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Organization Practice : A Social Worker's Guide to Understanding Human Services

Organization Practice : A Social Worker's Guide to Understanding Human Services - 03 edition

Organization Practice : A Social Worker's Guide to Understanding Human Services - 03 edition

ISBN13: 9780205317592

ISBN10: 0205317596

Organization Practice : A Social Worker
Edition: 03
Copyright: 2003
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
Published: 2003
International: No
Organization Practice : A Social Worker

ISBN13: 9780205317592

ISBN10: 0205317596


This new text gives social work students a solid background in organizational theory and shows them how to apply different practice approaches when managing in diverse, increasingly multicultural organizational settings.

This is the only current social work text completely dedicated to organization practice within the field of social work (that is not just a collection of readings). The authors believe that social work students must fully understand the assumptions behind the theories they embrace and learn to act on those theories by using a variety of practice approaches within organizations. Without learning to do this, they will not be leaders in organizations that address complex social problems.

This text is theoretically driven, giving attention to historical and post-modern theories of organization and organizational behavior. The intent is to provide students with a critical lens for understanding organizations and their own role as leaders and change agents within those organizations.

Features :

  • Focuses on the importance of self-awareness and critical thinking in organizational practice, including the use of the Myers-Briggs instrument to assess personality types (Ch. 3).
  • Provides a broad overview of the human service organizational field, going beyond the usual narrow definition of such organizations (Ch. 1). Examples are drawn from planning and advocacy organizations across public, nonprofit, and for-profit sectors.
  • Written for all social work students, regardless of their focus, specialization or concentration-- information will be as useful for clinical students as it will be for planning/administration students.
  • Fully integrates the multiple frameworks presented in Chapter 4 and then provides practical approaches for each framework in Chapters 6, 8, 10, and 12.
  • Ethics and values are introduced in Chapter 3, followed by applications in each practice chapter. Uses principles of the NASW Code of Ethics to illustrate how values and assumptions can be used to assess each practice approach.
  • Draws upon expansive and complex interdisciplinary literature to show how the latest organizational thinking applies to the world of social work.
  • Strong focus on diversity and multiculturalism in organizations throughout the text.

Author Bio

Netting, F. Ellen : Virginia Commonwealth University

O'Connor, Mary Katherine : Virginia Commonwealth University

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

List of Tables.

Introduction to Part I.

1. The Ever-Changing Landscape of Organizations and Human Services.
2. The Ongoing Search to Understand Complex Organizations.
3. Leadership, Critical Thinking, and Self-Awareness in Organization Practice.
4. A Multi-Paradigmatic Framework for Understanding Organization Practice.

Introduction to Part II.

5. Functionalist Theories About Organizations.
6. Understanding for Practice in Functionalist Organizations.
7. Radical Structuralist Theories About Organizations.
8. Understanding for Practice in Radical Structuralist Organizations.
9. Interpretive Theories About Organizations.
10. Understanding for Practice in Interpretive Organizations.
11. Radical Humanist Theories About Organizations.
12. Understanding for Practice in Radical Humanist Organizations.
13. Multi-Paradigmatic Practice.

Glossary of Terms.

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