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Planning Your Financial Future / With 3.5" Disk

Planning Your Financial Future / With 3.5" Disk - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 978-0030210532

Cover of Planning Your Financial Future / With 3.5" Disk 2ND 00 (ISBN 978-0030210532)
ISBN13: 978-0030210532
ISBN10: 0030210534
Edition: 2ND 00
Copyright: 2000
Publisher: Dryden Press
Published: 2000
International: No

Planning Your Financial Future / With 3.5" Disk - 2ND 00 edition

ISBN13: 978-0030210532

Louis E. Boone, David L. Kurtz and Douglas Hearth

ISBN13: 978-0030210532
ISBN10: 0030210534
Edition: 2ND 00
Copyright: 2000
Publisher: Dryden Press
Published: 2000
International: No

This text for personal financial planning adopts a life-cycle approach to financial planning. The writing style, designed for readers with diverse educational backgrounds, is informal and relatively non-technical. The emphasis is on practical application and decision making. Concepts are reinforced with diverse real-life examples, up-to-date information, expert advice, and a problem solving format. Easy-to-complete worksheets are integrated into the text. The result is a quality text that is current and provides a thorough, conceptually sound treatment of the subject for both students and instructors alike.

  • Life-cycle approach to financial planning. Material covered is relevant to students throughout their lives, starting with career choice and credit management and continuing through retirement planning and estate planning - always tying it back to their own situations.
  • Informal, conversational writing style. PYFF engages the students, rather than reading like a stereotypically boring academic text.
  • Non-technical jargon designed for the diverse background of students taking this course. Mathematics, where presented, are presented with easy-to-understand examples. Note the insurance and investments coverage for the best examples of this.
  • Extensive use of relevant, real-world examples. Students "meet" real people wrestling with current personal finance issues/questions. And the examples are diverse, reflecting the range of situations in 1990s households.
  • An end-of-chapter exercise, "Developing Your Own Financial Plan", takes students step-by-step through the task of developing their own personal financial plan. Retained from the first edition, this has been immensely popular with both instructors and students.
  • Completely updated, including changes in the Social Security system, highlights of the 1998 Taxpayers Rights Act, and changes to the federal fair credit reporting system.
  • All opening chapter vignettes have been changes or updated with many addressing issues or topics directly affecting students.
  • Most chapter boxes have been replaced while the remainder have been extensively updated. "Advice to Generation X" boxes address concerns and issues specifically related to those in their 20s and early 30s. "Financial Toolbox" boxes provide more general information and advice.

Author Bio

Boone, Louis E. : University of South Alabama

Louis E. Boone (Ph.D., University of Arkansas) holds the Ernest G. Cleverdon Chair of Business and Management at the University of South Alabama. He formerly chaired the Divisions of Management and Marketing at the University of Tulsa and has taught marketing in Australia, Greece, and the United Kingdom. Dr. Boone is a prolific researcher and writer. In addition to authoring numerous marketing and business texts and computer simulation games, he is author of Quotable Business, published by Random House. His current research focuses on event and sports marketing. Dr. Boone's research has been published in such journals as the Journal of Marketing, Journal of Business Strategy, Journal of Retailing, Business Horizons, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Business of the University of Chicago, Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management, Journal of Marketing Education, Business, and Health Marketing Quarterly. He has served as vice president of the Southern Marketing Association.

Kurtz, David L. : University of Arkansas

David L. Kurtz (Ph.D., University of Arkansas) is the R.A. and Vivian Young Chair of Business Administration at the University of Arkansas. Dr. Kurtz has also taught at Seattle University, Eastern Michigan University, Davis & Elkins College, and Australia's Monash University. Dr. Kurtz has authored or co-authored 30 books and more than 100 articles, cases, and papers. Dr. Kurtz's recent work has appeared in such publications as the Journal of Marketing, Journal of Retailing, Journal of Business Research, and numerous other well-known journals.

Hearth, Douglas : University of Arkansas

Dr. Douglas Hearth (Ph.D., University of Iowa) is currently a member of the finance faculty at the University of Arkansas where he teaches courses in personal finance and investments. He served as Chair of the Finance Department at the University of Arkansas between 1989 and 1996. Dr. Hearth has also held faculty appointments at the University of Colorado and the University of Iowa. He earned his bachelor's degree at the University of Wisconsin and his masters and Ph.D. at the University of Iowa. Dr. Hearth is the author of Planning Your Financial Future, also published by the Dryden Press. He has published numerous papers in academic and practitioner journals and has served as a consultant to industry and government.

Table of Contents

1. Overview of Personal Financial Planning
2. Career Aspects of Personal Finance
3. Developing Financial Statements, Plans, and Budgets
4. Cash Management
5. Understanding Credit and Loans
6. Tax Planning
7. The Informed Consumer
8. The Housing Decision
9. The Insurance Decision
10. Life Insurance
11. Health and Disability Insurance
12. Property and Liability Insurance
13. The Investing Environment
14. Buying and Selling Securities
15. Mutual Funds
16. Planning for Retirement
17. Estate Planning

Appendix A: Time Value of Money Tables
Appendix B: Comprehensive Case

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