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Humanities in the Western Tradition, Volume 1 - Text Only

Humanities in the Western Tradition, Volume 1 - Text Only - 03 edition

ISBN13: 978-0395848111

Cover of Humanities in the Western Tradition, Volume 1 - Text Only 03 (ISBN 978-0395848111)
ISBN13: 978-0395848111
ISBN10: 0395848113

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 03
Copyright: 2003
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Published: 2003
International: No

List price: $210.00

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Humanities in the Western Tradition, Volume 1 - Text Only - 03 edition

ISBN13: 978-0395848111

Marvin Perry, J. Wayne Baker and Pamela Pfeiffer Hollinger

ISBN13: 978-0395848111
ISBN10: 0395848113

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 03
Copyright: 2003
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Published: 2003
International: No

This book focuses on the historical component of the Humanities course, and on intellectual history in particular. It pays close attention to the lives of individuals, highlighting the human aspect of great artists and thinkers; an abundance of biographical information allows students to see these figures as real people with concrete motivations for creating great historical works.

The text contains a number of pedagogical features, which are especially helpful for students who have no background in humanities. Comparative timelines begin each part of the book, allowing students to visualize and compare historic events in four topic areas: politics and economy, art and architecture, literature and music, and philosophy and religion. Each chapter contains key terms, a glossary, and a chapter-ending summary.

Table of Contents

I. The Ancient World

1. The Ancient Near East: The First Civilizations

The Rise to Civilization
Mesopotamian Civilization
Egyptian Civilization
Persia: Unifier of the Near East
The Religious Orientation of the Ancient Near East
World Cultures Feature: The Origins of Hinduism in India

2. The Hebrews: A New View of God and the Individual

Early Hebrew History
God: One, Sovereign, Transcendent, Good
The Individual and Moral Autonomy
The Covenant and the Law
The Hebrew Idea of History
The Prophets
The Bible as Literature
Art and Music
The Legacy of the Ancient Jews

3. Hellenic Civilization I: From Myth to Reason

Early Aegean Civilizations
Evolution of City-States
The Decline of the City-States
Early Greek Literature
Greek Religion
Philosophy in the Hellenic Age
The Enduring Impact of Greek Philosophy

4. The Arts and Literature in the Hellenic Age: The Birth of Humanism

Lyric Poetry
The Greek View of History
Hellenic Art
The Greek Achievement: Reason, Freedom, Humanism
World Cultures Feature: Confucianism

5. The Hellenistic Age: Cultural Diffusion

Alexander the Great
Hellenistic Society
Hellenistic Culture
Hellenistic Art
The Hellenistic Legacy
World Cultures Feature: The Art of Governing According to Han Fei Tzu

6. Roman Civilization: The Expansion of Hellenism

Evolution of the Roman Republic
The Foundations of the Roman Empire
The Decline of Rome
Republican Culture: Philosophy and Literature
Roman Culture During the Pax Romana
Cultural Stagnation and Transformation
Roman Art
The Roman Legacy
World Cultures Feature: Later Hinduism--the Bhagavad-Gita

7. Early Christianity

The Origins of Christianity
The Spread and Triumph of Christianity
Development of Christian Organizations and Attitudes
Early Christian Theology and Literature
Early Christian Art
Christianity and Classical Humanism: Alternative World-Views

II. The Middle Ages

8. The Medieval East: Byzantium and Islam

A Survey of Byzantine History
Byzantine Learning
Byzantine Music
Byzantine Art and Architecture
The Origins and Expansion of Islam
The Decline of the Arab Empire
The Theology of Islam
Inner Divisions: Sunnites, Shi'ites, and Sufis
Muslim Society
Islamic Thought
Islamic Literature
Islamic Art and Architecture
The Legacies of Byzantium and Islam

9. The Early Medieval West: Fusion of Classical, Christian, and Germanic Traditions

The Rise of Latin Christendom
Early Medieval Thought: the Waning of Classical Culture
Early Medieval Literature
Early Medieval Art
The Birth of Europe
World Cultures Feature: The Pillow Book: The Journal of Sei Shonagon

10. The High Middle Ages I: The Flowering of Medieval Thought

Economic Expansion: Agricultural Improvements and Revival of Trade
The Rise of States
Medieval Religion: Devotion, Power, Heresy
Revival of Learning
The Recovery of Roman Law
The Medieval World-View
World Cultures Feature: Lu Yu: Chinese Bard

11. The High Middle Ages II: The Flowering of Medieval Literature, Art, and Music

Medieval Literature
Medieval Art
Pictorial Art
Medieval Music
World Cultures Feature: Popol Vuh: Mayan Creation Myth

12. The Late Middle Ages: Crisis, Continuity, and Change

The Fourteenth Century: An Age of Adversity
The Decline of the Papacy
Late Medieval Thought
Late Medieval Literature: Continuity with Traditional Themes
Late Medieval Literature: New Directions
Late Medieval Art
The Ars Nova (New Art) in Music
The Middle Ages and the Modern World: Continuity and Discontinuity
World Cultures Feature: Ibn Battuta: World Traveler

III. The Early Modern West: From the Renaissance to the Enlightenment

13. The Italian Renaissance

The Break with the Middle Ages
Renaissance Thought and Literature
Italian Renaissance Art
The Renaissance and the Rise of Modernity

14. The Northern Renaissance and Reformation: Early Humanism and the Rise of Protestantism

Early Northern Humanism
The Protestant Reformation

15. Later Humanism, Art, and Music

Art of Northern Europe
Later Italian Art
The Humanist Tradition

16. The Age of the Baroque in Literature, Art, and Music

The Baroque Legacy

17. The Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment: Intellectual Transformations

The Medieval View of the Universe
A New View of Nature
The Age of Enlightenment: Affirmation of Reason and Freedom

18. The Arts in the Age of Enlightenment

English Literature
French Literature
Enlightenment Values and the Arts

IV. The Modern West: From Classicism to Modernism

19. The Arts in the Era of the French Revolution

The French Revolution and Napoleon
Classical Music
Neoclassicism and the End of an Era

20. Age of Romanticism: A New Cultural Orientation

The Rise of Ideologies
The Romantic Revolt Against the Enlightenment
Goethe and German Romanticism
English Romantic Poetry
The Novel in the Age of Romanticism
Creating a Truly American Literature
Romantic Art
Romantic Music
The Impact of the Romantic Movement

21.Thought and Literature in an Age of Science and Industrialism: Realism, Secularism, and Reform

The Historical Setting
Currents of Thought
European Literature
American Literature
Literature as Social Commentary

22. Realism, Impressionism, and Later Romanticism in Art and Music

Realism in Art
Later Romanticism in Music
Nationalism and the Arts

V. Modernism and Beyond

23. Modern Consciousness: New Views of Nature and Human Nature

Politics and Society
Currents of Thought
The Modernist Movement
Modernist Literature
Modernism in Art
The Enlightenment in Disarray

24. World War I and Its Aftermath: The Lost Generation and the Jazz Age

World War I and the Russian Revolution

25. The Era of Totalitarianism and World War II: Descent into the Abyss

Western Civilization in Crisis
The Modern Predicament

26. The Contemporary Age

A New Europe and a New World
The Motion Picture Industry
The Western Tradition in a Global Age

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