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Profiling Violent Crimes

Profiling Violent Crimes - 3rd edition

ISBN13: 978-0761925941

Cover of Profiling Violent Crimes 3RD 02 (ISBN 978-0761925941)
ISBN13: 978-0761925941
ISBN10: 0761925945
Edition: 3RD 02
Copyright: 2002
Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc.
Published: 2002
International: No

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Profiling Violent Crimes - 3RD 02 edition

ISBN13: 978-0761925941

Ronald M. Holmes and Stephen Holmes

ISBN13: 978-0761925941
ISBN10: 0761925945
Edition: 3RD 02
Copyright: 2002
Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc.
Published: 2002
International: No

The third edition of this bestseller is a thorough revision, which is a very important feature in this fast-moving field. New chapters cover criminal behavior theories and psychological profiling; autoerotic deaths, and occult crimes, plus two new chapters detailing infamous unsolved crimes/criminals: Jack the Ripper and the Jon Benet Ramsay case. The authors continuing research and activities in the field result in a multitude of new case studies for this book, often included as boxed inserts.

This is a textbook that is a vital resource for students in criminology and criminal justice, or as a tool for criminal justice professionals and researchers. Profiling Violent Crimes, Third Edition contributes significantly to the knowledge about violent personalities and behaviors.

Author Bio

Holmes, Ronald M. : University of Louisville

Holmes, Stephen : University of Central Florida

Table of Contents

Preface and Acknowledgements
1. Psychological Profiling: An Introduction

Inductive vs. Deductive Profiling
Goals in Profiling
Profiling: An Art, Not a Science

2. Profiling in Fantasy and Fact

Sherlock Holmes: The Master Detective
Will Graham and Red Dragon
Clarice Starling and The Silence of the Lambs
Zoe Koehler: A Female Serial Murderer
Dr. Laszlo Kreizler: The Alienist and The Angel of Darkness
Other Works of Fiction and Psychological Profiling
Profiling in Fact
Profile of a Rape Case
An Actual Profile: Mrs. Charlene L. Miller

3. The Rationale for Psychological Profiling

Personality and Crime
New Ways of Viewing the Personality
Assumptions of the Profiling Process

4. Criminal Theories and Psychological Profiling

Theories of Crime and Criminality
Individual Theories of Crime
Social and Ecological Theories of Crime
Combining the Disciplines
Key Terms

5. Analyzing the Crime Scene

Beyond the Physical Evidence
Psychological Profiling Typology
Crime Scene Differences


What Is Arson?
Statistics on Arson
A View of the Firesetter
Typologies of Firesetters
The Pyromaniac's Firesetting Experience
Types of Arsonists
Organized Versus Disorganized Personality

7. Profiling Serial Murderers

Typology of Serial Murderers
Spatial Mobility of Serial Killers
Serial Murderers: General Characteristics
Profiling a Serial Murder Case

8. Psychological Profiling and Rape

Definitions of Rape
Statistics on Rape
Selected Characteristics of Rapists
Typology of Rapists

9. Pedophilia and Psychological Profiling

Child Molester or Pedophile
Types of Pedophiles
Profiling Child Molester Types

10. Autoeroticism

What Is Autoerotic Sex Behavior?
Traits and Characteristics of Autoerotic Practioners
Autoerotic Scene Indicators
Evidence of Past Autoerotic Behaviors

11. Profiling Satanic and Cult-Related Murders

Roots of Satanism
Satanism in the United States
The Satanic Bible
Types of Personal Involvement in Satanism
General Beliefs in Satanism
Satanic Masses
Satanic Ceremonies
Crime Scene Elements

12. Geography, Profiling, and Predatory Criminals

The Role of Geography
The Nature of Geographic Profiling
Computerized Geopgraphical Analyses

13. Jack the Ripper: A Case for Psychological Profiling

Victim: Mary Ann "Polly" Nichols
Victim: Annie Chapman
Victim: Elizabeth Stride
Victim: Catharine Eddowes
Victim: Mary Kelly
Who Was Jack the Ripper?

14. JonBenet Ramsey: The Murder of a Beauty Queen

The Principal Players in the Ramsey Murder Case
The Morning of the Murder, December 26, 1996
Aftermath of the Investigation
The Autopsy Report

15. The Victim in Psychological Profiling

Elements in the Victim Profiling Process
16. Profiling and the Future
Additional Uses for Profiling
Education and Training for Profiling
Computerized Monitoring
Computerized Profiling

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