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Separation Process Principles

Separation Process Principles - 2nd edition

Separation Process Principles - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9780471464808

ISBN10: 0471464805

Separation Process Principles by J. D. Seader and Ernest J. Henley - ISBN 9780471464808
Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 2ND 06
Copyright: 2006
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Published: 2006
International: No
Separation Process Principles by J. D. Seader and Ernest J. Henley - ISBN 9780471464808

ISBN13: 9780471464808

ISBN10: 0471464805

Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 2ND 06

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Chemical engineering design is in a constant state of flux. From advances in the practice of separation operations in chemical engineering to corresponding changes in the curriculum, much has happened in the seven years since the publication of Seader and Henley's first edition of Separation Process Principles, including: (1) advances in the fundamentals of mass, heat, and momentum transport, (2) wide availability of computer programs to facilitate the application of mathematical models to a wide range of separation operations, (3) increasing interest in separations involving the solid phase, and (4) changes in the practice of chemical engineering to emphasize product design as well as process design. This second edition reflects these changes.

Highlights of the second edition

  • Chapter on crystallization, including thermodynamic and transport aspects, the MSMPR crystallizer model, and treatments of screen analysis, desublimation, and evaporation
  • Chapter on drying of solids, including treatments of psychrometry and several dryer mathematical models.
  • Chapter on leaching of solids, including a discussion of the espresso machine.
  • Substantial new sections on ultrafiltration and microfiltration, including detailed examples.
  • Added section on simulated-moving-bed adsorption, including detailed examples.
  • Expansion of the treatment of batch distillation to include optimal control.
  • New sections on hybrid systems and membrane cascades.
  • Now includes 214 examples and 649 homework exercises

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Part One: Fundamental Concepts

Ch 1. Separation Processes
Ch 2. Thermodynamics of Separation Operations
Ch 3. Mass Transfer and Diffusion
Ch 4. Single Equilibrium Stages and Flash Calculations
Ch 5. Cascades and Hybrid Systems

Part Two: Separations by Phase Addition or Creation

Ch 6. Absorption and Stripping of Dilute Mixtures
Ch 7. Distillation of Binary Mixtures
Ch 8. Liquid-Liquid Extraction with Ternary Systems
Ch 9. Approximate Methods for Multicomponent, Multistage Separations
Ch 10. Equilibrium-Based Methods for Multicomponent Absorption, Stripping, Distillation, and Extraction
Ch 11. Enhanced Distillation and Supercritical Extraction
Ch 12. Rate-Based Models for Distillation
Ch 13. Batch Distillation

Part Three: Separations by Barriers and Solid Agents

Ch 14. Membrane Separations
Ch 15. Adsorption, Ion Exchange, and Chromatography

Part Four: Separations that Involve a Solid Phase

Ch 16. Leaching and Washing
Ch 17. Crystallization, Desublimation, and Evaporation
Ch 18. Drying of Solids

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