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Gilbert Law Summaries on Evidence

Gilbert Law Summaries on Evidence - 17th edition

ISBN13: 978-0159003855

Cover of Gilbert Law Summaries on Evidence 17TH 98 (ISBN 978-0159003855)
ISBN13: 978-0159003855
ISBN10: 0159003857
Edition: 17TH 98
Copyright: 1998
Publisher: Harcourt Brace Legal & Professional
Published: 1998
International: No

Gilbert Law Summaries on Evidence - 17TH 98 edition

ISBN13: 978-0159003855

Jon R. Waltz, Roger C. Park and John Kaplan

ISBN13: 978-0159003855
ISBN10: 0159003857
Edition: 17TH 98
Copyright: 1998
Publisher: Harcourt Brace Legal & Professional
Published: 1998
International: No

The subjects discussed in this evidence outline are direct evidence, circumstantial evidence, rulings on admissibility, relevancy, materiality, character evidence, hearsay, and the hearsay exceptions. Also included are privileges, competency to testify, opinion evidence and expert witnesses, direct examination, and cross-examination. It also looks at impeachment, real, demonstrative, and scientific evidence, judicial notice, burdens of proof, and the parol evidence rule.

Features and Benefits :

  • Written by prominent law school professors
  • Timesaving study guide useful for class review and exam preparation
  • Reference includes detailed index, table of cases, and table of citations to Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
  • Exam-oriented approaches for different topic areas emphasize the issues most likely to be tested
  • Test yourself with multiple choice, true/false questions, with answers referring back to the text -- learn from mistakes
  • Fine tune your understanding with real law school essay questions -- all with explained answers
  • Text correlation chart helps match your reading assignment to relevant pages in the outline to cut search time

Author Bio

Waltz,Jon R. : Northwesten University

Edna B. and Ednyfed H. Williams Professor of Law and Lecturer in Medical Jurisprudence, Northwesten University.

Kaplan, John : Stanford University

Park, Roger C. :

Table of Contents

Evidence Text Correlation Chart
Evidence Capsule Summary
Approach To Exams
Introduction To Evidence
Chapter Approach
Background--Development of Evidence Codes
Evidence and the Litigation Process
The Types and Forms of Evidence
Chapter Approach
The Two Basic Types of Evidence
The Three Basic Forms of Evidence
Procedure for Admitting or Excluding Evidence
Chapter Approach
Rulings on Admissibility of Evidence at the Trial Level
Appellate Review of Trial Court Rulings on Admissibility
Preliminary Determinations Concerning Admissibility
Relevancy and its Counter Weights
Chapter Approach
Relevancy, Materiality, and Probativeness Defined
CHART: Approach to the Admissibility of Relevant Evidence
Limits on Admissibility of Relevant Evidence
Discretionary Exclusion of Evidence
Examples of Relevancy Problems
Character Evidence
CHART: Admissibility of Character Evidence
CHART: Character Evidence vs. Habit Evidence
Evidence Affected by Extrinsic Policies
CHART: Evidence That May Be Excluded for Policy Reasons
The Hearsay Rule and its Exceptions
Chapter Approach
General Nature of Hearsay
CHART: Approach to Hearsay
Statements Exempted from Hearsay Rule by the Federal Rules of Evidence
Admissible Hearsay--the So-Called Exceptions to the Hearsay Rule
CHART: Declarations Against Interest vs. Admissions
CHART: Summary of Major Hearsay Exceptions Under Federal Rules
CHART: Admissible Out-of-Court Statements
Hearsay and the Right to Confrontation
CHART: Confrontation Clause Analysis of Hearsay Statements
Chapter Approach
General Principles Applicable to All Privileges
Specific Privileges
CHART: Husband-Wife Privilege
CHART: Privilege Against Self-Incrimination
Competency to Testify
Chapter Approach
General Rules of Competency
Specific Rules Affecting Competency
Opinion Evidence and Expert Witnesses
Chapter Approach
Opinion Testimony by Nonexpert Witnesses
CHART: Examples of Admissible Opinions by Lay Witnesses
Opinion Testimony by Expert Witnesses
Examination, Cross-Examination, and Impeachment
Chapter Approach
Form of Examination
Impeachment and Rehabilitation
Real, Demonstrative, and Scientific Evidence
Chapter Approach
Real Evidence
Demonstrative Evidence
Scientific Evidence
Judicial Notice
Chapter Approach
Nature of Judicial Notice
Scope of Matters Noticed
Effect of Judicial Notice
Burdens and Effect of Evidence
Chapter Approach
Proof Defined
Burden of Proof
The Parol Evidence Rule
Chapter Approach
Statement of Rule
Nature of Rule
Scope and Analysis of Rule
Appendix--Comparison Of Selected Provisions Of Common Law And Federal Rules
Review Questions And Answers
Sample Exam Questions And Answers .
Table Of Citations To Federal Rules Of Evidence
Table Of Cases

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