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Psychology of Women

Psychology of Women - 5th edition

ISBN13: 978-0534579647

Cover of Psychology of Women 5TH 04 (ISBN 978-0534579647)
ISBN13: 978-0534579647
ISBN10: 0534579647
Edition: 5TH 04
Copyright: 2004
Publisher: Wadsworth, Inc
Published: 2004
International: No

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Psychology of Women - 5TH 04 edition

ISBN13: 978-0534579647

Margaret W. Matlin

ISBN13: 978-0534579647
ISBN10: 0534579647
Edition: 5TH 04
Copyright: 2004
Publisher: Wadsworth, Inc
Published: 2004
International: No

This highly respected, best-selling text offers students an enjoyable, extraordinarily well-written introduction to the psychology of women. Appropriate for students from a wide variety of backgrounds, this comprehensive book captures women's own experiences through direct quotations and an emphasis on empirical research. Known for her balance of scholarship and readability, as well as for her inclusion of women from diverse backgrounds, Margaret Matlin continues to lead the way for the Psychology of Women course. Matlin has meticulously updated this edition to reflect the most current research, and continues to exhibit a genuine interest in and understanding of the students for whom the book is written. Her text includes a chapter on old age, and discussions of topics such as welfare issues, pregnancy and women's retirement, which are central in many women's lives, but not consistently covered in other texts.


  • NEW!-Painstakingly revised and updated, the book features more than 1400 NEW references.
  • NEW!-Chapter 10 ("Pregnancy, Childbirth and Motherhood") features a new section called "Returning to the Workplace After Childbirth".
  • NEW!-In Chapter 13 ("Violence Against Women"), new research has been incorporated throughout the chapter, especially into the discussion of characteristics associated with abusive relationships.
  • Four themes are traced throughout the book: (1) that psychological gender differences are typically small and inconsistent, (2) that people react differently to a man than to a women, (3) that women are less visible than men in many important areas, and (4) that women vary widely from one another.
  • The author includes diverse voices--across sexual orientation, ability, ethnicity, culture, and age spectrums.
  • Exceptionally well-written, Matlin's text captures student interest and arouses curiosity.
  • Proven, consistent pedagogical features include topical outlines that provide overall structure to chapter, true/false questions at beginning of each chapter to encourage student interest and highlight key issues to examine, boldface type that identifies new terms, section summaries (2-5 per chapter) that help students review major concepts, new terms that appear at end of each chapter, and end-of-chapter review questions that encourage students to clarify and synthesize concepts. Each chapter also includes an annotated list of recommended readings.
  • Known for its remarkable currency, most of the text's citations are from sources published in 1998 and later. This currency ensures that students examine course topics using the most current perspectives and research.
  • "Women's Voices" features (direct quotes from women) raise students' interest and make a connection between their lives and the material in the book.
  • Matlin focuses on the psychological aspects of women in and of themselves, rather than focusing on gender differences.
  • NEW!-Expanded coverage of women of color who live in the United States and Canada.
  • NEW!-Updated information and increased emphasis on cross-cultural perspectives--reflecting fascinating, recent research in this area, and providing a broader view of women's lives in many parts of the globe.
  • NEW!-Coverage of lesbians and older women have been mainstreamed into the text.
  • NEW!-"Women's Voices" features are more widely included throughout. In this edition, these offer additional quotations from girls and women that enrich and supplement the quantitative research.
  • NEW!-New chapter opening vignettes and anecdotes help students understand the timely and relevant nature of each chapter's topics.
  • NEW!-New data have been added on ethnicity and divorce.
  • NEW!-In chapter 8 ("Love Relationships"), a new subsection called "The Fluidity of Female Sexual Orientation" has been created based on the work of Lisa Diamond.
  • NEW!-Chapter 9 (now called "Background on Women's Sexuality") has been substantially revised to include the new social constructionist approach to women's sexuality-an approach that argues that each culture invents its own versions of reality (e.g., in North America, when a woman "has sex," people understand that she has had sexual intercourse with a man).

Table of Contents

1. Introduction.
2. Gender Stereotypes and Other Gender Biases.
3. Infancy and Childhood.
4. Adolescence.
5. Cognitive Abilities and Achievement Motivation.
6. Gender Comparisons in Social and Personality Characteristics.
7. Women and Work.
8. Love Relationships.
9. Sexuality.
10. Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Motherhood.
11. Women and Physical Health.
12. Women and Psychological Disorders.
13. Violence Against Women.
14. Women and Older Adults.
15. Moving Onward.

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