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Macroeconomics (Canadian)

Macroeconomics (Canadian) - 3rd edition

ISBN13: 978-0132003285

Cover of Macroeconomics (Canadian) 3RD 07 (ISBN 978-0132003285)
ISBN13: 978-0132003285
ISBN10: 0132003287
Edition: 3RD 07
Copyright: 2007
Publisher: Pearson Education Canada
Published: 2007
International: No

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Macroeconomics (Canadian) - 3RD 07 edition

ISBN13: 978-0132003285

Olivier Blanchard and David Johnson

ISBN13: 978-0132003285
ISBN10: 0132003287
Edition: 3RD 07
Copyright: 2007
Publisher: Pearson Education Canada
Published: 2007
International: No

The 3rd Canadian edition represents a revision focused on updating data and examples throughout the text.

Boxed Features

  • 1. Focus boxes-expand on a point made in the text.
  • 2. In Depth boxes-look at a particular macroeconomic event in detail.
  • 3. Global Macro boxes-profile macroeconomic events from around the world.

New To This Edition

  • Excel Models added to Text enrichment site: Available now on instructor central!
  • http://www.pearsoned.ca/text/blanchard
    • The excel spreadsheets offers students another way to learn macroeconomic concepts by giving them a lot of visuals in the graph sections. Students can also make calculations quickly.
    • The excel spreadsheets also show the CLEAR LINKS ACROSS TIME PERIODS IN DYNAMIC ANALYSIS
    • There are excel spreadsheets for the majority of the chapters in the book (they are not referenced in the chapter, only in the preface)
  • For chapters 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10,11,12,13,15,16,18,19,20,23,27
    • They can be used as assignments or in class for demonstration purposes
    • The Excel spreadsheets come with assignment questions based on the excel sheets (with answers for faculty)
    • WLU author: David Johnson has already been using these in his class and has received positive student feedback.
  • On this site there is also a paragraph from the author that explains why profs should use excel to help teach intermediate macroeconomics.
  • Content Changes
    • Dropped the former Chapter 24, ''Pathologies III: Transition in Eastern Europe and the Asian Crisis''.
    • In Chapter 5, added a new box on the U.S. recession of 2001.
    • In Chapter 6, included an update on the significant appreciation of the Canadian dollar since 2000.
    • In Chapter 9,
  • Updated section on equilibrium real wages, employment, and unemployment.
  • Material on wage- and price-setting relations vs. labour supply added as an appendix.
    • In Chapter 10,
  • Added a new paragraph to the In Depth box entitled ''How Long Lasting Are the Real Effects of Money?''
  • Added a new Global Macro box entitled ''Why Was There 'No' Oil Shock in the Period from 2000-2005?''
    • In Chapter 11, added a new section on deflation and the Phillips curve relation.
    • In Chapter 12, added a new Focus box entitled ''Okun's Law Across Countries''.
    • In Chapter 13,
  • Updated the Focus box entitled ''The Euro: A Short History''.
  • Added a new Focus box entitled ''Argentina's Currency Board''
  • Added a new end-of-chapter problem on the pressure of China to revalue during 2005.
    • In Chapter 14, added a new Focus box entitled ''Growth and Happiness''
    • In Chapter 15, added an appendix entitled ''The Cobb-Douglas Production Function and the Steady State''.
    • In Chapter 16,
  • Added a new Focus box entitled ''The New Economy and Productivity Growth''.
  • Added a new section on ''Institutions and Growth''.
  • Added a new Focus box entitled ''The Importance of Institutions: North and South Korea''.
    • In Chapter 19,
  • Added a new section on the stockmarket.
  • Added a new appendix on real exchange rate.
    • In Chapter 22,
  • Deleted the material on ''Unemployment in Europe in the 1990s''.
  • Added a large new section on ''Disinflation, Deflation, and the Liquidity Trap''.
    • In Chapter 24 (formerly Chapter 25), added a new Focus box entitled ''The Growth and Stability Pact: A Short History''.
    • In Chapter 25 (formerly Chapter 26), expanded coverage of ''The Optimal Rate of Inflation: The Canadian Debate''.
    • In Chapter 26 (formerly Chapter 27), added a large new section entitled ''Fiscal Policy in a Minority Government''.
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Cover of Macroeconomics (Canadian) 4th edition

Macroeconomics (Canadian) - 4th edition

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