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Out of Many, T. L. C. Edition : Volume I, Revised -With CD

Out of Many, T. L. C. Edition : Volume I, Revised -With CD - 4th edition

Out of Many, T. L. C. Edition : Volume I, Revised -With CD - 4th edition

ISBN13: 9780131951297

ISBN10: 0131951297

Out of Many, T. L. C. Edition : Volume I, Revised -With CD by J. Faragher, S. Armitage, M. Buhle and D. Czitrom - ISBN 9780131951297
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 4TH 06
Copyright: 2006
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc.
Published: 2006
International: No
Out of Many, T. L. C. Edition : Volume I, Revised -With CD by J. Faragher, S. Armitage, M. Buhle and D. Czitrom - ISBN 9780131951297

ISBN13: 9780131951297

ISBN10: 0131951297

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 4TH 06

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The Out of Many Teaching and Learning Classroom Edition tells the story of the distinctly American character, built upon the ideal of local and cultural diversity. Carefully considering the complex social, political, and historical interactions that shape America's history, the narrative unfolds around one promise--to celebrate the differences that will always define America.

Still acclaimed for its scholarship, the new edition adds deep discussion, striking photos, and demonstrative features designed to portray the rich cultural and ethnic diversity that characterizes the United States' heritage.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. A Continent of Villages, to 1500.

American Communities: Cahokia: Thirteenth-Century Life on the Mississippi. Settling the Continent. New Ways of Living on the Land. The Development of Farming. Cultural Regions of North America on the Eve of Colonization. Highlights of Out of Many Media and Research and Update. Media Resources. Exploring America: America and the Horse.
Community and Memory: The Battle over Burials.

2. When Worlds Collide, 1492-1590.

American Communities: The English and the Algonquians at Roanoke. The Expansion of Europe. The Spanish in the Americas. Northern Explorations and Encounters. Media Resources: Exploring America: Exploitation of the Americas.

3. Planting Colonies in North America, 1588-1701.

American Communities: Communities Struggle with Diversity in Seventeenth-Century Santa Fé. Spain and Its Competitors in North America. England in the Chesapeake. The New England Colonies. The Restoration Colonies. Conflict and War. Media Resources. Exploring America: Jamestown.

4. Slavery and Empire, 1441-1770.

American Communities: African Slaves Build Their Own Community in Coastal Georgia. The Beginnings of African Slavery. The African Slave Trade. The Development of North American Slave Societies. African to African American. Slavery and the Economics of Empire. Slavery and Freedom. Media Resources. Exploring America: Racism in American History.
Community and Memory: The Living History of Slavery.

5. The Cultures of Colonial North America, 1700-1780.

American Communities: From Deerfield to Kahnawake: Crossing Cultural Boundaries. North American Regions. Diverging Social and Political Patterns. The Cultural Transformation of British North America. Media Resources. Exploring America: The Great Awakening.

6. From Empire to Independence, 1750-1776.

American Communities: The First Continental Congress Shapes a National Political Community. The Seven Years' War in America. The Imperial Crisis in British North America. ''Save Your Money and Save Your Country.'' From Resistance to Rebellion. Deciding for Independence. Media Resources. Exploring America: The Stamp Act.
Community and Memory: The Invention of the Liberty Bell.

7. The Creation of the United States, 1776-1786.

American Communities: A National Community Evolves at Valley Forge. The War for Independence. The United States in Congress Assembled. Revolutionary Politics in the States. Media Resources. Exploring America: Exploring the Geography of the American Revolution.

8. The United States of North America, 1786-1800.

American Communities: Mingo Creek Settlers Refuse to Pay the Whiskey Tax. Forming a New Government. The New Nation. Federalists and Jeffersonian Republicans. ''The Rising Glory of America.'' Media Resources. Exploring America: Ratification of the Constitution.

9. An Agrarian Republic, 1790-1824.

American Communities: Expansion Touches Mandan Villages on the Upper Missouri. North American Communities from Coast to Coast. A National Economy. The Jefferson Presidency. Renewed Imperial Rivalry in North America. The War of 1812. Defining the Boundaries. Media Resources. Exploring America: Continentalism.
Community and Memory: In the Footsteps of Lewis and Clark.

10. The Growth of Democracy, 1824-1840.

American Communities: Martin Van Buren Forges a New Kind of Political Community. The New Democratic Politics in North America. The Jackson Presidency. Internal Improvements: Building an Infrastructure. Jackson and His Opponents: The Rise of the Whigs. The Second American Party System. American Arts and Letters. Media Resources. Exploring America: American Art.

11. The South and Slavery, 1790s-1850s.

American Communities: Natchez-under-the Hill. King Cotton and Southern Expansion. To Be a Slave. The African American Community. The White Majority. Planters. The Defense of Slavery. Media Resources. Exploring America: Alexis de Tocqueville.

12. Industry and the North, 1790s-1840s.

American Communities: Women Factory Workers Form a Community in Lowell, Massachusetts. Preindustrial Ways of Working. The Market Revolution. From Artisan to Worker. A New Social Order. Media Resources. Exploring America: Machinery.

13. Coming to Terms with the New Age, 1820s-1850s.

American Communities: Seneca Falls: Women Reformers Respond to the Market Revolution. Urban America. The Labor Movement and Urban Politics. Social Reform Movements. Antislavery and Abolitionism. The Women's Rights Movement. Media Resources. Exploring America: Angelina Grimké.

14. The Territorial Expansion of the United States, 1830s-1850s.

American Communities: Texans and Tejanos ''Remember the Alamo!'' Exploring the West. The Politics of Expansion. The Mexican-American War. California and the Gold Rush. The Politics of Manifest Destiny. Media Resources. Exploring America: The Unwelcome Mat.
Community and Memory: Remembering the Alamo

15. The Coming Crisis, the 1850s.

American Communities: Illinois Communities Debate Slavery. America in 1850. The Compromise of 1850. The Crisis of the National Party System. The Differences Deepen. The South Secedes. Media Resources. Exploring America: Anthony Burns.

16. The Civil War, 1861-1865.

American Communities: Mother Bickerdyke Connects Northern Communities to Their Boys at War. Communities Mobilize for War. Governments Organize for War. The Fighting through 1862. The Death of Slavery. The Front Lines and the Home Front. The Tide Turns. Media Resources. Exploring America: Fort Pillow Massacre.

17. Reconstruction, 1863-1877.

American Communities: Hale County, Alabama: From Slavery to Freedom in a Black Belt Community. The Politics of Reconstruction. The Meaning of Freedom. Southern Politics and Society. Reconstructing the North. Media Resources. Exploring America: Did Reconstruction Work for The Freed People.

Other Editions of Out of Many, T. L. C. Edition : Volume I, Revised -With CD

Out of Many, Teaching and Learning Classroom Edition : Volume I -With CD by J. Faragher, M. Buhle, S. Armitage and D. Czitrom - ISBN 9780136015673
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