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Modern Middle East

Modern Middle East - 2nd edition

Modern Middle East - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9781860649639

ISBN10: 1860649637

Modern Middle East by Albert H. Hourani, Phillip Khoury and Mary Wilson - ISBN 9781860649639
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 2ND 04
Copyright: 2004
Publisher: I.B.Tauris & Co Ltd
Published: 2004
International: No
Modern Middle East by Albert H. Hourani, Phillip Khoury and Mary Wilson - ISBN 9781860649639

ISBN13: 9781860649639

ISBN10: 1860649637

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 2ND 04

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This reader brings together key writings on the modern history of the Middle East by some of the best-known specialists in the field. Covering two centuries of change, from 1789 to the present day, the selection is carefully designed for students and is the only text of its kind available. Fully updated with two new chapters to take into account recent world events, this book remains of great use to all those with a general interest in the Middle East.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Part I Reforming Elites and Changing Relations with Europe, 1789-1918

The Ottoman `Ulema and Westernization in the Time of Selim III and Mahmud II
Turkish Attitudes Concerning Christian-Muslim Equality in the Nineteenth Century
Ottoman Reform and the Politics of Notables
Egypt and Europe: from French Expedition to British Occupation
War and Society under the Young Turks, 1908-18
Social Change in Persia in the Nineteenth Century

Part II Transformations in Society and Economy, 1789-1918

Middle East Economic Development, 1815-1914: the General and the Specific
The Origins of Private Ownership of Land in Egypt: a Reappraisal
Decline of the Family Economy in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Egypt
Ottoman Women, Households, and Textile Manufacturing, 1800-1914
Said Bey--The Everyday Life of an Istanbul Townsman at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century
The Crowd in the Persian Revolution

Part III The Construction of Nationalist Ideologies and Politics to the 1950s

Religion and Secularism in Turkey
From Ottomanism to Arabism: The Origin of an Ideology
1919: Labor Upsurge and National Revolution
Syrian Urban Politics in Transition: the Quarters of Damascus during the French Mandate
The Role of the Palestinian Peasantry in the Great Revolt (1936-1939)
Of the Diversity of Iraqis, the Incohesiveness of their Society, and their Progress in the Monarchic Period toward a Consolidated Political Structure

Part IV The Middle East Since the Second World War

Israel and the Arab Coalition in 1948
Dilemmas of the Jewish State
The Strange Career of Pan-Arabism
Nasser 56/Cairo 96
Iranian Revolutions in Comparative Perspective
The Crisis of Religious Legitimacy in Iran
Religion, Social Structure, and Political Dissent in Saudi Arabia
Notes on Contributors

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