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Human Perspective, Volume I

Human Perspective, Volume I - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 978-0155013452

Cover of Human Perspective, Volume I 2ND 97 (ISBN 978-0155013452)
ISBN13: 978-0155013452
ISBN10: 0155013459
Edition: 2ND 97
Copyright: 1997
Publisher: Harcourt Brace or Harcourt Press
Published: 1997
International: No

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Human Perspective, Volume I - 2ND 97 edition

ISBN13: 978-0155013452

Stephanie H. Nelson and Steven K. Drummond

ISBN13: 978-0155013452
ISBN10: 0155013459
Edition: 2ND 97
Copyright: 1997
Publisher: Harcourt Brace or Harcourt Press
Published: 1997
International: No

Table of Contents

Volume I

I. Origins

Northeast Africa, About 200,000 B.C.
The Roots of Language, William F. Allman
Somewhere In The Near East, About 8,000 B.C.
Bread or Beer: Which Came First?, Solomon H. Katz and Frritz Maytag
Somewhere in Central Africa, About 3,000 B.C.
The Origins of Agriculture In Tropical Africa, Robert W. July
Sumeria, About 2750 B.C.
The First Heroic Age, Samuel Noah Kramer
Discussion Questions

II. The Ancient World: 2500 B.C.-A.D. 500

The Island Of Thera In The Aegean Sea, The Fall of 1628 B.C.
The Eruption Of Thera, Floyd W. McCoy and Grant Heiken
Egypt, 1275 B.C.
The Scribe Ramose And The Valley Of The Kings, John Romer
Palestine, About 1200 B.C.
The Roots Of Restriction: Women In Early Israel, Carol Myers
Greece, 776 B.C.
The Greeks Reach Out, M.I. Findlay
China, 479 B.C.
The Confucian Tradition In Chinese History, Tu Wei-Ming
Afghanistan, About 320 B.C.
The Greeks In Central Asia: A Frontier Experience, Frank L. Holt
India, 300 B.C.
Student Life In Ancient India, Jeaninne Auboyer
The Roman Empire, About 80 A.D.
The Roman Outlook: Other Peoples J.P.V.D. Balsdon
China About A.D. 90
The Position of Women In Han china, T'ung-Tsu Ch'u
The Old World, About A.D. 100
The Silk Roads: A History, Paul Lunde
China, About A.D. 100
China's Invention Of Paper, Thomas F. Carter
On The Roman Frontier, About A.D. 100
Commerce On And Beyond The Frontier, Steven K. Drummond and Lynn H. Nelson
The Mediterranean, A.D. 476
The Fall Of Rome, Arther Ferrill
Discussion Questions

III. Expanding Horizons:

Challenges To The Classical Heritage, A.D. 300-1350
India, About 500 A.D.
The Travels Of Sanudasa The Merchant, J.A.B. Vanbuitenen
Arabia, 622 A.D.
Jewish-Muslim Relations: The Formative Years, Norman A. Stillman
France, About 750 A.D.
The Stirrup And Its Impact On Medieval Society, Lynn White
Northern France, About A.D. 800
Bodo: The Life Of A Peasant In Charle magne's Time, Eileen Power
China, About 900 A.D.
The Development Of Gunpowder And Firearms In Medieval China, Joseph Needham
Japan, About 1100 A.D.
Heian Japan: ''The Good People ''And Their Lives, Ivan Morris
France, About A.D. 1100
The Life Of The Nobility, Marc Bloch
Paletine, 1100 A.D.
The Impact Of The Crusades On Moslem Lands, Philip K. Hitti
Europe, About A.D. 1200
The Natural History Of Medieval Women, David Herlihy
Western Europe, About A.D. 1280
Clocks: A Revolution In Time, David Landes
Western Europe, About A.D. 1300
The Medieval Tournament, Richard Barber
The World, About 1300
The Thirteenth-Century World System, Janet L. Abu-Lughod
Discussion Questions

IV. Worlds Of Change: The Crisis Of The Classical Cultures, A.D. 1350-1650

England, 1414
The Life And Times Of Margery Kempe, H.S. Bennett
Indian Ocean, 1433
The Chinese Reah Out: The Maritime Expeditions Of Cheng Ho, Daniel J. Boorstin
Italy, 1479
A Plague Doctor, Carlo M. Cipolla
Indian Ocean, 1498
Why Not The Arabs?, Daniel J. Boorstin
Central Africa, About 1500
Incentives And Patterns Of African Trade, Philip D. Curtin
Central America, About 1525
American's Ball game, Stephan F. De Borhegyi
Mexico And Central America, About 1530 A.D.
Conqueror And Pestilence, Alfred W. Crosby, Jr
Western Europe, About 1550
The Direct Impact Of War On A Civilians, J.R. Hale
India, About 1550
India And Islan: A Study In Defeat, Subhayu Dasgupta
China, 1588
Ch'i Chi-Kuang And The Japanese Pirates, Ray Huang
Japan, 1590
Japan's Early Modern Transformation, John Whitney Hall
Western Europe, 1660 A.D.
Population Structures, Henry Kamen
Discussion Questions

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