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Small Business Management : Entrepreneurship and Beyond - With CD

Small Business Management : Entrepreneurship and Beyond - With CD - 3rd edition

Small Business Management : Entrepreneurship and Beyond - With CD - 3rd edition

ISBN13: 9780618640195

ISBN10: 0618640193

Small Business Management : Entrepreneurship and Beyond - With CD by Timothy S. Hatten - ISBN 9780618640195
Edition: 3RD 06
Copyright: 2006
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Published: 2006
International: No
Small Business Management : Entrepreneurship and Beyond - With CD by Timothy S. Hatten - ISBN 9780618640195

ISBN13: 9780618640195

ISBN10: 0618640193

Edition: 3RD 06


Hatten provides a balanced introduction to both entrepreneurship and small business management before turning his focus toward achieving and maintaining a sustainable competitive advantage as a small organization. Current issues including global opportunities, service, quality and technology are highlighted throughout the text, and the Third Edition features an increased emphasis on small business ownership by women and minority groups. Additional coverage is given to the new Small Business Administration size standards, creating a personalized business plan, and e-commerce.

  • New! A full chapter is devoted to creating a business plan. Two complete plans written by undergraduate students appear in the text--one designed for a service business, the other for a retail establishment. Electronic Business Plan Templates are also available online.
  • New! "What Would You Do" exercises provide realistic opportunities for students to think critically and realistically.
  • New! "Profile in Entrepreneurship" boxes spotlight individuals who've created new products and businesses.
  • New! Eduspace course management system.
  • New! Coverage of small business ownership by women and minority groups has been increased throughout the text
  • New! End of chapter questions ("Comprehension Checks") have been added to each chapter.
  • Author created supplements including the Instructors Resource Manual, Test Bank and PowerPoint slides, ensure seamless integration of the text and teaching resources.
  • A shorter length accommodates one semester courses without sacrificing important topics.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

I. The Challenge

1. Small Business: An Overview

What Is Small Business?
Small Businesses in the U.S. Economy
Work Force Diversity and Small Business Ownership
The Expanding Marketplace: Small Business Opportunities
Secrets of Small Business Success
Understanding the Risks of Small Business Ownership

2. Small Business Management, Entrepreneurship, and Ownership

The Entrepreneur-Manager Relationship
A Model of the Startup Process
Your Decision for Self-Employment
Forms of Business Organization

II. Planning in Small Business

3. Social Responsibility, Ethics, and Strategic Planning

The Relationship Between Social Responsibility, Ethics, and Strategic Planning
Social Responsibilities of Small Business
Ethics and Business Strategy
Strategic Planning
Establishing a Business Culture

4. The Business Plan

Every Business Needs a Plan
Business Plan Contents
Review Process

III. Early Decisions

5. Franchising

About Franchising
Franchising Systems
Why Open a Franchise?
Selecting a Franchise
International Franchising

6. Taking Over an Existing Business

The Business Buyout Alternative
How Do You Find a Business for Sale?
What Do You Look for in a Business?
What Are You Buying?
How Much Should You Pay?
Buying Your Business
Taking Over a Family Business

7. Starting a New Business

About Startups
Types of New Businesses
Evaluating Potential Startups
Getting Started

IV. Financial and Legal Management

8. Accounting Records and Financial Statements

Small Business Accounting
How Important Are Financial Records?
Small Business Accounting Basics
Analyzing Financial Statements
Managing Cash Flow

9. Small Business Finance

Small Business Finance
Initial Capital Requirements
Basic Financial Vocabulary
How Can You Find Capital?

10. The Legal Environment

Small Business and the Law
Bankruptcy Laws
Contract Law for Small Businesses
Laws to Protect Intellectual Property

V. Marketing the Product or Service

11. Small Business Marketing: Strategy and Research

Small Business Marketing
Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses
Market Research

12. Small Business Marketing: Product

Using Your Marketing Mix
Product: The Heart of the Marketing Mix
Purchasing for Small Business
Selecting Suppliers
Managing Inventory
Controlling Inventory

13. Small Business Marketing: Place

Small Business Distribution
Location for the Long Run
State Selection
City Selection
Site Selection
Location Types
Layout and Design
Lease, Buy, or Build?

14. Small Business Marketing: Price and Promotion

The Economics of Pricing
Breakeven Analysis
Pricing Setting Techniques
Credit Policies

VI. Managing Small Business

15. International Small Business

Preparing to Go International
Establishing Business in Another Country
Financial Mechanisms for Going International
The International Challenge

16. Professional Small Business Management

Managing Small Business
Small Business Growth
Leadership in Action
Total Quality Small Business Management
Special Management Concerns

17. Human Resource Management

Hiring the Right Employees
The Job Analysis Process
Employee Recruitment
Selecting Employees
Placing and Training Employees
Compensating Employees
When Problems Arise: Employee Discipline and Termination

18. Operations Management

Elements of an Operating System
Types of Operations Management
What Is Productivity?
What About Scheduling Operations?
Quality-Centered Management
How Do You Control Operations?