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Practitioner-Researcher : Developing Theory from Practice

Practitioner-Researcher : Developing Theory from Practice - 99 edition

Practitioner-Researcher : Developing Theory from Practice - 99 edition

ISBN13: 9780787938802

ISBN10: 0787938807

Practitioner-Researcher : Developing Theory from Practice by Peter Jarvis - ISBN 9780787938802
Cover type: Print On Demand
Edition: 99
Copyright: 1999
Publisher: Jossey-Bass, Inc.
Published: 1999
International: No
Practitioner-Researcher : Developing Theory from Practice by Peter Jarvis - ISBN 9780787938802

ISBN13: 9780787938802

ISBN10: 0787938807

Cover type: Print On Demand
Edition: 99

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Peter Jarvis, an internationally known authority in the field of professional adult and continuing education, shows how theories of practice evolve from the practice itself and are unique to each practitioner. Doing professional work gives practitioners many opportunities to question, test, and revise theories taught in graduate programs. Such practice-based research gives rise to personalized theories of practice and also raises new questions for personal exploration.Using examples and vignettes drawn from professional fields and settings around the world, Jarvis provides valuable insights into the nature of professional practice, the ways professionals learn, and how education for practice can be enhanced at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Jarvis examines why so many practitioners find their professional education inadequate preparation for actual practice, and he calls for a partnership between higher education and the professional workplace that will meet the challenges of the relationship between the two.The Practitioner-Researcher is designed to help all practitioners for whom research is a tool in improving practice--from graduate students and their professors to employees in diverse industries or professional groups--and to facilitate an understanding of the relationship between practice and theory within the worlds of work and learning.

Author Bio

Jarvis, Peter : University of Surrey

Peter Jarvis is professor of continuing education at the University of Surrey, England. He works with a wide range of professionals, including those in business and management, nursing, and all levels of education. Author of fifteen books and editor of nine others, Jarvis has had his work translated into sixteen languages.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Part One: Understanding Connections Between Research and Practice

1. The Practitioner-Researcher

2. Educating the Practitioner-Researcher

3. Researching Practice

Part Two: The Nature of Practice

4. The Practitioner's Knowledge

5. Practicing

6. Reflective Practice

Part Three: Research in Practice

7. Case Studies

8. Action Research

9. Collaborative Research

10. Using Documents

11. Small-Scale Surveys

Part Four: Practice and Theory

12. Developing a Personal Theory

13. Theory Reconceptualized

14. From Practice to Theory?

Part Five: Reflections on the Practitioner-Researcher

15. Practitioner Research and the Learning Society

16. Practitioners' Continuing and Learning

17. The Universities and the World of the Practitioner-Researcher