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Literature - With CD

Literature - With CD - 8th edition

ISBN13: 978-0131732780

Cover of Literature - With CD 8TH 07 (ISBN 978-0131732780)
ISBN13: 978-0131732780
ISBN10: 0131732781
Edition: 8TH 07
Copyright: 2007
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc.
Published: 2007
International: No

Literature - With CD - 8TH 07 edition

ISBN13: 978-0131732780

Edgar Roberts and Henry Jacobs

ISBN13: 978-0131732780
ISBN10: 0131732781
Edition: 8TH 07
Copyright: 2007
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc.
Published: 2007
International: No

For Introduction to Literature courses and Freshman Composition courses that emphasize writing about literature.

Roberts delivers the best coverage of writing about literature. Complete coverage of writing about fiction, poetry, and drama and a total of 34 student essays with accompanying commentary ensure student comprehension of writing about literature, which helps students produce better papers.

Edgar Roberts was inspired to create his first book--Writing about Literature--as a direct result of his experiences in the college classroom. Professor Roberts noticed that there was a clear correlation between the level of detail he provided when explaining his class assignments and the quality of work he received from his students the more class time he devoted to describing what he wanted, the better the final essays turned out to be. As a result of this observation, Roberts created his successful text Writing about Literature to fill this need in literature and composition classrooms everywhere.

Soon afterwards, Roberts realized that literature classrooms needed both the instruction provided in Writing about Literature and an anthology to meet the needs of a course based around that text. This led him to create Literature An Introduction to Reading and Writing. This volume contains classroom-tested selections in the areas of fiction, poetry, and drama, with analysis of each. Additionally, Roberts provides explanatory material in all relevant subject areas drawn from his years of experience teaching literature.


  • Writing about literature-Every chapter covering a literary element includes Writing about the element, Strategies for Organizing Ideas for the element, Demonstrative Student Essays in MLA style with commentary on the essay and Special Topics for Writing and Argument about the element.
    • Helps students progress in their writing skills by showing a response to the work and raising questions about the work as well as showing how to organize their thoughts, select details, and plan the essay.
  • NEW- Three new Writing About Literature with the Aid of Research chapters-Chapters 12a, 25a, and 31a feature full MLA-style research papers for fiction, poetry, and drama, respectively. These papers are annotated to point out research information specific to each genre. Chapter 12a features full coverage of the research process including paraphrasing material, avoiding plagiarism, and citing sources.
    • Helps students write research papers by providing a model for each genre
  • NEW--MLA--Style Demonstrative essays-All the demonstrative student essays have been revised to reflect MLA style
    • Helps model student writing and MLA style for students
  • NEW- The Art of Literature CD-ROM-This interactive CD-ROM is automatically bound into every new copy of Roberts. The CD-ROM features video clips, audio recordings, and a multitude of online resources including access to Literature OneKey. Activities throughout the book link authors and selections to the CD-ROM.
    • Helps engage students in literature with interactive examples.
  • NEW- Inside front and back cover references-The inside front cover features a chart detailing where to find writing and reading material in the book. The back cover features an alphabetical and chronological list of all the authors in the anthology.
    • Students can easily find writing and reading material and see which authors are in the text.
  • NEW--42 new selections --These selections include new authors to the anthology including Gabriel García Marquez, Flannery O'Connor, Ralph Ellison, Yuraki Waters, Alberto Rios, Edward Albee, and Lorraine Hansberry.
    • Enables students to study a larger variety of writers, many of whom are contemporary.
  • NEW - Updated revisions-Revised writing material appears in Chapter 1; revised research coverage in Chapters 12a, 25a, and 31a; demonstrative student essays revised for MLA style; Updated MLA documentation; revised strategies for organizing ideas; updated brief poet biographies; literary criticism; and a rewritten glossary
    • Revisions provide the latest scholarship on writing, MLA documentation, authors, genres and other material.
  • NEW-Revised literary criticism chapter-Each school of criticism has been updated to reflect new scholarship and each school now features two literary selections that relate to the school "Young Goodman Brown" as a consistent example throughout all schools and an additional literary selection that is different for each school.
  • NEW--More images-Additional author images have been added and we have retained our color insert. In this edition, the artwork is now cross referenced to selections throughout the book and appears in the thematic TOC as well.
    • Encourages students to compare and contrast the relationship of literature and art.
  • NEW - 2 plays-The Sandbox and A Raisin in the Sun
    • Enables instructors to emphasize the history of the dramatic genre, discuss absurdist drama, and incorporate an additional female playwright.
  • NEW-Revised design This clearer design features all student demonstrative essays boxed off and special icons in the table of contents and througout the book to flag new selections, demonstrative student essays, works that appear on The Art of Literature CD-ROM, and works that appear in the Annenberg Literary Visions video.
  • Special Writing Topics about Literature-Places special emphasis on research writing and critical approaches to literature.
    • Coaches students through some of the more difficult aspects of writing about literature.
  • Helpful quick-reference materials-A thorough Glossary of Terms, an alternate Thematic Table of Contents, and a Chronological List of Authors are included in the text.
    • Provides students with easy-access reference guides. Gives instructors flexibility in selecting their curriculum.
  • Package-Instructors manual, Companion Website, Penguin novels, course study supplement.
    • Offers variety of package options.
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