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Ore Geology and Industrial Minerals : An Introduction

Ore Geology and Industrial Minerals : An Introduction - 3rd edition

ISBN13: 978-0632029532

Cover of Ore Geology and Industrial Minerals : An Introduction 3RD 93 (ISBN 978-0632029532)
ISBN13: 978-0632029532
ISBN10: 0632029536

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 3RD 93
Copyright: 1993
Publisher: Blackwell Science, Inc.
Published: 1993
International: No

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Ore Geology and Industrial Minerals : An Introduction - 3RD 93 edition

ISBN13: 978-0632029532

Anthony M. Evans

ISBN13: 978-0632029532
ISBN10: 0632029536

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 3RD 93
Copyright: 1993
Publisher: Blackwell Science, Inc.
Published: 1993
International: No

Much new data and many new ideas have emerged in the area of ore geology and industrial minerals since publication of the second edition of this text in 1987. The overriding philosophy behind this new edition is the inclusion and integration of this new material within the established framework of the text. The third edition is re-presented in the modern double-column format.

Non-metallic deposits of industrial and bulk materials are fully covered to meet the changing emphasis of courses in applied geology. In addition, chapter 1 has been considerably enlarged to include a section on mineral economics covering metals, industrial minerals and bulk materials. In this section, the various aspects of economic exploitation of industrial and bulk materials are compared with those of metallic deposits. Other major revisions and additions include a section on fluid inclusions, expansion of the section on wall rock alteration, expansion of the material on isotope studies, and the inclusion of a section on hydraulic fracturing and seismic pumping.

Author Bio

Evans, Anthony M. : University of Leicester

Table of Contents

General Introduction.

Part I. Recounting Geography's History


1. A Plea for the History of Geography : John K. Wright.
2. Paradigms and Revolution or Evolution? R. J. Johnston.
3. Musing on Helicon : Root Metaphors and Geography : Anne Buttimer.
4. Institutionalization of Geography and Strategies of Change : Horacio Capel.
5. On the History and Present Condition of Geography : an Historical Materialist Manifesto : David Harvey.
6. Situated Knowledges : the Science Question in Feminism and the Privilege of Partial Perspective : Donna Haraway.

Part II. The Enterprise


7. What Geography Ought to Be : Peter Kropotkin.
8. On the Scope and Methods of Geography : Halford J. Mackinder.
9. The Study of Geography : Franz Boas.
10. Meaning and Aim of Human Geography : Paul Vidal de la Blache.
11. Geography without Human Agency : a Humanistic Critique : David Ley.
12. Areal Differentiation and Post-Modern Human Geography : Derek Gregory.

Part III. Nature, Culture and Landscape


13. Traces on the Rhodian Shore : Clarence J. Glacken.
14. Influences of Geographic Environment : Ellen C. Semple.
15. Civilizations : Organisms or Systems? Karl W. Butzer.
16. Geography, Marx and the Concept of Nature : Neil Smith and Phil O'Keefe.
17. The Morphology of Landscape : Carl O. Sauer.
18. Discovering the Vernacular Landscape : John B. Jackson.
19. Marxism, Culture and the Duplicity of Landscape : Stephen Daniels.
20. Geography as a Science of Observation : the Landscape, the Gaze and Masculinity : Gillian Rose.
21. The Land Ethic : Aldo Leopold.

Part IV. Region, Place and Locality


22. Regional Environment, Heredity and Consciousness : A. J. Herbertson.
23. Human Regions : H. J. Fleure.
24. The Character of Regional Geography : Richard Hartshorne.
25. In What Sense a Regional Problem? Doreen Massey.
26. From Orientalism : Edward W. Said.
27. Deconstructing the Map : J. B. Harley.
28. Space and Place : Humanistic Perspective : Yi-Fu Tuan.
29. A Woman's Place? : Linda McDowell and Doreen Massey.
30. The Contested Terrain of Locality Studies : Philip Cooke.
31. The Inadequacy of the Regional Concept : George H. T. Kimble.

Part V. Space, Time and Space-Time


32. The Territorial Growth of States : Friedrich Ratzel.
33. The Geographical Pivot of History : Halford J. Mackinder.
34. Owners' Time and Own Time : the Making of a Capitalist Time-Consciousness 1300-1880 : Nigel Thrift.
35. Exceptionalism in Geography : a Methodological Examination : F. K. Schaefer.
36. Identification of Some Fundamental Spatial Concepts : John D. Nystuen.
37. The Geography of Capitalist Accumulation : David Harvey.
38. Reassertions : Towards a Spatialized Ontology : Edward W. Soja.
39. The Choreography of Existence : Comments on Hagerstrand's Time-Geography and its Usefulness : Alan Pred.
40. Diorama, Path and Project : Torsten Hagerstrand.
41. A View of the GIS Crisis in Geography : Stan Openshaw. A Chronology of Geography 1859-1995 : Alisdair Rogers.