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Pathophysiology / With CD

Pathophysiology / With CD - 7th edition

ISBN13: 978-0781749886

Cover of Pathophysiology / With CD 7TH 05 (ISBN 978-0781749886)
ISBN13: 978-0781749886
ISBN10: 0781749883
Edition: 7TH 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: Lippincott-Raven Publishers
Published: 2005
International: No

Pathophysiology / With CD - 7TH 05 edition

ISBN13: 978-0781749886

Carol M. Porth

ISBN13: 978-0781749886
ISBN10: 0781749883
Edition: 7TH 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: Lippincott-Raven Publishers
Published: 2005
International: No

This is the Seventh Edition of the comprehensive and well-respected text and reference of pathophysiology. As a nurse-physiologist, Carol Porth uniquely emphasizes concepts of altered health states, as opposed to factual descriptions of diseases and disorders. By taking this physiologic approach, the author ensures a comprehension of the whole of body function. By integrating all of the aspects of the human body into a total functional whole, the student can grasp both the physical and psychological aspects of altered health.

Table of Contents

Concepts of health and disease p. 3
Concepts of altered health in children p. 23
Concepts of altered health in older adults p. 47
Cell and tissue characteristics p. 69
Cellular adaptation, injury, and death p. 103
Genetic control of cell function and inheritance p. 119
Genetic and congenital disorders p. 135
Neoplasia p. 155
Stress and adaptation p. 187
Alterations in temperature regulation p. 201
Alterations in nutritional status p. 217
Activity tolerance and fatigue p. 239
Sleep and sleep disorders p. 259
Haematopoietic system p. 279
Disorders of haemostasis p. 287
Red blood cell disorders p. 299
Disorders of white blood cells and lymphoid tissues p. 321
Mechanisms of infectious disease p. 341
The immune response p. 365
Inflammation and healing p. 387
Alterations in the immune response p. 403
Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome p. 427
Control of cardiovascular function p. 449
Disorders of blood flow in the systemic circulation p. 475
Disorders of blood pressure regulation p. 505
Disorders of cardiac function p. 535
Cardiac conduction and rhythm disorders p. 581
Heart failure and circulatory shock p. 603
Control of respiratory function p. 633
Respiratory tract infections, neoplasms, and childhood disorders p. 659
Disorders of ventilation and gas exchange p. 689
Control of renal function p. 727
Disorders of fluid and electrolyte balance p. 745
Disorders of acid-base balance p. 789
Disorders of renal function p. 809
Renal failure p. 833
Disorders of urine elimination p. 851
Control of gastrointestinal function p. 871
Disorders of gastrointestinal function p. 885
Disorders of hepatobiliary and exocrine pancreas function p. 917
Mechanisms of endocrine control p. 951
Disorders of endocrine control of growth and metabolism p. 961
Diabetes mellitus and the metabolic syndrome p. 987
The male genitourinary system p. 1019
Disorders of the male genitourinary system p. 1031
The female reproductive system p. 1051
Disorders of the female reproductive system p. 1065
Sexually transmitted diseases p. 1099
Organization and control of neural function p. 1113
Somatosensory function, pain, and headache p. 1159
Disorders of motor function p. 1193
Disorders of brain function p. 1227
Disorders of thought, mood, and memory p. 1265
Disorders of visual function p. 1291
Disorders of hearing and vestibular function p. 1329
Structure and function of the musculoskeletal system p. 1357
Disorders of skeletal function : trauma, infections, and neoplasms p. 1367
Disorders of skeletal function : developmental and metabolic disorders p. 1393
Disorders of skeletal function : rheumatic disorders p. 1417
Structure and function of the skin p. 1441
Alterations in skin function and integrity p. 1449
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