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First Amendment Anthology

First Amendment Anthology - 94 edition

First Amendment Anthology - 94 edition

ISBN13: 9780870842658

ISBN10: 087084265X

First Amendment Anthology by Donald E. Lively, Dorothy E. Roberts and Russell L.  Eds. Weaver - ISBN 9780870842658
Edition: 94
Copyright: 1994
Publisher: Anderson Publishing Co.
Published: 1994
International: No
First Amendment Anthology by Donald E. Lively, Dorothy E. Roberts and Russell L.  Eds. Weaver - ISBN 9780870842658

ISBN13: 9780870842658

ISBN10: 087084265X

Author Bio

Lively, Donald E. (Ed.) : University of Toledo

Professor of Law, University of Toledo

Roberts, Dorothy E. (Ed.) : State University of New Jersey

Associate Professor of Law, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Weaver, Russell L. (Ed.) : University of Louisville

Professor of Law, University of Louisville

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


PART I. First Amendment Concepts and Ideology

A. The Value of Expressive Freedom

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B. Origins

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C. The Nature of Speech

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D. The Nature of the Press

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E. Prior Restraint

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PART II. Speech Classification and Content Regulation

A. Categorizing Speech

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B. Political Expression

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C. Defamation and Privacy

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D. Commercial Expression

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E. Obscenity and Pornography

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F. Hate Speech

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G. Use of Government Funds

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PART III. Regulation of Modern Media

A. Prelude: Media Specific Concern

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B. Redistributing Expressive Opportunity

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C. Indecency and Violence

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D. Future Media and the First Amendment

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PART IV. Religious Freedom

A. Constitutional Origins 381

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B. Defining Religion

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C. Establishment and Exercise Clause Tension

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D. Establishment Clause Theory

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E. Free Exercise Theory

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