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Mastering Healthcare Terminology - With CD

Mastering Healthcare Terminology - With CD - 2nd edition

Mastering Healthcare Terminology - With CD - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9780323035729

ISBN10: 0323035728

Mastering Healthcare Terminology - With CD by Betsy Shiland - ISBN 9780323035729
Edition: 2ND 06
Copyright: 2006
Publisher: C.V. Mosby Co.
Published: 2006
International: No
Mastering Healthcare Terminology - With CD by Betsy Shiland - ISBN 9780323035729

ISBN13: 9780323035729

ISBN10: 0323035728

Edition: 2ND 06


The new edition of Mastering Healthcare Terminology offers a unique, powerful approach to understanding and using healthcare language to clearly communicate with other health care team members. Organized by body system, each chapter presents material in ?chunks? - small learning segments of related concepts, terms, and abbreviations. These segments are immediately followed by exercises that reinforce and assess the reader's mastery of the material. End-of-chapter exercises encourage readers to apply what they've learned through case studies with accompanying healthcare reports, and a cumulative review tests their knowledge of previous chapters. Colorful illustrations and informative boxes and tables reinforce key concepts and make it easy to quickly locate important information. New features include more medical records, new sections on pediatrics and geriatrics; new appendices on imaging, laboratory procedures, and pharmacology; and an updated companion CD filled with helpful learning games and exercises.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Healthcare

2. Body Structure and Directional Terminology

3. Musculoskeletal System

4. Integumentary System

5. Gastrointestinal System

6. Urinary System

7. Male Reproductive System

8. Female Reproductive System

9. Blood, Lymphatic, and Immune Systems

10. Cardiovascular System

11. Respiratory System

12. Nervous System

13. Special Senses Eye and Ear

14. Endocrine System

15. Mental and Behavioral Health

16. Oncology


Word Part Tables

Common English to Spanish Translations NEW!

Diagnostic Imaging Terminology NEW!

Laboratory Medicine Terminology NEW!

Pharmacology Terminology NEW!

Answers to Review Questions

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