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Policy and Politics in Nursing and Health Care

Policy and Politics in Nursing and Health Care - 5th edition

ISBN13: 978-1416023142

Cover of Policy and Politics in Nursing and Health Care 5TH 07 (ISBN 978-1416023142)
ISBN13: 978-1416023142
ISBN10: 1416023143

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 5TH 07
Copyright: 2007
Publisher: W.B. Saunders Co.
Published: 2007
International: No

List price: $79.95

Policy and Politics in Nursing and Health Care - 5TH 07 edition

ISBN13: 978-1416023142

Diana J. Mason, Judith K. Leavitt and Mary W. Chaffee

ISBN13: 978-1416023142
ISBN10: 1416023143

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 5TH 07
Copyright: 2007
Publisher: W.B. Saunders Co.
Published: 2007
International: No

Policy and Politics in Nursing and Health Care enables readers to analyze policy issues, enhance their political knowledge and skills, and prepare for leadership roles in policy-making and public health.

This resource cultivates the development of valuable skills including political and policy analysis, conflict management, lobbying, the use of media, and working with communities for change. These abilities are essential for any nurse assuming a leadership role in todays changing health care environment.

  • Solid breadth and depth of coverage of both policy and politics.
  • Leading nurse experts in policy and politics as contributors.
  • Diversity of styles, perspectives, and levels of content to appeal to diverse nursing audiences.
  • Includes vignettes and case studies that describe nurses personal stories of involvement with policy and politics.
  • Policy Spotlights that provide key information on specific policy issues such as complementary therapies, reimbursement, social security, childcare and Medicare issues and options.
  • New Taking Action sections that highlight a policy issue or political strategy and provide nurses with examples of how they can take action.
  • New Web Resource boxes including recommended website addresses for students to obtain additional information.
  • Updated Vignettes detailing personal experiences, opportunities, and challenges facing a nurse in this career path.
  • Updated Policy Spotlights focusing on policy issues such as Stem Cell Research, Medical Marijuana, Genetics, and Intimate Partner Violence.
  • Evidence-Based Practice (research) and its impact on health care policy and politics is integrated where appropriate.

Table of Contents

Policy & politics : a framework for action p. 1
The influence of values on a policy agenda : the quaker perspective p. 17
A historical perspective on policy, politics, and nursing p. 21
Learning the ropes of policy, politics, and advocacy p. 34
Learning to be the lead goose : making the leap into policy p. 47
The Robert Wood Johnson health policy fellowship p. 52
How a nurse learned to advance geriatric nursing issues p. 58
A primer on political philosophy p. 63
Policy development and analysis : understanding the process p. 75
Political analysis and strategies p. 94
The nightingales take on big tobacco p. 109
Communication skills for political success p. 121
Coalitions : a powerful political strategy p. 135
Lessons from the long-term care coalition p. 145
Harnessing the power of the media to influence health policy and politics p. 149
Getting free media coverage for nursing issues p. 169
Distributed campaigns : using the Internet to empower activism p. 171
Talking the right talk about nursing p. 177
Changing poor portrayals of nurses in the media : the Center for Nursing Advocacy p. 184
Research as a political and policy tool p. 195
From practice to policy : improving wound cars outcomes p. 207
Falls and public policy : creating a blueprint for change p. 213
Conflict management : a critical part of politics p. 221
Alternative dispute resolution : a tool for managing conflict p. 227
Health policy, politics, and professional ethics p. 243
The U.S. health care system p. 256
The National Health Service in the United Kingdom p. 274
Could a national health system work in the United States? p. 282
Community health centers : a successful strategy for improving health care access p. 287
The politics of long-term care p. 295
Evolving policy in home health care p. 304
Mental health parity : will it ever happen? p. 311
The Department of Defense TRICARE program : health care for the U.S. military p. 323
The U.S. Veterans Administration : policy change for the greater good in an integrated health system p. 330
Successes and struggles in complementary health care p. 336
The role of foundations in improving health care p. 344
Neonatal palliative care : moving a vision forward p. 350
The politics of the pharmaceutical industry p. 354
A primer on health economics p. 363
Social security : key to economic security p. 376
Financing health care in the United States p. 384
Massachusetts' strategy for financing health care for the uninsured p. 408
Reforming Medicare p. 414
Interests, ideology, and institutional dynamics in the creation of the Medicare prescription drug benefit p. 421
Children's health insurance coverage : Medicaid and the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) p. 435
Using private funds to improve school health p. 444
Contemporary issues in the health care workplace p. 449
How magnet status drives change in health care institutions p. 461
When a hurricane strikes : the challenge of crafting workplace policy p. 468
Health services research : shaping patient safety policy p. 474
Ten keys to unlocking policy change in the workplace p. 482
Needlestick injuries in the workplace : implications for public policy p. 486
Transforming care at the bedside : Shadyside Hospital's code red p. 497
Family presence at the bedside : changing hospital policy p. 500
The nursing workforce : supply and demand p. 509
California nurse staffing ratios p. 518
Mandatory staffing : Australia's experience p. 527
Using technology to mitigate the nursing shortage p. 540
Nurse staffing impact on organizational outcomes p. 550
Diversity in nursing : a long road ahead p. 559
Politics of advanced practice nursing p. 568
Diminishing reproductive choices in New York City : the demise of the midwifery model p. 574
Reimbursement issues for nurse anesthetists : a continuing challenge p. 579
Collective action in the workplace : the role of unions p. 589
Non-union collective action in nursing p. 601
A political minefield : conducting nursing research p. 607
Contemporary issues in government p. 622
Stem cell research in Maryland : a nurse legislator's initiative p. 646
Reefer madness : the illogical politics of medical Marijuana p. 653
Genetics, discrimination, and privacy p. 662
Intimate partner violence : a public health and policy problem p. 669
How government works and what you need to know to influence the process p. 676
Political appointments p. 690
Making the most of political appointments : my life as a federal and state official p. 699
An overview of legislation and regulation p. 703
From sewage problems to the statehouse : my life as an elected official p. 716
Farmgirl, nurse, and legislator : my journey to the Delaware general assembly p. 720
A nurse in Congress p. 723
I believed I could make a difference p. 726
My path to Congress p. 729
Hog-housed : the life and death of bachelor of science in nursing entry to practice in North Dakota p. 731
The politics of nursing regulation and licensure p. 735
Lobbying policymakers : individual and collective strategies p. 747
An insider's view of lobbying p. 760
Interest groups : powerful political catalysts in health care p. 766
Extending your influence : serving on the AARP board p. 778
The American voter and electoral politics p. 782
Political activity : different rules for government-employed nurses p. 800
The power of political contributions p. 805
Anatomy of a political campaign p. 808
Truth or dare : one nurse's political campaign p. 815
There's nothing quite like campaigning for office p. 817
Nursing and the courts p. 825
Contemporary issues in nursing organizations p. 835
You and your professional nursing organization p. 845
Nursing in action : policy initiatives of specialty nursing associations p. 859
The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses : establishing and sustaining healthy work environments p. 863
The Oncology Nursing Society : engaging support for the nurse reinvestment act p. 866
The American Nephrology Nurses' Association : a grassroots initiative to educate lawmakers p. 868
The Association of PeriOperative Registered Nurses : reimbursement policy for registered nurse first assistants p. 870
The American Association of Occupational Health Nurses : policy initiatives to address workplace violence p. 873
The Emergency Nurses Association : making the case for safe staffing systems p. 875
The National Association of Pediatric Nurse practitioners : taking action on the epidemic of childhood overweight p. 878
The Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses : folic acid advocacy p. 881
The National Association of Orthopaedic Nurses : all-terrain vehicle (ATV) safety education and legislation p. 883
Where policy hits the pavement : contemporary issues in communities p. 885
Homelessness and health : creating lasting solutions p. 894
Sex, science, and policy : approaches to adolescent sexual health p. 897
The demise of an adolescent sexuality education program p. 901
The politics of childhood immunizations p. 904
Wake-up call : mobilizing communities to improve health literacy p. 913
Childcare policy : a challenge for the nation p. 923
Working with the community for change p. 933
Regulating industrial chemicals to protect the environment and human health p. 947
The condom lady p. 955
Influencing the community by serving on a board p. 959
Nursing in the international community : a broader view of nursing issues p. 966
Global migration of nurses : managing a scarce resource p. 982
Infectious disease : a global health care challenge p. 992
The global HIV/AIDS crisis : policy responses in the face of limited resources p. 1000
Conflict and war : impact on the health of societies p. 1010
International emergencies : health care and human rights p. 1022
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