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Manual of School Health

Manual of School Health - 3rd edition

ISBN13: 978-1416037781

Cover of Manual of School Health 3RD 09 (ISBN 978-1416037781)
ISBN13: 978-1416037781
ISBN10: 1416037780
Edition: 3RD 09
Copyright: 2009
Publisher: W.B. Saunders Co.
Published: 2009
International: No

Manual of School Health - 3RD 09 edition

ISBN13: 978-1416037781

Keeta DeStefano Lewis and Bonnie J. Bear

ISBN13: 978-1416037781
ISBN10: 1416037780
Edition: 3RD 09
Copyright: 2009
Publisher: W.B. Saunders Co.
Published: 2009
International: No

Completely updated, the 3rd edition of this practical, highly portable manual offers quick access to the most relevant health and wellness information for children -- from birth through age 21 - in the school setting. You'll find valuable guidance on developmental stages, learning domains, acute and chronic illnesses, first aid, medical syndromes, special education, and emergency illness. This edition also addresses the growing array of issues affecting today's children, including mental health disorders, disaster management, substance abuse, and school violence, as well as new threats such as West Nile virus, dermatological conditions, and the reemergence of tuberculosis. Ideal for use in school and community settings, this manual is a must-have resource for anyone who works with children.

  • A best practice approach to health issues and concerns helps you provide the best possible care to students.
  • A clear, consistent outline format and straightforward writing style make it easy to locate and apply essential information.
  • Updated content includes important contemporary issues in schools, such as body piercing, backpack syndrome, and computer ergonomics.
  • Brain Findings section offers relevant information about recent brain and neurology research, with insights on how it relates to childhood development and health.
  • Numerous appendices, including the latest growth charts and immunization schedules, provide essential information for assessing school age children.
  • English-Spanish translation guide for common health terms and phrases helps you communicate more effectively with Hispanic students.
  • Web site resources at the end of eachchapter provide reliable sources for further information and research.
  • A convenient Glossary familiarizes you with important terminology and definitions used throughout the book.
  • New, user-friendly design helps you find key information quickly with helpful boxes, tables, and headings.
  • New 8-page color insert serves as an instant visual reference to help you identify rashes, skin lesions, and other dermatological conditions that are common among school-age children.
  • A separate chapter on first aid walks you through the management of common injuries and emergency situations.
  • Revised mental health chapter presents current, detailed information on the major mental disorders that affect school-age children such as depression, autism, and Asperger's, with an extensive psychotropic medication table.
  • A new chapter devoted to disaster management includes the latest information on bioterrorism and homeland security threats to help you create an action plan for disaster situations.
  • A revised chapter on violence addresses sexual assault, self-mutilation, suicide, domestic violence, and violence in the schools, to help you stay informed about current societal trends, issues, and developments.
  • New information on teen pregnancy offers helpful guidelines on communicating with students about this important issue.

Table of Contents

1. Growth and Development
2. Vision and Hearing
3. Acute Conditions
4. Chronic Conditions
5. Mental Health
6. Substance Abuse
7. Violence
8. Adolescent and Gender-Specific Issues
9. Special Education
10. Twenty-First Century Health Challenges
11. Emergency and Disaster Preparedness
12. First Aid

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