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Management - 10th edition

ISBN13: 978-0618607723

Cover of Management 10TH 07 (ISBN 978-0618607723)
ISBN13: 978-0618607723
ISBN10: 0618607722
Cover type: Hardback
Edition/Copyright: 10TH 07
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Published: 2007
International: No

List price: $394.50

Management - 10TH 07 edition

ISBN13: 978-0618607723

Robert Kreitner

ISBN13: 978-0618607723
ISBN10: 0618607722
Cover type: Hardback
Edition/Copyright: 10TH 07
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Published: 2007
International: No

Now in its tenth edition, Management continues to offer a practical, student-oriented approach to four central themes: change, diversity, ethics, and globalization. Author Robert Kreitner relies on more than 30 years of research and teaching experience to ensure that students gain a solid understanding of management principles. In addition to coverage of timely and relevant issues such as corporate responsibility, the text promotes skill development through hands-on exercises and team-building activities.

With all data and examples updated to reflect current trends, the Tenth Edition integrates issues from popular culture and media, putting topics in context and engaging students. A range of pedagogical features--including in-text and video cases, Internet activities, and interactive annotations--support students as they prepare for the rigors of contemporary management.

  • New! The Tenth Edition includes coverage of emerging research and hot-button topics, including Wilson's managerial skills profile; the implications of "cultural intelligence"; new research on how people rationalize unethical conduct; and the role of Web logs ("blogs").
  • New! Test Prepper self-quizzes at the end of each chapter include true/false and multiple-choice questions (with answers at the end of the book).
  • New! The Eduspace online learning tool pairs the widely recognized resources of Blackboard with quality, text-specific content from Houghton Mifflin. Eduspace makes it easy for instructors to create all or part of a course online. Classroom Response System ("clicker") content, homework exercises, tests, tutorials, and supplemental study materials all come ready-to-use. Instructors can choose to use the content as is, modify it, or even add their own.
  • New! Part-ending Managers-in-Action video cases focus on high-profile managers and the challenges they face concerning project management, training, and other issues. New cases examine global diversity at Hewlett-Packard, planning and decision making at Percy Inn, and the management of human capital at Accenture.
  • New! All chapter-opening cases, 16 chapter-closing cases, and 14 boxed features are new to this edition. Other popular features have been retained and completely updated, including How-to-Do-It instructions, summaries, terms, Hands-On Exercises, and Internet Exercises.
  • Updated! Managing Diversity features highlight the importance of diversity in the workplace. New coverage includes religion in the workplace, biased decision making, and a Native American's vision for a better future.
  • Updated! Management Ethics boxes, which focus on the importance of ethical decision making, cover issues such as the "two faces" of Wal-Mart, keeping blogs in check, and hardball organizational politics.
  • Updated! The Global Manager boxes examine the role managers play in a world that is shrinking rapidly. Several new examples aid in preparing students to meet this role by introducing them to current issues and strategies, such as a global supply-chain crisis at Dell, culture and the perception of planning and control, and risk management at BMW.

Table of Contents

1. Managers and Entrepreneurs

The Changing Workplace: Can the 10-Day Sofa Save American Jobs?
Management Defined
Management Ethics: PNC Financial Services Recycles its Old Building
What Do Managers Do?
Learning to Manage
Small-Business Management
Skills & Tools: Career Tips for Today's and Tomorrow's Managers
Closing Case: The Studious Entrepreneur Behind Staples

2. The Evolution of Management Thought

The Changing Workplace: CEO Carol Bartz: High-Tech Survivor
The Practice and Study of Management
The Universal Process Approach
The Operational Approach
The Behavioral Approach
The Systems Approach
The Global Manager: Toyota Speeds Up Delivery with New Build-to-Order System
The Contingency Approach
The Era of Management by Best Seller: Proceed with Caution
Skills & Tools: Recommended Periodicals for Staying Current in the Field of Management
Closing Case: History Matters at This Wisconsin Boat Builder

3. The Changing Environment of Management

The Changing Workplace: Home Depot Goes Old School
The Social Environment
Managing Diversity: Networking Is a Powerful Tool for Black Corporate Directors
The Political-Legal Environment
The Economic Environment
The Technological Environment
Skills & Tools: How Business Leaders Can Help Women Break the Glass Ceiling
Closing Case: Meet Emma--AMD's Computer for the Masses

4. International Management and Cross-Cultural Competence

The Changing Workplace: MTV's Formula for Success in India
Global Organizations for a Global Economy
Toward Greater Global Awareness and Cross-Cultural Competence
Managing Diversity: Dealing with Religion in the U.S. Workplace
Comparative Management Insights
Staffing Foreign Positions
Skills & Tools: Competencies You Need to Develop to Work Effectively in a Foreign Culture
Closing Case: Tell the Kids We're Moving to Kenya

5. Management's Social and Ethical Responsibilities

The Changing Workplace: A Kinder, Gentler General Electric?
Social Responsibility: Definition and Perspectives
Toward Greater Social Responsibility
The Ethical Dimension of Management
Encouraging Ethical Conduct
Management Ethics: MBAs Majoring in Morality
Skills & Tools: An International Code of Ethics
Closing Case: The Housewife Who Got Up Off the Couch
Video Skill Builders: 1A Milton Rodriguez, the Passionate Entrepreneur; 1B Hewlett-Packard Leverages Global Diversity

6. The Basics of Planning and Project Management

The Changing Workplace: Plan B (and C and D and...)
Coping with Uncertainty
The Essentials of Planning
The Global Manager: Culture Affects How Planning and Control Are Perceived: Russian Versus Western Views
Management by Objectives and Project Planning
Graphical Planning/Scheduling/Control Tools
Break-Even Analysis
Skills & Tools: Ten Common Errors to Avoid When Writing a Plan for a New Business
Closing Case: Ford's Hybrid SUV Team Races to the Finish

7. Strategic Management

The Changing Workplace: Starbucks Tries to Hum a New Strategic Tune
Strategic Management = Strategic Planning + Implementation + Control
Thinking Strategically (Including E-Business Strategies)
The Global Manager: A BMW Minivan? The German Automaker's Risky Mass-with-Class Strategy
The Strategic Management Process
Strategic Implementation and Control
Skills & Tools: Reengineering: Strong Medicine for Strategic Ills
Closing Case: Sally Jewel's Market-Driven Strategy at REI

8. Decision Making and Creative Problem Solving

The Changing Workplace: A Number Cruncher Hits a Career Home Run with the Dodgers
Challenges for Decision Makers
Managing Diversity: Are You a Biased Decision Maker?
Making Decisions
Group-Aided Decision Making: A Contingency Perspective
Managerial Creativity
Creative Problem Solving
Skills & Tools: How to Construct a Fishbone Diagram
Closing Case: Creativity Drives Canada's Cirque du Soleil
Video Skill Builders: 2A Mary Guerrero-Pelzel, Contractor; 2B Planning and Decision Making at Percy Inn

9. Organizations

The Changing Workplace: Is Southwest Airlines a Victim of Its Own Success?
What Is an Organization?
Organization Charts
Contrasting Theories of Organization
Organizational Effectiveness
Management Ethics: The Two Faces of Wal-Mart
Organizational Cultures
Skills & Tools: How to Build Your Organization's Learning Capability
Closing Case: A Country Called Microsoft

10. Organizing in the Twenty-First Century

The Changing Workplace: Business NOT as Usual at W. L. Gore: Contingency Design
The Global Manager: A Globe-Trotting Organizational Thinker Looks at the Future of Work Organizations
Basic Structural Formats
Contingency Design Alternatives
Effective Delegation
The Changing Shape of Organizations
Skills & Tools: If You Want to Be Delegated Important Duties, Then Demonstrate a Lot of Initiative
Closing Case: A Virtually Great New Business for UPS

11. Human Resource Management

The Changing Workplace: How the Container Store Finds Employees Who Fit
Human Resource Strategy: A People-Centered Approach
Recruitment and Selection
Managing Diversity: Diversity Goes Global
Performance Appraisal
Contemporary Human Resource Challenges and Problems
Skills & Tools: How to Handle the Job Interview Successfully
Closing Case: How UPS Delivers Objective Performance Appraisals

12. Communicating in the Internet Age

The Changing Workplace: Communication Is Key For Motorola's New CEO
The Communication Process
Dynamics of Organizational Communication
Management Ethics: Keeping Blogs in Check
Communication Problems and Promises in the Internet Age
Becoming a Better Communicator
Skills & Tools: Harvard's Sarah McGinty Tells How to Develop Your Speaking Style
Closing Case: Don't Just Check the Box
Video Skill Builders: 3A Organization Structures at Green Mountain Coffee Roasters; 3B Managing Human Capital at Accenture

13. Motivating Job Performance

The Changing Workplace: Pat McGovern Motivates Through Respect
Motivation Theories
The Global Manager: Paying Employees to Go on a Global Search for Self-Actualization
Motivation Through Job Design
Motivation Through Rewards
Motivation Through Employee Participation
Motivation Through Quality-of-Work-lLife Programs
Skills & Tools: Stress Management 101
Closing Case: Employee Involvement = Loyalty at Genencor

14. Group Dynamics and Teamwork

The Changing Workplace: Do Business and Friendship Mix in the Workplace?
Fundamental Group Dynamics
Group Development
Organizational Politics
Management Ethics: How Do You Feel About Organizational Politics
Conformity and Groupthink
Teams, Teamwork, and Trust
Skills & Tools: How to Use Cooperative Conflict to Avoid Groupthink
Closing Case: Thirteen Time Zones Can't Keep Lucent's Virtual Team from Succeeding

15. Influence, Power, and Leadership

The Changing Workplace: "eBay's Secret Weapon: CEO Meg Whitman"
Influence Tactics in the Workplace
Managing Diversity: Putting to Work What You've Learned By Using "Practical Intelligence" and Becoming a "Servant Leader"
Behavior Modification
Skills & Tools: Putting the Empowerment Puzzle Together
Closing Case: Business NOT as Usual at W. L. Gore: Part 2

16. Change, Conflict, and Negotiation

The Changing Workplace: What CEO Anne M. Mulcahy Learned from Turning Around Xerox
Change: Organizational and Individual Perspectives
Overcoming Resistance to Change
Making Change Happen
Managing Diversity: Tempered Radicals as Everyday Leaders
Managing Conflict
Skills & Tools: How to Express Anger
Closing Case: A Doctor's Prescription for Cutting Health-Care Costs
Video Skill Builders: 4A Alternative Work Arrangements at Hewlett-Packard; 4B Entrepreneur Leadership

17. Organizational Control and Quality Improvement

The Changing Workplace: McDonald's Keeps Cooking Despite Tough Times
Fundamentals of Organizational Control
Crisis Management
The Global Manager: How Dell Survived a Global Supply Chain Crisis
The Quality Challenge
An Introduction to Total Quality Management (TQM)
Deming Management
Skills & Tools: How to Avoid a Public Relations Nightmare in a Crisis
Closing Case: It's All About the Shoes
Video Skill Builders: 5A Finagle A Bagel's Management, Organization, and Production Finesse; 5B Training a Sales Employee at REI

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