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Field Guide to Teaching : Handbook for New Teachers -With CD

Field Guide to Teaching : Handbook for New Teachers -With CD - 07 edition

Field Guide to Teaching : Handbook for New Teachers -With CD - 07 edition

ISBN13: 9780131149908

ISBN10: 0131149903

Field Guide to Teaching : Handbook for New Teachers -With CD by Richard Marchesani - ISBN 9780131149908
Edition: 07
Copyright: 2007
Publisher: Merrill Education/Prentice Hall
Published: 2007
International: No
Field Guide to Teaching : Handbook for New Teachers -With CD by Richard Marchesani - ISBN 9780131149908

ISBN13: 9780131149908

ISBN10: 0131149903

Edition: 07


Are you ready to teach your own class? The Field Guide to Teaching is a practical guidebook that will help you navigate the first steps in your teaching career, whether you are currently a Student Teacher, a graduate seeking a teaching position, or a new teacher; whether you teach Elementary, Middle, or High School.

Ogranized from the viewpoint of a person who wants immediate and practical information on the day-to-day workings of being a modern teacher it walks you through becoming a teacher, the teaching process, and becoming an effective teacher. Unique in its realistic coverage of the complexities of teaching it also addresses accountability and NCLB, diversity, school home relations, and parental and community involvement, and school law.

Read this text today and begin applying its practical tips and tools into the classroom tomorrow!

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

PART I: Becoming a Teacher

1. Getting Hired

A. The Application
B. The Interview
C. The Prospects

2. Navigating the Education System

A. The Chain of Command

PART II: The Teaching Process

3. Getting Started: The First Year

A. The Month Before
B. The First Day
C. The First Month
D. Also in Your First Year

4. Planning and Organizing

A. Planning to Teach
B. The Planning Process
C. Teaching Materials
D. Preparation: A Means to Effective Teaching

5. Managing Your Classroom

A. Designing Your Classroom Management Plan
B. Your Plan
C. Commercial Behavior Management Plan

6. Teaching for Success: Methods and Models

A. How Do I Teach?
B. The Method

7. The Nuts and Bolts of Teaching: Instructional Activities

A. How will I Succeed at Teaching?
B. How to Teach the Multi Ability Classroom?
C. Final Words on Instruction

8. Assessing and Grading

A. What is Assessment?
B. Traditional Assessment
C. Authentic Assessment
D. Testing and Teaching
E. Grading
F. Making Daily Notations
G. Records and Parents

PART III: Becoming an Effective Teacher

9. Knowing Your Students

A. Who are they?
B. Where are They Developmentally?
C. From the Perspective of the Student

10. Adapting for Special Needs and Diversity

A. What is Diversity?
B. The Diverse Classroom
C. Strategies for the Multicultural Classroom
D. Children with Special Needs
E. Statistics & Data That Inform Us On Diversity

11. Involving Family and Community

A. What is Parental Involvement?
B. Parental Communication

PART IV: Growing in Your Profession

12. Working with Your Colleagues and Support Staff

A. Collegiality
B. The Instructional and Support Faculty
C. The Professional Support Staff
D. The Non-Instructional Staff
E. The Union

13. Growing Professionally and Maintaining Personally

A. Professional Development
B. Your Portfolio
C. Going for the Masters or the Job?
D. The Job, You, and the Family
E. Find a Mentor
F. Your Family
G. Reflecting on Year One

Teaching Resources
A. Sample Lesson Plan
B. Sample Unit Plan
C. Sample Letters to Parents
D. End-of-Year Reflection
E. Job Outlook by Discipline and Geographic Location
F. State-by-State Teacher Certification Requirements Contact Information
G. Books and Journals for Educators
H. Education Statistics (Fast Facts)

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