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Leadership : Theory, Application , Skill Development

Leadership : Theory, Application , Skill Development - 3rd edition

ISBN13: 978-0324316971

Cover of Leadership : Theory, Application , Skill Development 3RD 07 (ISBN 978-0324316971)
ISBN13: 978-0324316971
ISBN10: 0324316976
Edition: 3RD 07
Copyright: 2007
Publisher: South-Western Publishing Co.
Published: 2007
International: No

Leadership : Theory, Application , Skill Development - 3RD 07 edition

ISBN13: 978-0324316971

Robert N. Lussier and Christopher F. Achua

ISBN13: 978-0324316971
ISBN10: 0324316976
Edition: 3RD 07
Copyright: 2007
Publisher: South-Western Publishing Co.
Published: 2007
International: No

LEADERSHIP, 3rd edition is the most practical leadership textbook on the market, making key concepts immediately relevant through a unique three-pronged approach: theory, application, and skill development. The authors cover all of the traditional theory along with cutting-edge leadership topics in a concise presentation that focuses on the key elements. Numerous and clearly identified applications develop critical thinking skills about the concepts. To help make the concepts immediately relevant, numerous skill-building exercises foster leadership skills that can be used in professional and personal lives. This three-pronged approach provides the greatest array of learning opportunities, helping students focus on the most important.

New to the Edition

  • Opening Case Applications: Each chapter begins with the profile of a dynamic leader and challenges they have faced, followed by several questions that prime students for the studies ahead.
  • Infotrac College Edition: Also new to this edition is the integration of InfoTrac into the opening cases with suggested articles related to the topic. Students can use Infotrac's fast and easy search tools to find relevant news and analytical information among the tens of thousands of articles in the database -- updated daily and going back as far as four years -- all at a single Web site.
  • Ethical Dilemmas: New to this edition are ethical dilemma boxed items, with two to three included per chapter. Many of the dilemmas include information from companies such as Arthur Andersen, Global Crossing, jetBlue Airways, University of Miami Online High School, and Wal-Mart. Each dilemma has two to four questions for class discussion.
  • Ethics Coverage: Ethics coverage has been expanded in the second edition, first introduced in chapter 2 and expanded in chapter 12, spotlighting this critical issue for leaders.
  • Cutting-Edge Topics: The text has been revised to include many new important topics, including networking, trust-building, e-commerce and EQ.
  • Organizational Leadership: The coverage of organizational leadership topics, such as charismatic and transformational leadership, strategic leadership, and diversity, has been expanded to three chapters.


  • Step-by-Step Models: The book contains several sets of how-to steps for handling day-to-day leadership functions. They are integrated into the context of the chapter or skill-building exercise being taught.
  • Application Exercises: "Work Applications" ask students to apply concepts to their own work experiences. "Applying the Concept" features require the learner to identify the concept illustrated in a short example.
  • End-of-Chapter Cases: Cases at the end of the chapter ask students to consider a dilemma facing real managers and organizations, learning how they have applied the chapter concepts to meet their challenges.
  • Self-Assessment Exercises: Exercises in every chapter help students gain insight into their own leadership skills and aptitudes.
  • Skill-Building Exercises: At the end of each chapter, exercises help students develop leadership skills they can employ immediately.

Table of Contents


1. Who is a Leader?
2. Leadership Traits and Ethics.
3. Leadership Behavior and Motivation.
4. Influencing: Power, Politics, Networking, and Negotiation.
5. Contingency Leadership Theories.


6. Communication, Coaching, and Conflict Skills.
7. Leader/Follower Relations.
8. Team Leadership and Self-Managed Teams.


9. Charismatic and Transformational Leadership.
10. Leadership of Culture and Diversity, and the Learning Organization.
11. Strategic Leadership and Managing Crises and Change.

Spirituality in the Workplace.

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