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Foundations of Neurobiology, Text Only

Foundations of Neurobiology, Text Only - 98 edition

Foundations of Neurobiology, Text Only - 98 edition

ISBN13: 9780716726272

ISBN10: 0716726270

Foundations of Neurobiology, Text Only by Fred Delcomyn - ISBN 9780716726272
Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 98
Copyright: 1998
Publisher: W.H. Freeman
Published: 1998
International: No
Foundations of Neurobiology, Text Only by Fred Delcomyn - ISBN 9780716726272

ISBN13: 9780716726272

ISBN10: 0716726270

Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 98

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Introductory level. No prerequisites above the sophomore level required.

Broad, comparative scope. Coverage encompasses all areas of neurobiology and all sensory systems and is enhanced with both vertebrate and invertebrate examples to demonstrate how animals differ in their physiological adaptations.

Conceptual emphasis. The book focuses on principles and their relation to neural function, bringing in details and methods where relevant to explain underlying concepts.

Boxed essays on experimental techniques. These highlight experiments in a number of neuroscience areas, exposing students to both classical and cutting-edge research methods.

Coverage of . No other undergraduate course offers significant coverage of the neurological bases of behavior in animals-Delcomyn's comparative approach articulates the concepts step-by-step, building from cells to circuits to behaviors.

Pedagogy includes boldfaced terms, a glossary, concept summaries at the end of each section, and annotated readings and references.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

I. Elements of Neurobiology

1. Introduction to the Nervous System
2. Cellular and Molecular Building Blocks
3. The Structure of Nervous Systems

II. Cellular Communication

4. The Electrical Potential of a Resting Neuron
5. The Nerve Impulse
6. Synaptic Transmission
7. Neurotransmitters and Their Release
8. Integration of Synaptic Action

III. Sensory Systems

9. Properties of Sensory Systems
10. The Coding and Control of Sensory Information
11. The Visual System
12. Hearing
13. The Chemical Senses
14. Somatic and Other Senses

IV. Motor Systems

15. Muscle and Its Control
16. Reflexes and Pattern Generation
17. Sensory Influence on Motor Output
18. The Brain and Motor Output

V. Integrating Systems : The Neural Basis of Behavior

19. Mechanisms of Escape Behavior
20. Analysis of Simple Behavior
21. Neural Basis of Complex Behavior

VI. The Malleability of Nervous Systems

22. Development
23. Developmental Plasticity
24. Behavioral Plasticity: Learning
25. Hormones and the Nervous System