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Mathematics in Our World

Mathematics in Our World - 05 edition

Mathematics in Our World - 05 edition

ISBN13: 9780073311821

ISBN10: 0073311820

Mathematics in Our World by Allan G. Bluman - ISBN 9780073311821
Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Publishing Company
Published: 2005
International: No
Mathematics in Our World by Allan G. Bluman - ISBN 9780073311821

ISBN13: 9780073311821

ISBN10: 0073311820

Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 05

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Mathematics in Our World is designed for mathematics survey courses for non-science majors. The text covers a variety of topics designed to foster interest in and show the applicability of mathematics. The book is written by our successful statistics author, Allan Bluman. His easy-going writing style and step-by-step approach make this text very readable and accessible to lower-level students. The text contains many pedagogical features designed to both aid the student and instill a sense that mathematics is not just adding and subtracting.


  • MATHEMATICS IN OUR WORLD: these chapter openers show how mathematics is used in modern times. They introduce a scenario and a problem that is representative of the material that the upcoming chapter will cover.
  • ABUNDANCE OF EXERCISES: A nice variety and quantity of exercises are provided.
  • SIDELIGHTS: this feature contains various historical perspectives from biographies of famous mathematics figures to the development of mathematical topics. Sidelights also contain interesting topics that are not included in the body of the text.
  • MATH NOTES: notes given in the margin provide suggestions on solving problems or more insight pertaining to presented concepts.
  • CALCULATOR EXPLORATIONS: located throughout the text, they highlight topics and show how calculators may be used as tools to solve problems while reinforcing the presented material.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

One : Problem Solving

1-1 The Nature of Mathematical Reasoning
1-2 Problem Solving
1-3 Estimation

Two : Sets

2-1 The Nature of Sets
2-2 Subsets and Set Operations
2-3 Venn Diagrams
2-4 Using Sets to Solve Problems
2-5 Infinite Sets

Three : Logic
3-1 Statements
3-2 Truth Tables
3-3 Types of Statements
3-4 Arguments
3-5 Euler Circles

Four : Numeration Systems

4-1 Early and Modern Numeration Systems
4-2 Base Number Systems
4-3 Operations in Base Numbers

Five : The Real Number System

5-1 The Natural Numbers
5-2 The Integers
5-3 The Rational Numbers
5-4 The Irrational Numbers
5-5 The Real Numbers
5-6 Exponents and Scientific Notation
5-7 Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences

Six : Other Mathematical Systems

6-1 Clock Arithmetic
6-2 Modular Systems
6-3 Mathematical Systems without Numbers

Seven : Topics in Algebra

7-1 Fundamental Concepts of Algebra
7-2 Solving Linear Equations
7-3 Applications of Linear Equations
7-4 Solving Linear Inequalities
7-5 Ratio, Proportion, and Variation
7-6 Solving Quadratic Equations

Eight : Additional Topics in Algebra

8-1 The Rectangular Coordinate System and the Line
8-2 Systems of Linear Equations
8-3 Systems of Linear Inequalities
8-4 Linear Programming
8-5 Functions

Nine : Consumer Mathematics

9-1 Percent
9-2 Interest
9-3 Installment Buying
9-4 Home Ownership
9-5 Markup and Markdown

Ten : Geometry

10-1 Points, Lines, Planes, and Angles
10-2 Triangles
10-3 Polygons and Perimeter
10-4 Areas of Polygons and the Circle
10-5 Surface Area and Volume
10-6 Right Triangle Trigonometry
10-7 Networks

Eleven : Probability and Counting Techniques

11-1 Basic Concepts of Probability
11-2 Tree Diagrams, Tables, and Sample Spaces
11-3 Odds and Expectation
11-4 The Addition Rules for Probability
11-5 The Multiplication Rules and Conditional Probability
11-6 The Fundamental Counting Rule and Permutations
11-7 Combinations
11-8 Probability Using Permutations and Combinations

Twelve : Statistics

12-1 The Nature of Statistics and Organizing Data
12-2 Picturing Data
12-3 Measures of Average
12-4 Measures of Variation
12-5 Measures of Position
12-6 The Normal Distribution
12-7 Applications of the Normal Distribution
12-8 Correlation and Regression Analysis

Thirteen : Voting Methods

13-1 Preference Tables and the Plurality Method
13-2 The Borda Count Method and the Plurality-with-Elimination Method
13-3 The Pairwise Comparison Method and Approval Voting

Appendix A Measurement
Appendix B Trigonometric Ratios
Appendix C Area Under the Standard Normal Distribution
Appendix D Significan Values for the Correlation Coefficient
Appendix E Using the Ti83+ Graphing Calculator

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