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Exploring Psychology in Modules (Paperback)

Exploring Psychology in Modules (Paperback) - 9th edition

Exploring Psychology in Modules (Paperback) - 9th edition

ISBN13: 9781464111730

ISBN10: 1464111731

Exploring Psychology in Modules (Paperback) by David G. Myers - ISBN 9781464111730
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 9TH 14
Copyright: 2014
Publisher: Worth Publishers, Inc.
Published: 2014
International: No
Exploring Psychology in Modules (Paperback) by David G. Myers - ISBN 9781464111730

ISBN13: 9781464111730

ISBN10: 1464111731

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 9TH 14

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

INTRODUCTION TO THE HISTORY AND SCIENCE OF PSYCHOLOGYModule 1: The History and Scope of PsychologyModule 2: Research Strategies: How Psychologists Ask and Answer Questions BIOLOGY AND BEHAVIORModule 3: Neural and Hormonal SystemsModule 4: The Brain Module 5: Behavior Genetics and Evolutionary Psychology Module 6: Environmental Influences on Behavior THE DEVELOPING PERSON Module 7: Developmental Issues, Prenatal Development, and the NewbornModule 8: Infancy and Childhood Module 9: Adolescence Module 10: Adulthood SENSATION AND PERCEPTIONModule 11: Introduction to Sensation and Perception: Vision Module 12: The Other Senses Module 13: Perceptual OrganizationModule 14: Perceptual Interpretation STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESSModule 15: Waking and Sleeping RhythmsModule 16: Hypnosis Module 17: Drugs and Consciousness LEARNINGModule 18: Classical Conditioning Module 19: Operant Conditioning Module 20: Learning by Observation MEMORYModule 21: Information Processing Module 22: Forgetting, Memory Construction, and Improving Memory THINKING, LANGUAGE, ANDINTELLIGENCEModule 23: Thinking Module 24: Language and Thought Module 25: Intelligence MOTIVATION Module 26: Introduction to Motivation: Hunger Module 27: Sexual MotivationModule 28: Motivation at Work EMOTIONS, STRESS, AND HEALTHModule 29: Theories and Physiology of Emotion Module 30: Expressing and Experiencing Emotion Module 31: Stress and Illness Module 32: Promoting Health PERSONALITYModule 33: The Psychoanalytic Perspective Module 34: The Humanistic PerspectiveModule 35: Contemporary Research on Personality PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDERSModule 36: Introduction to Psychological Disorders Module 37: Anxiety, Dissociative, and Personality Disorders Module 38: Mood Disorders Module 39: Schizophrenia THERAPYModule 40: The Psychological Therapies Module 41: Evaluating PsychotherapiesModule 42: The Biomedical Therapies SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGYModule 43: Social Thinking Module 44: Social Influence Module 45: Social Relations Appendix A, Statistical Reasoning in Everyday Life Appendix B, Careers in Psychology

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