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Handbook of Research Design and Social Measurement

Handbook of Research Design and Social Measurement - 6th edition

ISBN13: 978-0761920465

Cover of Handbook of Research Design and Social Measurement 6TH 02 (ISBN 978-0761920465)
ISBN13: 978-0761920465
ISBN10: 0761920463

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 6TH 02
Copyright: 2002
Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc.
Published: 2002
International: No

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Handbook of Research Design and Social Measurement - 6TH 02 edition

ISBN13: 978-0761920465

Delbert C. Miller and Neil J. Salkind

ISBN13: 978-0761920465
ISBN10: 0761920463

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 6TH 02
Copyright: 2002
Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc.
Published: 2002
International: No

Table of Contents


1.1 Defining the Characteristics of Basic, Applied, and Evaluation Research
1.2 The Orientation and Commitment of The Basic Researcher
1.3 The Orientation and Commitment of the Applied Researcher
1.4 The Orientation And Commitment Of The Evaluation Researcher
1.5 General Readings on Basic, Applied and Evaluation Research


2.1 Basic Guide For The Design Of A Social Research Proposal
2.2 Formulating A Research Problem
2.3 Evaluating Research Studies
2.4 Elements of Research Design
2.5 Choosing a Research Design
2.6 How Science Is Built
2.7 The Impact Of Sociological Theory On Empirical Research `
2.8 Bridging The Gap Between The Languages Of Theory And Research
2.9 Criteria for Judging the Usefulness of an Hypotheses
2.10 Science: Simultaneously Observational, Experimental, and Historical
2.11 Guides for Design, Model Building, and Large-Scale Research
2.12 The Role Of Models In Research Design
2.13 General Considerations Of Research Design
2.14 Factors Jeopardizing Internal And External Validity Of Research Designs
2.15 Sampling
2.16 A Selected Bibliography On Basic Research and Research Design


3.1 A Rationale for Applied Sociology as it Relates to Policy-Making
3.2 Applied Research Design
3.3 Fitting An Applied Research Design To A Problem
3.4 The Mood Of The Academic Researcher Engaged In Applied Research
3.5 The Application of Successful Applied Research through Policy Analysis
3.6 Bibliography On Applied Sociology, Knowledge Utilization, And Policy-Making
3.7 Evaluation Research As A Process
3.8 Ethical Practices in Research
Further Readings About the IRB Process


4.1 Introduction
4.2 Systematic Inquiry Approaches
4.3 A Conceptual Overview of Five Inquiry Approaches
4.4 Narrative Research
4.5 Phenomenology
4.6 Grounded Theory Research
4.7 An Ethnography
4.8 The Case Study
4.9 Qualitative Data Analysis Software
4.10 Conclusion
4.11 References
4.13 Further Resources for Qualitative Researchers
4.14 Further Readings

Part 5. Guides to Methods and Techniques of Collecting Data in Library, Field, and Laboratory Settings: Social Science Data Libraries and Research Centers

5.1 Outline Guide To Situses, Principal Methods, And Techniques Of The Social Science Researcher
5.2 A Review of Print and Online Social Science Research Resources
5.3 United States Bureau of the Census and other Federal Sources of Information
5.4 FedStats
5.5 Data Mining through Federal Resources
5.6 General Databases of Bibliographic Material
5.7 Using Search Engines
5.8 Microfiche as an Archival Medium
5.9 Online Computer Library Center
5.10 Description Of Important Documentary Resources Available In The Library
5.11 Guides For Selection And Construction Of Questionnaires
5.12 Techniques For Increasing Response Rates
5.13 Guides For Selection And Use Of Personal Interviews As Utilized In Field Research
5.14 Description And Instructions For Preparation Of A Telephone Interview Survey
5.15 A Comparison Of Telephone Surveys With Personal Interviews
5.16 Choosing Among The Mail Questionnaire, Personal Interview, And Telephone Survey
5.18 The Panel Technique As A Research Instrument
5.19 Guides For The Selection And Construction Of Social Scales And Indices
5.20 Guide To Databases Of Collected Data For The Social Science Researcher
5.21 Social Science Data Archives in the United States
5.22 Directories Of Social Research Centers In The United States, England, And The World
5.23 List Of Important Research Associations And Institutes Affiliated With The International Sociological Association
5.24 A Bibliography Of Methods Guides
5.27 A Comment on the Internet

Part 6. Guides to Statistical Analysis and Use of Computers

6.1 Questioning Science
6.2 Four Levels Of Measurement And The Statistics Appropriate To Each Level
6.3 The Meaning and Use of Statistical Significance
6.4 Summary Of Common Measures Of Association and Group Differences
6.5 An Overview of Measures of Association
6.6 The Pearson Product Moment Correaltion Coefficient
6.7 Causation And Multivariate Analysis: From Univariate And Bivariate
6.8 An Overview of Other Statistical Techniques and Examples of Their Application
6.9 Using The Computer In Social Science Research
6.10 Software Applications for the Computer
6.11 A Guide To Computer Periodicals And Publications
6.12 A Bibliography Of Statistical Methods
6.13 Contents Of Sociological Methodology 1994 Through 2000