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Pathophysiology - With CD

Pathophysiology - With CD - 3rd edition

ISBN13: 978-0721603384

Cover of Pathophysiology - With CD 3RD 05 (ISBN 978-0721603384)
ISBN13: 978-0721603384
ISBN10: 0721603386
Edition: 3RD 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: W.B. Saunders Co.
Published: 2005
International: No

Pathophysiology - With CD - 3RD 05 edition

ISBN13: 978-0721603384

Lee-Ellen C. Copstead-Kirkhorn and Jacquelyn L. Banasik

ISBN13: 978-0721603384
ISBN10: 0721603386
Edition: 3RD 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: W.B. Saunders Co.
Published: 2005
International: No

Dynamically illustrated in full color, Pathophysiology is a comprehensive exploration of the etiology, pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, and treatment of disease. Organized by body system, each unit opens with an illustrated review of anatomy and normal physiology, then follows with the disease processes and abnormalities that can occur. The text includes the influence of behavioral factors, life-style choices, and environmental factors on the cause and progression of disease, and covers the most current advances in genetic research and treatment modalities.

  • Highlighted Key Concepts are included in bulleted format after major discussions to help the student focus on important information.
  • Key terms appear in bold type within text discussions, and new terminology is defined in a comprehensive glossary, to help the student identify and understand new and important terms.
  • Key Questions are listed at the beginning of each chapter, emphasizing the most important concepts to be mastered.
  • Aging Process algorithms provide brief analyses of age-related changes of specific body systems, using an easy-to-understand, step-by-step format.
  • Frontiers in Research essays introduce each unit with an overview of current trends and recent developments, and speculation about future research findings.

Table of Contents

Core pathophysiologic concepts p. 2
Stress, adaptation, and coping p. 23
Cell structure and function p. 48
Cell injury, aging, and death p. 83
Molecular genetics and tissue differentiation p. 105
Genetic and developmental disorders p. 123
Neoplasia p. 149
Infectious processes p. 182
Inflammation and immunity p. 203
Alterations in immune function p. 244
Malignant disorders of white blood cells p. 265
HIV disease and AIDS p. 289
Alterations in oxygen transport p. 318
Alterations in hemostasis and blood coagulation p. 363
Alterations in blood flow p. 382
Alterations in blood pressure p. 409
Cardiac function p. 430
Alterations in cardiac function p. 463
Heart failure and dysrhythmias : common sequelae of cardiac diseases p. 499
Shock p. 527
Respiratory function and alterations in gas exchange p. 552
Obstructive pulmonary disorders p. 582
Restrictive pulmonary disorders p. 613
Fluid and electrolyte homeostasis and imbalances p. 646
Acid-base homeostasis and imbalances p. 670
Renal function p. 684
Intrarenal disorders p. 710
Renal failure p. 734
Disorders of the bladder p. 753
Male genital and reproductive function p. 772
Alterations in male genital and reproductive function p. 790
Female genital and reproductive function p. 806
Alterations in female genital and reproductive functions p. 825
Sexually transmitted disease p. 847
Gastrointestinal function p. 860
Gastrointestinal disorders p. 887
Alterations in function of the gallbladder and exocrine pancreas p. 912
Liver diseases p. 927
Mechanisms of endocrine control p. 964
Alterations in endocrine control p. 975
Diabetes mellitus p. 1000
Alterations in metabolism and nutrition p. 1026
Structure and function of the nervous system p. 1046
Acute disorders of brain function p. 1093
Chronic disorders of neurologic function p. 1124
Alterations in special sensory function p. 1149
Pain p. 1170
Neurobiology of psychotic illnesses p. 1192
Neurobiology of nonpsychotic illnesses p. 1215
Structure and function of the musculoskeletal system p. 1230
Alterations in musculoskeletal function : trauma, infection, and disease p. 1252
Alterations in musculoskeletal function : rheumatic disorders p. 1275
Alterations in the integumentary system p. 1294
Burn injuries p. 1338
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