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Prehospital Emergency Care -With DVD

Prehospital Emergency Care -With DVD - 8th edition

ISBN13: 978-0131741430

Cover of Prehospital Emergency Care -With DVD 8TH 08 (ISBN 978-0131741430)
ISBN13: 978-0131741430
ISBN10: 0131741438

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 8TH 08
Copyright: 2008
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc.
Published: 2008
International: No

List price: $130.75

Prehospital Emergency Care -With DVD - 8TH 08 edition

ISBN13: 978-0131741430

Joseph J. Mistovich

ISBN13: 978-0131741430
ISBN10: 0131741438

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 8TH 08
Copyright: 2008
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc.
Published: 2008
International: No

The most complete resource for EMT-B training, this best-selling, reader-friendly book contains clear, step-by-step explanations with comprehensive, stimulating, and challenging material that prepares and equips users for real on-the-job situations. With its use of the case study model, state-of-the-art scans, algorithms, protocols, and the inclusion of areas above and beyond the DOT protocols, this new edition of Prehospital Emergency Care prepares users for success.

The assessment and emergency care sections provide the most up-to-date strategies for providing competent care; and the enrichment sections further enhance readers' ability to assess and manage ill and injured patients in prehospital environments. Topics covered include an excellent introductory section that contains an overview of the human body, baseline vital signs, history taking, and ethical and legal issues. Subsequent chapters cover the airway; patient assessment; medical, behavioral, and obstetrics/gynecology; trauma; infants and children; operations; and advanced airway management. An excellent reference resource for emergency medical technicians.

Table of Contents

Preparatory p. 1
Introduction to emergency medical care p. 2
The well-being of the EMT p. 18
Medical, legal, and ethical issues p. 41
The human body p. 57
Baseline vital signs and history taking p. 101
Lifting and moving patients p. 123
Airway p. 150
Airway management, ventilation, and oxygen therapy p. 152
Patient assessment p. 214
Scene size-up p. 218
Patient assessment p. 239
Communication p. 329
Documentation p. 342
Medical emergencies p. 360
General pharmacology p. 362
Respiratory emergencies p. 377
Cardiac emergencies p. 412
Altered mental status and diabetic emergencies p. 464
Stroke p. 491
Seizures and syncope p. 510
Allergic reaction and anaphylaxis p. 525
Poisoning emergencies p. 547
Drug and alcohol emergencies p. 575
Acute abdominal pain p. 595
Environmental emergencies p. 614
Drowning and diving emergencies p. 651
Behavioral emergencies p. 669
Obstetric and gynecological emergencies p. 687
Trauma emergencies p. 724
Mechanisms of injury : kinetics of trauma p. 726
Bleeding and shock p. 746
Soft tissue injuries p. 772
Burn emergencies p. 797
Musculoskeletal injuries p. 819
Injuries to the head p. 847
Injuries to the spine p. 867
Eye, face, and neck injuries p. 917
Chest, abdomen, and genitalia injuries p. 941
Agricultural and industrial emergencies p. 971
Pediatrics and geriatrics p. 984
Infants and children p. 986
Geriatrics p. 1049
Operations p. 1074
Ambulance operations p. 1076
Gaining access and extrication p. 1101
Hazardous materials emergencies p. 1119
Multiple-casualty incidents p. 1140
EMS response to weapons of mass destruction p. 1160
Advanced airway elective p. 1178
Advanced airway management p. 1180
Basic life support p. 1226
ALS-assist skills p. 1237
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