44. Slavic Families: An Overview, Marganoff and Folwarski
45. Polish Families, Folwarski and Marganoff
46. Slovak Families, Kerr
47. Russian Families, Althusen
48. Czech Families, Krestan

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