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Health Promotion Throughout the Lifespan

Health Promotion Throughout the Lifespan - 4th edition

ISBN13: 978-0815123897

Cover of Health Promotion Throughout the Lifespan 4TH 98 (ISBN 978-0815123897)
ISBN13: 978-0815123897
ISBN10: 0815123892
Edition: 4TH 98
Copyright: 1998
Publisher: C.V. Mosby Co.
Published: 1998
International: No

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Health Promotion Throughout the Lifespan - 4TH 98 edition

ISBN13: 978-0815123897

Carole Lium Edelman and Carol Lynn Mandle

ISBN13: 978-0815123897
ISBN10: 0815123892
Edition: 4TH 98
Copyright: 1998
Publisher: C.V. Mosby Co.
Published: 1998
International: No

HEALTH PROMOTION THROUGHOUT THE LIFESPAN is a comprehensive, readable text that emphasizes health using a lifespan approach. Organized by Functional Health Patterns, this book has been well received as a primary text for courses in growth and development because of its thorough coverage of growth and development throughout the lifespan. In addition to a new chapter on Exercise, this edition introduces exciting new pedagogy Think About It scenarios with critical thinking questions, Key Terms, Hot Topics, Multicultural Awareness, Research Highlight, and Client Teaching boxes to interest students and encourage application of and discussion about the health promotion topics detailed within each chapter.

  • Focuses on health promotion to help students understand that they have prime opportunities to encourage clients to live more healthy lives and take responsibility for their own health.
  • Provides an overview of specific nursing concerns related to health promotion to give students a firm foundation on which to build their knowledge and practice of health promotion in daily practice.
  • Discusses health promotion with respect to individuals, families, and communities so students understand the different approaches to assessing and addressing each type of health promotion challenge.
  • Provides specific guidance regarding nursing skills that may be applied to health promotion in all age groups and populations.
  • Examines each age group using the Gordon's Functional Health Patterns so students learn about normal growth and development as well as specific health promotion concerns and needs throughout the lifespan.
  • Addresses health promotion trends so that students can anticipate future needs and see ways that they can meet those needs in daily practice.
  • Incorporates Healthy People 2000: Midcourse Review throughout so that students understand the health promotion directives developed by the U.S. government.
  • Introduces death and grieving in the ethics chapter and involves information about different responses to death, the stages of the grieving process, physician-assisted suicide, and other related topics.
  • Includes such topics as eating disorders and smoking.
  • Abuse and violence issues are addressed throughout the lifespan chapters because health care providers need to be aware of the physical and emotional signs of abuse, abuse statistics, contributing factors by the abusee/abuser, and the legal requirements to report for all age groups.
  • Summary highlights the most important chapter information at the conclusion of the chapter.
  • Objectives listed at the beginning of each chapter help students focus on important chapter content.
  • Many of the figures have been updated to give the book a current look and more recent information.

Table of Contents

UNIT ONE. Foundations of Health Promotion

Health Defined: Promotion and Prevention
Changing Populations and Health
Health Policy and the Delivery System
Nurse-Client Relationship
Ethical Issues Relevant to Health Promotion

UNIT TWO. Assessment for Health Promotion

Health Promotion and the Individual
Health Promotion and the Family
Health Promotion and the Community

UNIT THREE. Interventions for Health Promotion

Health Education
Nutrition Counseling
Stress Management and Crisis Intervention
Holistic Health Strategies

UNIT FOUR. Application of Health Promotion

Overview of Growth and Developmental Framework
The Prenatal Period
Preschool Child
School-Age Child
Young Adult
Middle Adult
Older Adult


Health Promotion for the Year 2010: Implications for Nursing

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