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Infant Development

Infant Development - 3rd edition

ISBN13: 978-0130481443

Cover of Infant Development 3RD 03 (ISBN 978-0130481443)
ISBN13: 978-0130481443
ISBN10: 0130481440
Edition: 3RD 03
Copyright: 2003
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc.
Published: 2003
International: No

Infant Development - 3RD 03 edition

ISBN13: 978-0130481443

Charles W. Snow and Cindy G. McGaha

ISBN13: 978-0130481443
ISBN10: 0130481440
Edition: 3RD 03
Copyright: 2003
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc.
Published: 2003
International: No

A core text for undergraduate courses in Infant Development, Infant Care, and Infancy Intervention; a supplementary text for general courses in Child Development or Child Psychology.

Interdisciplinary in perspective and topically organized, this text provides a comprehensive cutting-edge overview of infant growth and development--from conception though the first years of life. It features balanced coverage of theory, research, and practical application, as well as a strong emphasis on the interrelationships between various developmental domains and the importance of the "whole" infant.

Features :

  • NEW--New information from theory and research--Incorporated throughout.
  • Ensures that both students and instructors are exposed to the cutting-edge developments in the field.
  • NEW--Reorganization--Combines chapters on Prenatal Development and Newborn; and on Health and Safety and Nutrition.
  • Makes it easier for both professors and students to discuss and analyze these topics together.
  • NEW--A new chapter on Perceptual Development.
  • Reflects the burgeoning research and theoretical literature on infant sensory and perceptual capacities.
  • NEW--Additional material on brain development.
  • Addresses current concerns on "building the baby's brain."
  • NEW--References to Internet sites.
  • Guides students to supplementary information on various topics and organizations.
  • NEW--Highlighted Application sections--Now set apart in boxes.
  • Allows students to pause and focus on practical aspects of content, but without interrupting and breaking their concentration on their reading of the narrative.
  • NEW--List of key terms--Added at the end of each chapter.
  • Provides students with an additional study/review guide.
  • An interdisciplinary perspective--Draws information from child development and family relations, psychology, pediatrics, nursing, nutrition, biology, and other disciplines.
  • Shows students that development not only has many facets, but gives them a feel for the nuances of those facets and the important ways they are interconnected.
  • A topical organization--With a chapter on each developmental area.
  • Provides students with an organizational framework.
  • A balance between theory, research, and practical information.
  • Provides the factual data as well as how to apply this information in real life.
  • Unique, extended coverage of physical development--Including the latest growth charts.
  • Coverage on infants with special needs.
  • Professors and students do not have to supplement to cover this topic.
  • Practical applications--Provides suggestions for enhancing infant growth and development throughout.
  • Extensive in-text study/review aids--Chapter introductions summarize basic topics covered; key terms are highlighted and defined within and at the end of each chapter; real-life examples illustrate difficult concepts; photographs, drawings, and tables illustrate and summarize important information; summaries of main points conclude each chapter.
  • Keeps students focused as they work through the material and provides convenient tools for reviewing content.

Author Bio

Snow, Charles W. : East Carolina University

McGaha, Cindy G. : Appalachian State University

Table of Contents

1. Introduction and Theoretical Perspectives.
2. Prenatal Development.
3. The Birth Process and The Newborn.
4. Physical Growth.
5. Health, Safety, and Nutrition.
6. Motor Development.
7. Perceptual Development.
8. Cognitive Development.
9. Language Development.
10. Personality.
11. Social Development.
12. Emotional Development.
13. Infant Caregiving and Education.
Subject Index.
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