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Looking Out / Looking In - With CD

Looking Out / Looking In - With CD - 11th edition

ISBN13: 978-0534636289

Cover of Looking Out / Looking In - With CD 11TH 05 (ISBN 978-0534636289)
ISBN13: 978-0534636289
ISBN10: 0534636284
Cover type: Hardback
Edition/Copyright: 11TH 05
Publisher: Wadsworth, Inc
Published: 2005
International: No

List price: $161.50

Looking Out / Looking In - With CD - 11TH 05 edition

ISBN13: 978-0534636289

Ronald B. Adler

ISBN13: 978-0534636289
ISBN10: 0534636284
Cover type: Hardback
Edition/Copyright: 11TH 05
Publisher: Wadsworth, Inc

Published: 2005
International: No

Used by more than a million readers, LOOKING OUT, LOOKING IN has been the leading interpersonal communication text for almost 30 years. Written in a reader-friendly voice that links scholarship to students' everyday lives, this popular text motivates students to improve their interpersonal skills and sharpen their critical understanding of the process of communication. Through thoughtful, diverse examples that include fine art, music, poetry, film, and more, students can consistently see the importance of interpersonal communication and how it affects their society and their lives.

New to the Edition

  • Discussion of communication models has been updated and clarified so students can more easily grasp their fundamental concepts.
  • Coverage of electronically mediated communication has been expanded and updated to better reflect how technology is affecting our interpersonal relationships.
  • This edition features discussion of topics new to the discipline, such as communibiology.
  • Skills applications, such as perception checking and self-assessments, help students apply the concepts presented in the text.
  • Expanded technology integration creates a seamless transition from text to technology. Students can enhance their experiences with the text by taking their learning online with the accompanying Looking Out/Looking In CD-ROM, as well as with the Internet activities and Web links that appear in the text.
  • New "Invitation to Insight" activities direct students to CNN news stories on the Looking Out/Looking In CD-ROM that highlight key concepts in the text, such as how social contact affects our health and how culture affects perception.
  • New Communication Scenario on Perception Checking.
  • The authors expand the text's integration of content that reflects diversity in interpersonal communication.


  • An attention-grabbing assortment of quotations, music lyrics, cartoons, art, poetry, fiction, and non-fiction highlight and reinforce the text concepts in a compelling way and illustrate how interpersonal concepts are aspects of our everyday lives.
  • Integrated discussions of similarities and differences involving gender, culture and diversity are found throughout the text.
  • Student-praised "Looking at Diversity" profiles give first-person accounts of how culture, physical factors, and technology influence interaction.
  • Lively activities and exercises, such as "Skill Builder" and "Invitation to Insight," encourage critical thinking and maintain a high level of student interest.
  • The "Communication Scenarios" feature integrated throughout the text and found on the accompanying CD-ROM helps students understand difficult interpersonal communication concepts. This multimedia tool makes abstract concepts come alive. Students maximize their experience by reading, watching, listening to, critiquing, and analyzing the model communication encounters.
  • The Looking Out/Looking In CD-ROM lets students take their learning online. This CD-ROM consists of three integrated components: InfoTrac® College Edition, access to chapter-by-chapter resources at the Looking Out/Looking In Web site at Wadsworth's Communication Café, and Looking Out/Looking In "Communication Scenarios." Each component of the CD-ROM is represented throughout the text with icons directing students to numerous digital activities that reinforce and enrich the concepts presented.

Table of Contents

1. A First Look at Interpersonal Relationships.

2. Communication and Identity: The Self and Messages.

3. Perception: What You See Is What You Get.

4. Emotions: Thinking, Feeling, and Acting.

5. Language: Barrier and Bridge.

6. Nonverbal Communication: Messages without Words.

7. Listening: More than Meets the Ear.

8. Communication and Relational Dynamics.

9. Improving Communication Climates.

10. Managing Interpersonal Conflicts.