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Introduction to Law : Its Dynamic Nature

Introduction to Law : Its Dynamic Nature - 05 edition

Introduction to Law : Its Dynamic Nature - 05 edition

ISBN13: 9780131123731

ISBN10: 0131123734

Introduction to Law : Its Dynamic Nature by Henry Cheeseman - ISBN 9780131123731
Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc.
Published: 2005
International: No
Introduction to Law : Its Dynamic Nature by Henry Cheeseman - ISBN 9780131123731

ISBN13: 9780131123731

ISBN10: 0131123734

Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 05

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Renowned business law author, Henry Cheeseman brings his award-winning teaching style and extensive knowledge of every aspect of the law to his new text. This complete teaching package shows students how to engage in ethical, analytical reasoning with every topic from legal fundamentals to areas of substantive law. The features of this book encourage students to apply critical thinking, organizational and summation skills, and legal research tools to solve specific legal problems.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. The Nature of Law and Critical Legal Thinking.

Introduction. What Is Law? Schools of Jurisprudential Thought. History of American Law. Sources of Law in the United States. Critical Legal Thinking.

2. The American Court System.

Introduction. State Court System. Federal Court System. Jurisdiction of Federal and State Courts.

3. Civil Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Introduction. The Pleadings. Discovery. Pretrial Motions. Settlement Conference. The Trial. The Appeal. Alternative Dispute Resolution.

4. Criminal Law and Ethics.

Introduction. Definition of a Crime. Classification of Crimes. Essential Elements of a Crime. Criminal Acts as Basis for Tort Actions. Criminal Procedure. Crimes Affecting Business. White-Collar Crimes. Inchoate Crimes. Constitutional Safeguards. Law and Ethics.

5. Constitutional Law and Freedoms.

Introduction. Basic Constitutional Concepts. The Supremacy Clause. The Commerce Clause. The Bill of Rights. Other Constitutional Clauses. Administrative Agencies.

6. Torts and Product Liability.

Introduction. Intentional Torts Against Persons. Intentional Torts Against Property. Unintentional Torts (Negligence). Special Negligence Doctrines. Defenses Against Negligence. Product Liability.

7. Contracts and E-Commerce.

Introduction. Definition of and Parties to a Contract. Requirements of a Contract. Agreement. Consideration. Capacity to Contract. Lawful Object. Statute of Frauds--Writing Requirement. Assignment of Rights. Third-Party Beneficiaries. Performance. Remedies. The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC).

8. Real and Personal Property.

Introduction. Personal Property. Bailments. Real Property. Freehold Estates. Future Interests. Concurrent Ownership. Transfer of Ownership of Real Property. Landlord-Tenant Relationship. Land-Use Control.

9. Family Law.

Introduction. Premarriage Issues. Marriage. Parents and Children. Adoption. Marriage Termination. Child Custody. Financial Considerations Associated with the Termination of a Marriage. Prenuptial Agreements.

10. Wills, Trusts, and Estates.

Introduction. Wills. Special Types of Wills. Types of Testamentary Gifts. Special Issues Concerning Wills. Inestate Succession. Probate. Trusts.

11. Business Organizations.

Introduction. Sole Proprietorship. General Partnership. Limited Partnership. Limited Liability Partnership (LLP). Limited Liability Company (LLC). Corporations. Franchise. Licensing.

12. Agency, Employment, and Equal Opportunity Law.

Introduction. Agency. Independent Contractor. Workers' Compensation. Occupational Safety and Health Act. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA). Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). Labor Union Law.

13. Credit, Suretyship, and Bankruptcy.

Introduction. Unsecured and Secured Credit. Security Interests in Real Property. Security Interests in Personal Property. Surety and Guaranty Arrangements. Federal Bankruptcy Law. Chapter 7 Liquidation Bankruptcy. Chapter 13 Consumer Debt Adjustment. Chapter 11 Reorganization Bankruptcy.

14. Intellectual Property and Internet Law.

Introduction. Trade Secrets. Patents. Copyrights. Trademarks. The Internet

15. Administrative Law, Consumer, Investor, and Environmental Protection.

Introduction. Administrative Law. Consumer Protection. Investor Protection. Environmental Protection.
Appendix A.
Cases for Briefing.
Appendix B.
The Constitution of the United States.
Appendix C.
Analysis Using the Code of Ethics for the National Association of Legal Assistants, Inc.
Appendix D.
Basic Citation Reference Guide.
Case Index.
Subject Index.

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