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Nonverbal Communication : Studies and Applications

Nonverbal Communication : Studies and Applications - 4th edition

ISBN13: 978-0195329889

Cover of Nonverbal Communication : Studies and Applications 4TH 04 (ISBN 978-0195329889)
ISBN13: 978-0195329889
ISBN10: 0195329880
Cover type:
Edition/Copyright: 4TH 04
Publisher: Roxbury Publishing Co.
Published: 2004
International: No

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Nonverbal Communication : Studies and Applications - 4TH 04 edition

ISBN13: 978-0195329889

Hickson Mark L. III, Don W. Stacks and Nina-Jo Moore

ISBN13: 978-0195329889
ISBN10: 0195329880
Cover type:
Edition/Copyright: 4TH 04
Publisher: Roxbury Publishing Co.

Published: 2004
International: No

Roxbury is pleased to announce the much-awaited Fourth Edition of Hickson et al.'s Nonverbal Communication: Studies and Applications.

The new edition features:

  • A Greatly Enhanced Applications Orientation. The text now integrates applications throughout each chapter. Observational Studies provide opportunities for students to either work with or experiment with each theory discussed. Questions to Ponder at the end of each chapter give students further experience applying what they have learned. Also included are expanded individual applications of contemporary and historical research findings. This approach eases instruction as students learn to gauge how much they really know about nonverbal communication--and how to apply it to real-world situations. The activities will be particularly helpful for instructors who teach in an interactive style.
  • A More Conversational Writing Style. This edition is written as if the authors were carrying on a conversation with their readers. There are more examples and fewer studies cited than in earlier editions.
  • Controversial Issues of the Day. Contemporary topics such as tattooing, body piercing, plastic surgery, and botox are covered.
  • New Coverage on Gender and Intercultural. Gender and intercultural are integrated throughout the text.
  • Glossary of Terms. The new edition features this helpful reference for students.
  • Expanded Coverage of Contextual Applications. These include work, family, and social contexts.
  • Expanded Media Applications. There is new material on advertising, public relations, broadcasting, journalism, and impression management.

The text offers complete coverage of the field's basic subcodes: Haptics (touch); Proxemics (space); Physical appearance; Kinesics (human body movement); Oculesics (face and eye); Vocalics (paralanguage); Olfactics (scent and smell); and Chronemics (time usage).

An ever-popular feature is the chapter on research methodology. Students will better understand what they are learning if they become aware of the processes scholars follow in developing theories.

The authors conclude their text with a chapter on the future of nonverbal communication--what we know about the field, its practical implications, and where the discipline appears to be heading.

Author Bio

Hickson Mark L. III : University of Alabama, Birmingham

Stacks, Don W. : University of Miami at Coral Gables

Moore, Nina-Jo : Appalachian State University

Table of Contents


1. Foundations of Nonverbal Communication
Basic Definitions
Considerations for Definitions
Behavior Versus Communication
Sign Versus Symbol
Approaches to Nonverbal Communication
Theoretical Approaches
Disciplinary Approaches
Methodological Approaches
Nonverbal Functions and Subcodes
Touch and Space
Physical Appearance
Body Movements and Gestures
Covert Body/Temporal Communication
Nonverbal Functions
Nonverbal Communication and Perception
Process Structures
Culture and Race
Amount of Talk

2. Methods of Nonverbal Communication Research
Nonverbal Research
Review of the Literature
Theoretical Perspective
Data Collection
Data Analysis and Application
Limitations of Nonverbal Communication Research
An Example of Context


3. Haptics (Touch)
Animal Studies
Tactile Development and Humans
Types and Functions of Touch
Factors Influencing Touch
Area of Body Touch
Comfort Touch
Same-sex Touching
Gender Issues
Frequency of Contact
Violations of Haptic Expectations
Substitutes for 'Real Touch'
Functional Approach to Touch

4. Proxemics: Personal Space
Personal Space
Classification Schemes
Definitions and Need
Need for Space
Factors Influencing Distancing Expectation
Age Differences
Sex Differences
Cultural Differences
Racial Differences
Status, Personality, and Liking
Environmental Structuring
Violations of Personal Space
Other Violations
Functions of Personal Space

5. Proxemics: Territory and Environment
Animal Correlates to Territoriality
Human Correlates of Territoriality
Territorial Claims
Purposes of Territory
Room Color and Aesthetic Appreciation
Room Size and Shape
Temperature and Humidity
Environmental Structuring
Functions of Territory and the Environment

6. Physical Appearance: Impressions of the Body
Physical Attractiveness
Social Interaction
Sex Appeal
The Body
Body Shape
Body Image

7. Body Alterations and Coverings
Body Alterations
Hair and Hairstyles
The Skin: Cosmetics and Colorings
Tattoos, Body Piercing, and Branding
Purposes of Clothing
Functions of Clothing
Clothing and Success

8. Kinesics: The Study of Human Body Movements
Categories in Kinesics
Birdwhistell's Linguistic
Morris' Derivation System
Mehrabian's Functional
Ekman and Friesen's
Cumulative Structure

9. A Practical Functional Approach to Kinesics
Variables That Influence Kinesics
Left- and Right-Handedness
Relationship With Language
Identification and Self-Presentation
Control of the Interaction
Relationship of Interactants
Display of Cognitive Information
Display of Affective Information
Deception and Leakage

10. Vocalics (Paralanguage)
Sound and Its Attributes
Paravocal Communication
Vocalic Functions
The 'Normal Conversation'
Identification and Self-Presentation
Controlling Interaction
Regulating the Conversation
Relationship of Interactants
Display of Cognitive Information
Display of Affective Information
Other Encoding and Decoding Aspects of Vocalics

11. The Covert Subcodes: Biofeedback, Olfaction, and Chronemics
Feedback Systems
Gustatory Systems
Biofeedback Systems
Mood and Emotion
What Is Olfaction?
Olfactory Processes
Olfactory Identification
Olfactory Influence
Olfactory Memory
Time (Chronemics)
The Structure of Time
Hall's Time Categories
Bruneau's Chronemic Structures
Culture and Time


12. Nonverbal Communication in Social Situations
Meeting Others
General Characteristics
Intimate Behavior
Environment, Proxemics, Chronemics
Cross-Sex Friendships
Same-Sex Friendships
Male-Male Nonverbal Communication
Female-Female Nonverbal Communication

13. Nonverbal Communication in the Family
The Home
Spatiotemporal Dimensions
Kinesic Factors
Vocalic Factors
Physical Appearance
Nonverbal Communication in Marriage and Committed Relationships
Environmental Factors
Kinesics and Vocalics
Physical Appearance
The Expanding Family-Children and the Family Relationship
Nonverbal Communication in Children
Older Children
Affective Communication
Nonverbal Communication with the Elderly
Environment and Space
Physical Appearance
Chronemics and Olfaction

14. Nonverbal Communication at Work
Nonverbal Relational Messages
General Nonverbal Considerations
Spatiotemporal Dimensions
Overt Body Dimensions
Physical Appearance
Impression Management
The Performance Appraisal Interview
Nonverbal Interaction in Particular Professions
The Teacher in the Classroom
The Attorney in Court
The Businessperson in a Leadership Position

15. The Future of Nonverbal Communication: A Review
What We Know About Nonverbal Communication
Where Is the Study of Nonverbal Communication Going?
General Review

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