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Pastimes (Custom)

Pastimes (Custom) - 99 edition

Pastimes (Custom) - 99 edition

ISBN13: 9780072400304

ISBN10: 0072400307

Pastimes (Custom) by Ruth V. Russell - ISBN 9780072400304
Edition: 99
Copyright: 1999
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Custom
Published: 1999
International: No
Pastimes (Custom) by Ruth V. Russell - ISBN 9780072400304

ISBN13: 9780072400304

ISBN10: 0072400307

Edition: 99


Pastimes is an introductory text. It gathers together the state of the art in leisure science and practice, reflecting as well a wide range of literature from the disciplines of sociology, psychology, economics, political science, and anthropology. More than a text that teaches the foundational meanings and roles of leisure, however, Pastimes is also a point of view. This text presents leisure as a human phenomenon that is both individual and collective, vital to survival and frivolous, historical and contemporary, good and bad.

There are three main parts. Part one blends philosophy, religious studies, and the humanities in considering leisure as a condition of being human. Not only do chapters 1 through 4 establish the basic definitions and parameters for studying leisure, they ask readers to consider these concepts from their own personal framework. Part two is a focus on leisure's role in creating and reflecting society. Chapters 5 through 8 build on the personal relevancy of leisure discussed in part one and teach about leisure's contemporary cultural significance. These chapters rely on anthropology, sociology, and psychology concepts. Leisure's personal and cultural vitality are brought to a pragmatic conclusion in part three: leisure's use as a social instrument. Material from recreation and park studies is featured in Chapters 9 through 12.

Author Bio

Russell, Ruth V. : Indiana University--Bloomington

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Unit 1: Leisure as a Condition of Being Human--Personal Context

Chapter One--Meanings of Leisure

The Humanities of Leisure
Classical Histories of Pastimes
Today's Meanings and Connotations
Summary: Multiple Meanings

Chapter Two:--Having a Good Time

Intrinsic Reward
Laughter and Humor
Summary: Leisure Qualities

Chapter Three--Explanations and Speculations

Situational Factors that Affect Leisure Behavior
Theoretical Explanations for Leisure Behavior
Researching for Verification
Summary: What WE Do and Do Not Understand about Leisure

Chapter Four--Leisure and Human Development

Leisure and Physical Development
Leisure and Emotional Development
Leisure and Intellectual Development
Leisure and Social Development
Summary: The Themes of Leisure Through the Life Span

Unit II: Leisure as a Cultural Mirror--Societal Context

Chapter Five--Leisure's Anthropology

Hunches about Paleolithic Cultures
Leisure in Technological Cultures
Leisure in Developing Countries
Summary: Leisure as Anthropology

Chapter Six--Popular Culture

Newspapers, Magazines, and Books
Historical Reflections of Popular Culture in Modern Society
Summary: The Popular Culture Mirror

Chapter Seven--Taboo Recreation

Leisure and Deviance
Why Taboo Recreation?
Injuring Self
Injuring Others
The Dilemma of "Goodness"
Summary: Leisure as Taboo

Chapter Eight--Of Time and Work

Types of Time
Time for Leisure
The Intention of Work
Leisure's Relation to Work
Summary: Leisure Time and Work Allies

Unit III: Leisure as a Social Instrument--Systems Context

Chapter Nine--Using Leisure for Social Good

Colonial America
Transitions of the 1800's
Birth of Organized Leisure Systems
The Movement's Zenith: Making a Profession
Summary: Leisure as a Change Agent

Chapter Ten--Paying for It All

The Web of Leisure and Economics
How Leisure Benefits an Economy
How Leisure Harms an Economy
Summary: Economic Significance

Chapter Eleven--Leisure and Equity

Women's Leisure
People with Disabilities
Invisible People
Summary: Achieving Equity in Leisure

Chapter Twelve--Leisure Resources for People

Leisure Resources as Cultural Capital
Packages for Organized Leisure Services
Sponsorships for Leisure
Summary: Putting it Together