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Field Guide to Bacteria

Field Guide to Bacteria - 03 edition

Field Guide to Bacteria - 03 edition

ISBN13: 9780801488542

ISBN10: 0801488540

Field Guide to Bacteria by Betsey Dexter Dyer - ISBN 9780801488542
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 03
Copyright: 2003
Publisher: Cornell University Press
Published: 2003
International: No
Field Guide to Bacteria by Betsey Dexter Dyer - ISBN 9780801488542

ISBN13: 9780801488542

ISBN10: 0801488540

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 03

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Bacteria are an integral aspect of every habitat in which they occur and affect the lives of humans, other animals, and plants in many ways. Too often, we equate ''bacterium'' with ''pathogen'' and think of bacteria as things to avoid. In a fascinating guide perfect for naturalists, students, teachers, and tourists alike, Betsey Dexter Dyer lets the reader know that it is possible to observe bacteria with all the senses. Many groups of bacteria can be easily identified in the field (or in the refrigerator) without a microscope.

Written for curious souls of all ages, A Field Guide to Bacteria opens our eyes--and noses and ears--to this hidden (or neglected) world around us. Useful illustrations, including 120 color photographs, accompany Dyer's lively text throughout.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Ch. 1. Ancient Hyperthermophiles and Thermophilic Green Nonsulfurs

Introduction to the Archaea: Methanogens, Hyperthermophiles, and Halophiles

Ch. 2. Methanogens
Ch. 3. Hyperthermophilic Archaea
Ch. 4. Halophiles
Ch. 5. Green Sulfur Bacteria

Introduction to the Proteobacteria

Ch. 6. Alpha Proteobacteria
Ch. 7. Beta Proteobacteria
Ch. 8. Gamma and Delta Proteobacteria of Non-Sulfur-Rich Environments
Ch. 9. Gamma and Delta Proteobacteria of Sulfur-Rich Environments

Introduction to the Gram-Positive Bacteria

Ch. 10. Gram-Positive Bacteria of Foods and Drinks
Ch. 11. Gram-Positive Bacteria of Soils and Other Substrates
Ch. 12. Gram-Positive Bacteria as Symbionts of Animals and Plants

Introduction to the Cyanobacteria

Ch. 13. Cynaobacteria of Aquatic and Terrestrial Habitats
Ch. 14. Cyanobacterial Associations with Other Organisms
Ch. 15. Bacteroides, Gliders, and Their Relatives
Ch. 16. Spirochetes
Ch. 17. Thermus and Deinococcus
Ch. 18. Planctomycetes and Their Relatives

App. A How to Culture Bacteria
App. B Safety Precautions
App. C How to Use a Microscope
App. D Suggestions for Science Fair and Classroom Projects
App. E A Life List of Bacteria