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History of Nursing Ideas

History of Nursing Ideas - 06 edition

ISBN13: 978-0763722890

Cover of History of Nursing Ideas 06 (ISBN 978-0763722890)
ISBN13: 978-0763722890
ISBN10: 0763722898

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 06
Copyright: 2006
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers
Published: 2006
International: No

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History of Nursing Ideas - 06 edition

ISBN13: 978-0763722890

Linda C. Andrist, Patrice K. Nicholas and Karen Anne

ISBN13: 978-0763722890
ISBN10: 0763722898

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 06
Copyright: 2006
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers
Published: 2006
International: No

The first of its kind, this text examines nursing ideas and theories from a historical, theoretical, and professional lens. As a foundation for socialization into the professional nursing role, the book demonstrates the contextual development of nursing as a profession, highlighting the connections between the social history of nursing and health care; the evolution of nursing theory, practice and research; and the resulting challenges of our past, present, and future.

Section One examines the critical threads in nursing ideas--gender, culture, race, community, environment, and technology. Section Two traces the history of theory development, from the philosophical underpinnings of ways of knowing in nursing, nursing science, to application of theory in nursing practice. Section Three analyzes professional practice, education, and research.

Table of Contents

Section 1. Introduction

Chapter 1. The History of the Relationship Between Feminism and Nursing
Chapter 2. Oppressed Group Behavior and Nursing
Chapter 3. Men Nurses and Women Physicians. Exploring Masculinities and Gendered and Sexed Relations in Nursing and Medicine
Chapter 4. Moving Towards a Culturally Competent Profession
Chapter 5. Race, Race Relations, and the Emergence of Professional Nursing, 1870-2004
Chapter 6. Exploring Migration and Health
Chapter 7. The Concept of Community in Nursing History. Its Narrative Stream
Chapter 8. The Evolution of the Environment Paradigm in Nursing
Chapter 9. Visible Humans, Vanishing Bodies, and Virtual Nursing. Complications of life, presence, place and identity
Chapter 10. Machine Technologies and Caring in Nursing
Section 2

Section 2. Introduction

Chapter 11. Fundamental Patterns of Knowing Nursing
Chapter 12. Patterns of Knowing. Review, Critique, and Update
Chapter 13. An Example of Personal Knowledge. Spirituality
Chapter 14. What is Nursing Science?
Chapter 15. Toward a Theory of Nursing Art
Chapter 16. Wading Through Muddy Waters
Chapter 17. Healthy Death. The Ethics of Care at the End-of-Life
Chapter 18. Grief and Bereavement. Guidance for Primary Care Providers
Chapter 19. Family Coping and Adaptation In Planning Support Services for Parents of Children with Chronic Disabilites
Chapter 20. Common Adverse Drug Reactions in the Elderly. Application of the Neuman Systems Model and the Role of Nursing
Chapter 21. Delirium in the Hospitalized Older Adult. Development of a Delirium Risk Stratification Tool
Chapter 22. Providing a Framework for the Nurse-Patient Relationship. The Nursing Theory of Hildegard Peplau
Chapter 23. Development and Psychometric Analysis of the Cancer Rehabilitation Questionnaire
Chapter 24. Structuring Nursing Knowledge. A Priority for Creating Nursling's Future
Chapter 25. A World of No Boundaries

Section 3.

Section 3 Introduction
Chapter 26. The Long March to Professional Practice
Chapter 27. Nursing Centers and the autonomy of Nursing Work
Chapter 28. The Power of the Written Word. The Influence of Nursing Journals
Chapter 29. Education for Entry Into Nursing Practice. Revisited for the 21st Century
Chapter 30. The Elephant In Our Living Room. Associate Degree Education in Nursing
Chapter 31. Advanced Practice Nursing. Moving Beyond the Basics
Chapter 32. The Evolution of Doctoral Education in Nursing
Chapter 33. Knowledge Development in Nursing. Our Historical Roots and Future Opportunities
Chapter 34. Reflective Practice. Empowering Nursing Knowledge
Chapter 35. Reclaiming Spirituality in Nursing
Chapter 36. Nursing as a Context for Alternative/Complimentary Modalities
Chapter 37. The Role of the Code of Ethics in Nursling's Disciplinary Knowledge
Chapter 38. Contributions of the Professional, Public, and Private Sectors in Promoting Patient Safety
Chapter 39. The Nursing Shortage. Solutions for the Short and Long Term
Chapter 40. Nightingale's Passion for Advocacy. Local to Global